Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard Review: Expert’s Opinion!

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Hello, riders! Today you gonna know about a pretty and amusing in-depth information about Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard Review for you that is now the hottest talk of the town! You know very well it is a Colorado-based longboard company manufacturing the various model of its products.

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch Longboard Review

Since 2005 with its long esteemed reputation the said company focused on its customers’ diversified demand. Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard especially catches its customer for its quality of durability, ease to ride, customized design, capable of carrying whatever weight of its rider.

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch Longboard Review

It is one of the best cruising longboards for a downhill ride, street-side ride, and faster speed than other average quality of the same.

Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard also is a good fit for young age kids and children as well.

So, no more ado lets explore some of its alluring features of Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard.

Is the Board best for the beginners?

Literally, it’s a good beginner longboard, but it depends on how much rough on a surface you are going to ride with it. Usually, our streets are broken. That is why; you might feel a little bit bumpy when ride.
But, really when you experience with its real ride you must say it’s your best one cruiser ever since.

As it comes with an exceptional wheels gram for sharp turns never make you think you might not be able to slide or drift on curves which might cause a sudden fall.

Bearing’s Flexibility for the Weighty Rider:

Wow! This board is a great one!! I have been riding it for a couple of years. Still, I am riding strong and feeling full of confidence. That’s why I go for Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard Review for you.

Perhaps, when I got it I would look into the board with my Eagle eyes, hah! Why? I make tight all bolts and connect the trucks to the board as they might be loose as well as the trucks themselves.

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch Longboard Review

I passionately love carving downhill drive on this charming beauty! With heart, I realize, this board is a very good value for money indeed. Mentioning here that I am 200 lb over!

I come across it as a good beginner board and I love it and like to fun with it. My realization is rather than this one I think it would be pretty difficult to learn on. Really delighted to own such a longboard.

Ease to customize its Design as You like

At this crucial point if you mean grip tape, absolutely you can change it. If you wish to change or replace new grip tape with your own choice design, you just merely change the existing one. But mind it if the tape is purely cosmetic then more options you have to make your board unique to your individual style!

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch Longboard Review

Durability is a great matter Hah!

It’s a matter of your perception. I am 200 lb of weight. But when I ride my Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard never make any sound hah!  Even though, from my viewpoint, 250 lb should not be a problem yet. Obviously it will damage like other board if you say through it into a wall or you fall off and can’t stop it. But as long as you take care of it. It’ll be fine.

Does it have ABEC-9 Bearings?

Of course, this board comes up with ABEC-9 bearings, this brand of bearing is of a high “standard”. But, personally I suggest you for replacing them as soon as you get a good feel for how the wheels roll underneath of you. (You don’t want the bearings to be *too* good when you’re starting out; a little less roll when you’re learning how to board goes a long way in gaining balance on the board and preventing falls.

What should be the perfect weight Limit?

The very crucial question indeed. A little discussion I made earlier. I weight 200lb approximately. Whenever I hover on it, I normally feel safe. BUT, I am somewhat scared if I jumped up and landed on the board it would crack/break. I never ever suggest anyone else who is over 250lbs ride this board.

Is this longboard good for cruising in a flat area of a little hill?

Perhaps, Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard is one of the rare versatile and perfect one for that! Its best standard wheels are best fit for all kinds of roads and it is capable of managing small and large hills perfectly fine! You merely keep in mind to adjust its trucks to your weight (make it tighter if you’re heavier), and make sure the bearings are well lubed!

Dropthrough rather dropdown?

By this time, you know very well, for cruising, you must choose the drop-through deck. For sure, you need not bend the knee down as much when you push, for downhill. It will give you immense control over the running board and you won’t be bending down as much.

How do you stop on a board while riding fast?

Wh en I go for Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard Review for you I am facing this very general but important question from most of the riders. The answers are very simple guys! Number one you run off the board and stop it just by kicking it. Got it! Another one is your long time gathered experiences of techniques. Like, you put your foot flat down on the earth slowly to slow. If you are a pro rider apply sliding sideways which is dangerous for a newbie.

How close is the board to the ground?

The answer is the board is probably 3-5 inches long to the ground or even it 6 inches. However, don’t bother with such silly tiny issues. Let the matter leave for the designers of a longboard.

Usually, they design a longboard keeping all technical things in their mindset. Before, bringing it in reality a designer always visualizes its perfectness for the people who will use it with love, passion, and enthusiasm.

How fast is it compared to other boards?

Literally, not only you, no one can really compare it to other boards.  In reality, a rider can ride as fast on flat ground and a monster on a slight hilly side.

Definitely you can get speeds of 30 mph on a hilly side. On the other hand, on flat ground with just two or three strong push this little baby will take you to heaven and if you are in a hilly area I don’t want to say what horrifying experience of riding you gonna get!

What is the recommended hardware to improve the board?

Before defending this question, I generously want to ask you what type of riding you plan on doing with the board. Keep always in your mind; you can get the standard of durable materials, trucks, bearings in the market. Make it sense! It totally depends on your riding style which tells you in the coming days what types of hardware you really need to improve your Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard.

Is the board helpful to teach the basics of longboarding?

Short or broad answer- YES. Taking the help of this board one can practice balancing as well as carving toe and heel side riding with due care with the help of a real expert.

 While spending enough time on longboarding on Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard will give you a big confident start, “nothing can truly replace the surfing fundamentals a good surf instructor can give you”.

How much fit Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard for sliding?

If you mean really mean about technical sliding, there is a different type of longboards for this purpose. Companies manufacture those longboards with different shape of the deck like a typical ollie/kickflip board but wider.

Those longboards for sliding specialty, their wheels are of a special hard formula for easy sliding.

Is it good for a 12 years old kid?

A very good question to hear. Do you think before that your 12 years boy/girl is mature enough to take care of such a hundred dollar big longboard? You know our board is over 3 feet long.

“For someone who is about six feet, it is quite comfortable to have one foot right behind the front wheel and one right in front of the back wheel”. I have scarcely seen a twelve-year-old boy is that much large? Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard Review for you who are a bit matured enough.

From my personal viewpoint, as a parent, if you want to buy a longboard for you, 12-year boy, you need not buy this Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard. Because of price, length, product Excellencies, etc.

Rather buy for him first, a cheap one, get him habituated to ride a board, how to prevent longboard accidents, how to Ollie on a longboard, to learn how to keep maintenance activities.

After that, you can go for buying a really perfect longboard for a young mature boy!

Product Specification:

  • Ultra-low-riding longboard ensures maximum stability, making it ideal for downhill carving
  • Ease of pushing takes wear and tear out of around-town commutes, as well
  • Unique perimeter shape gives 9.6-inches of leverage into every turn, while also eliminating wheel bite
  • Full maple laminate deck; reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks with 245-millimeter axles
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • A good amount of flex.
  • Suitable for advanced riders and beginners.
  • Stable even at high speeds.
  • Excellent grip.
  • Solid trucks.


  • The product price is above average.
  • Some trucks tightening needed before use.
  • Not perfect for young kids

Final Verdict:

Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard is a widely popular longboard gaining its supremacy among the riders for its super versatile riding capacity, design, manufacturing materials, and so on. Although the price of the board is above average, considering the other quality aspects, it is one of the best choices for the riders who really want to enjoy riding. That all about Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard Review for you today.

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