Are Longboards Good for Cruising: Everything You Ever Wish to Know About Cruising on a Longboard

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Are longboards good for cruising? Yes. Why not! Cruising on a longboard is a foreign affair that you wouldn’t wish to miss in your life. Do you want to pat yourself on the back for having bought a longboard? Continue reading to find compelling reasons why owning a board is a luxurious affair. You will appreciate yourself having read this article. We will show you the different cruising styles that come with rolling with your brand-new longboard.

What is Cruising?

Cruising is an exciting and fun affair. It involves riding on a longboard in a relaxed manner, fluidly down the road, or through city streets. Get on a longboarding spree today to enjoy the fun that comes with cruising and roaming around using your pintail device.

What are the Common Cruising Styles?

Cruising is a popular longboarding activity accessible to people of different ages and fitness levels. It is not all about cruising around aimlessly. Spice up your longboarding moment by learning different styles. If you have no idea of which skill to adopt, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

We will show you four necessary skills to practice to make your cruising enjoyable.

1. Long-Distance Cruising

You can use your board to commute on a long journey. If you want to have fun, you can decide to go around your campus to town. Have a longboarding device with an extended deck to help you push for long periods effortlessly. Besides, for better control and speed, stand close to the nose with most of your weight lying forward.

2. Boardwalk Cruising Style

Do you love visiting beaches and park trails? Boardwalk cruising is an excellent option for you if you like sandy beaches. As you venture into boardwalk style, use a laid-back position as you press on the rails. Interestingly, boardwalk skill allows you to relax as you look around the beautiful sceneries.

However, as you cruise, do not bend your spine and ensure that your shoulders rotate externally. Such a practice will help you avoid back issues that develop over time.

3. Urban Cruising

Do you wish to use your longboard for cruising around the city? If you love the city noise and the entire buzz in it, then the urban cruising style is fit for you. With this regard, have a longboard with a shorter deck and a tight turning radius. It will help you excellently navigate cars, obstacles, and pedestrians along the streets.

 As you ride in the city, keep your body in tension with your knees flexed to make you ready for quick turns. Also, to avoid upsetting people, make your ride slow in crowded places. On the contrary, while riding on a sidewalk, use your hands to signal the direction you are taking.

4. Flat Ground Carving

Carving on level ground is a fantastic part of cruising experience that you can ever long to do. It involves riding on your pintail without foot pushing. The experience is thrilling! It sends cold chills down your spine. What you only do is chaining successful turns using impulse energy through a powerful weight shift. You can’t afford to miss it!

Surprisingly, the carving is done on any type of longboard. As you perform turns, you generate speed required for wave-like body motion. Become a pro today by trying this skill.


It feels good to have a skating device that can provide endless moments of laughter. Similarly, longboards have unique features to help you cruise around your hood with less effort. We will give you specific reasons that make your sparkling board appropriate for cruising. Check it out below!

#1. Longboards are Comfortable

Pintail longboards are perfect for cruising because of its incomparable comfort. Although they may seem broad, standing on these devices feels comfortable and relaxing. Unlike other cruisers, you don’t have to shift your weight to stay balanced.

#2. Bigger Wheels

The board’s big wheels make it possible for a smoother cruising and rolling on almost every terrain. Because of bigger wheel diameter, longboards can cruise over pebbles, cracks, and the worst of grounds. As you travel around such territories, it gives you a blood-curdling feel of a smooth, comfortable surface.

#3. Flexibility

Pintail boards are the most flexible cruising devices ever known. Its flexible nature makes it possible to absorb tons of road vibrations, creating some evenness as you cruise along the city streets and down the hill. As you roll over a crack or bump, the board’s deck flexes rhythmically. Hence, this allows the wheel to move up while you remain on the same spot in space. It feels heavenly!

#4. Light Convex

As compared to other skating boards, longboards have a lighter convex. It is a unique feature that makes cruising possible. It is because of this feature that your longboard will show the top part of the deck as higher than the sides. Surprisingly, it mimics a natural resting place for your feet as you roll down hilly terrain.

#5. High-Quality Trucks

Longboards are known to have quality trucks that make cruising an enjoyable experience. Pintail trucks have the right geometry and compatible features that make them best for rolling. Its boards come with descent pivots and bushings. Such a fantastic feature allows your device to turn in a smooth, consistent way without sending wobbles in your stomach. Cruise confidently today with longboard’s quality trucks.

Wrapping Up

It is a fantastic feeling to get in the air with lots of confidence. Cruising around on a longboard creates a memorable experience that you wouldn’t wish to forget. We all hope for that fantastic device that would make our days full of fun and laughter. If you have always looked for a machine to have a new spree, look nowhere else! We have made your work more comfortable in this article. After you go through this fantastic piece, you won’t regret having met this article. We have given you precise answers on why longboards are suitable for cruising.

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