Why Longboarders at Higher Risk for Brain Injury Than Skateboarders

longboarders head injury

Do you face like questions from people such as why longboarders at higher risk for brain injury than skateboards? I guess, you become astonished by how I could read your mind! Today I am going to tell you about the causes of why longboarders are at high risk for brain injury than the skateboarders. Before … Read more

Why Longboarding is So Fun: Get Some Ideas

Why Longboarding is So Fun

As a riding toy to play with that is so much amusing that is never comparable with anything else under heaven! LONGBOADING!!!! Yap man, of course, you might ask why longboarding is so fun as a great sport or physical activity? A 100-meter sprinter runner Usain St Leo Bolt is a professional sportsman, becomes of … Read more

Is Longboarding Bad for Knees? Know the Facts

is longboard bad for knee injury

If you are a passionate longboarder nothing can be more painful for you than to get into severe knee pain after longboarding. It does not matter whether you are a seasoned pro rider, or a newbie rider, no one can avoid the propensity of knee or ankle injury. The most common case, as a rider … Read more

Are Hoverboards Dangerous Or Safe? An In-depth discussion from an expert view.

hoverboard safety precautions

Are you confused about hoverboard riding? Are Hoverboards Dangerous Or Safe and in-depth discussion from an expert view we are trying to provide here. Or, hesitating to buy it for your beloved kid(s)! That’s a very natural human instinct before making a decision to buy a toy for one’s kid who will play with it … Read more