How to Ride a Longboard? The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How to Ride a Longboard

Imagine, you are surfing the streets and sidewalks, the land you ride on feels like a wave. Every pavement you are passing looks challenging. You are constantly changing your course and position, pushing, carving or pumping. The city seems a big playground for you.Riding a longboard is always fun. Who knows this better than the … Read more

Step By Step Longboarding Tips for The Beginners.

longboarding tips

Do you want to really start lon feel hesitate and can’t understand where you should begin? Don’t be frustrated. Even the greatest long-boarder didn’t know the basic of longboarding from his/her initial stage of starting. Longboarding is tough for the beginners indeed. So, here we are talking about longboarding tips for the beginners. Obviously, you … Read more