Why Longboarders at Higher Risk for Brain Injury Than Skateboarders

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Do you face like questions from people such as why longboarders at higher risk for brain injury than skateboards? I guess, you become astonished by how I could read your mind! Today I am going to tell you about the causes of why longboarders are at high risk for brain injury than the skateboarders.

Before going to our main discussion of why longboarders at higher risk for brain injury than skateboards, I tell you here it is the laziness, overconfidence of the longboarders for not wearing longboard helmet. You can pick one of the bellow while going for a ride:

Who are Longboarders?

Do you know longboarding is an amusing sport since long among the youngsters throughout the globe? Longboarding became popular as an option of surfing in the land rather than in the high wave of blue ocean.

Usually, longboarders are in the instinct of high guts of riding habit. They like to ride in high speed, like to hurt with the gusty winds. They always want to go “with the wind”. Longboarders likes to ride and cruise in the hillside to endeavor the experience of sliding of curvy hilly roads.

And these are the reasons that make longboard riding riskier if the rider never wears the adequate equipment like helmets, knee and hands protecting accessories.

Who are Skateboarders?

But if you ask about skateboarders, I am telling you here that their riding boards are tiny in size. Usually they ride with their board with tricks and in skate parks. They never go for a long ride with huge speed with their boards. The skater’s sports are full of riding tricks with their acrobat tactics showing off to the people who like it.

Skateboarders also need to wear protective accessories when they do skating show off. In this regard, they are more aware of wearing those stuffs than the longboarders. That’s the reason, the accident rates in skateboarders is less than the longboarders.

The Reasons Why Longboarders are More Prone to Accidents than the Skaters:

You guess right! It is the attitudes of the riders. Apparently, it may seem to you those are similar sporting activities. But in reality, they are very distinctive in nature of riding sports.

A study was made by LiveScience reports finds out that longboarding might cause the riders “at a higher risk for severe head injuries than the more traditional skateboard”.

The researchers took a sample population of 824 people from a Utah trauma center with an average age of 19 to 20 who were taking treatment for injuries involving their riding during the year between 2006 and 2011.

That specific study people found that more than half, i.e. 57.5%, were injured from longboarding!  And the type of wounds they hurt were more severe. The main types of injuries were found common in longboarders were especially head fracture, limb fractures, and internal skull bleeding.

The researchers were about their finding why longboarders are more prone to such serious injuries:

  • Longboarding is riskier while the riders are prone to reckless tricks, ride in a velocity of high speed in a curvy, downhill, narrow hilly roadside that a skater don’t need to do that.
  • You are right, they said that the sporting environment in which these two sports are performed.
  • You know very well skateboarders do their skating practices and performances in a specific skating park, or in a parking lot that is only designed for skating purposes only.
  • On the other hand, you can’t ride or get the full amusement of it without riding it in an open-air and road.
  • Riding in such a crowded road that the longboarders face waysides, fast-moving cars, and signposts.
  • As I tell you before longboarders like to make stunt like riding downhill ride with a competing mood with each other, endeavoring to reach the fastest speeds.
  • Now you come to the point-why longboarders are at higher risk for brain injury and as well as knee injury for they are much less likely to wear a helmet and other safety guards of hands and legs.

What Measures Do a Physician Consider While Treating Them?

When a doctor finds a wound longboarder, the first thing strikes his mind that the patient might have a head injury. For this reason, he gives the priority step ahead for conducting a brain scan.

CT Scan or MRI Scan is a good option to scan perfectly whether there is a skull’s internal bleeding or not. If skull internal bleeding is found, there is no way to avoid surgical operation to get back in normal life.

Public Authority Should Take Proper Awareness Program to Avoid such Accidents:

In order to protect longboard accidents, the competent authority should take awareness programs to make the longboarder community aware and conscious to save their life and avoid unexpected fatal injuries. Like, they can inspire them to wear all necessary accessories needed to avoid longboard accident.

What Should You Do If You a Newbie Longboarders:

More or less, to some extent, all sporting activities have an inherent risk of injuries. But, that does not mean you will avoid all of that. Longboarding is a sport that is full of fun and adventure as well. As a beginner and newbie, I suggest you choose carefully by taking advice from an expert which is the best fit for you. A long-experienced pro longboarder can help you to pick the best longboards for the beginner (or newbie).

Wrapping Up of the topic Why Longboarders at Higher Risk for Brain Injury Than Skateboarders:

You are reading the topic of why longboarders at higher risk for brain injury than skateboarders. After a bit of discussion about the topic, I guess, you have already realized that the main reason for longboarders head injury is not wearing a helmet. You must ensure to wear the best helmet to avoid such fatal consequences.

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