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Are Zumiez longboards good? If you have looked tirelessly for a perfect longboard for your child or yourself, but never found it, your efforts are about to get rewarded. With Zumiez, you will find an excellent longboard that fits your riding and transportation needs.

Do you want a long-lasting longboard second to none in the market? Worry no more! We will show you the best type of board to purchase. Continue reading to get satisfactory reasons on why you should choose Zumiez.


Zumiez is a multinational longboarding company located in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. It is widely known for its quality longboards and skating devices for teenagers and adults alike. If you wish for the best cruising devices, then Zumiez is the best option for you.

What Are the Parts That Make Up a Longboard?

Zumiez boards are categorized as the best longboards because of a variety of reasons. It is a leading company that offers quality, customer-focused products. The company gives different types of longboards to select. These kinds include:

1. Zumiez Bamboo Longboards

Longboards continue to gain lots of popularity in the modern world, so do designs continue to progress. Zumiez Company is not left out either. It offers versatile, portable, and eco-friendly longboards made of bamboo. They especially utilize bamboo in combination with other valuable materials such as fiberglass to create a durable board.

Zumiez Bamboo Longboard
Zumiez Bamboo Longboard

Besides, since their boards are made of bamboo, they are ideal for cruising around in the streets and for carving. Therefore, to improve their riding experience, Zumiez bamboo longboards are professionally loaded with:

  • Strength to remain sturdy while riding.
  • Less weight to improve your ride
  • More spring  and flex to make cruising enjoyable

Choose a bamboo designed longboard today from Zumiez, and you won’t regret having purchased one for yourself.

2. Zumiez Drop Through Longboards

Zumiez’s longboarding firm offers excellent and unique drop through boards that you can select. Drop through boards, have a dropped platform that lowers the center of gravity as you ride.

Similarly, the Zumiez firm offers boards that have a slimmer and light construction to offer the smooth sliding you need. With their drop through longboards, you can get assured of stability and safety as you ride down the hill.

Sunta Cruz Drop Through Lion

Interestingly, their boards are easy to push and control and can get mounted effortlessly under the deck. If you want to feel in the air without experiencing wobbles in your stomach, go for Zumiez drop through longboard.

3. Zumiez Pintail Longboards

It is one of the most classic and popular types of cruising machine that Zumiez firm has. To attract a larger audience, the company provides pintails with a classy surf-inspired shape.

Their boards are designed excellently with a wide center base that joins the nose and tail. Hence, this creates an attractive pointed shape.

Sector 9 Mini Pintail

Moreover, their pintail devices are directional with flat platforms and slim tails that accommodate larger wheels for cruising.

If you are a beginner looking for the best rolling machine, then Zumiez pintails are a good option. Because of their easier turn initiation and unmatched stability, pintail longboards allow you to turn and curve deeper without experiencing a wheel bite.

Surprisingly, Zumiez pintail boards have multiple styles and designs to select. You are at liberty to select one that makes your heart skip with joy. Go to Zumiez shop today to choose one that fits your needs.

4. Zumiez Drop Down Longboards

Zumiez has a wide range of drop-down boards that you can select. Their drops down boards are specially designed for free-riding on any terrain in your hood.

They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials to make a favorable choice. Its boards are one of the most stable riding devices ever known in the skating industry that you can trust.

Besides, their longboards have a special dropped platform that improves sturdiness and stability as you cruise. It is also through this feature that you can ride on any speed that you wish.

This dropped platform also makes it possible for new rollers to initiate slides with lots of ease. Therefore, get a comfortable ride today by picking any of Zumiez to drop down cruisers for a comfortable and memorable ride.

5. Zumiez Top Mount Longboards

Are you scared of speed? If you enjoy the fun that comes with cruising at a higher speed, top mount boards are an excellent match. Zumiez mount boards are good for racing, city transportation, or for fun.

Unlike other skateboards in the market that are shorter, the company offers quality mount devices that have an added length and width. As a result, this feature offers a stable and smooth ride to its customers. 

Interestingly, their mount boards use durable materials such as:

  • Bamboo
  • Maple
  • Fiberglass

Such materials give their mount devices a classy and revered look making their cruising machines the best in the market. Make an effort today to get one longboard for yourself from Zumiez stores.


If you have ever desired to own the best longboard, this is your chance to grab one with confidence. Zumiez Company offers the best kind of longboards that would perfectly fit your needs. We have made your work easier in this article. Grab a chair and go through it, and you will appreciate having read it. Find reliable solutions in this piece by getting correct answers on whether Zumiez longboards are good for you.

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