How to Turn on Bluetooth on Hoverboard

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Hoverboard? Is that something new you’re hearing of? Of course no! Often known as a self-balancing scooter, this lightweight electric vehicle moves on two wheels. It entered the market around 2015 and hasn’t stopped gaining popularity ever since.  

I, as a person, am a big fan of hoverboards. I roam around with Bluetooth hoverboard on every vacation, it just adds more fun when I turn on the music with the help of its Bluetooth feature.

This cool new technology uses the body’s movement to power the hoverboard without using a steering wheel or something; it can seem difficult to ride at the beginning. Still, after a few times, once you learn how to stabilize yourself, you will get used to it.

Confused about how to turn on Bluetooth on the hoverboard? Just go through the writing, and you’ll learn quickly.

Setting up a Hoverboard:

So, you got your new hoverboard in your hand! The first job is to charge it, but we recommend that you capture the board fully before riding any boards with charged batteries. Then, to ride, you have to remember that once both of your feet are on the surface, hoverboards have a self-balance feature that will balance you.

The next part is to learn to move on your hoverboard. You may not be the most smooth rider, but at the earliest, all are tangy. Perfecting your riding takes time, so practice indoors first before you get the hang of it.

Turning on your hoverboard is the next important part. It would be best if you learn how to turn on your board once you’ve mastered going forward and backward. If not, you’re gliding directly into a wall!

And lastly, use and ride your hoverboard safely. Hoverboards are classified as motor vehicles. That is to say, like in a car, when owning and riding a hoverboard, there is some responsibility!

What is a Bluetooth Hoverboard & How Does It work?

Whether it’s an iPhone or Android, some hoverboards come with speakers and Bluetooth to help you play music with the conduct of your smartphone.

Bluetooth Hoverboards are similar to standard hoverboards, except that a Bluetooth receiver and a pair of speakers are also included.  

If your self-balancing hoverboard is turned on, and the signal is “discoverable” before your phone is attached to the board, then the Bluetooth module will simply activate.

Hoverboards & Bluetooth:

Most of the hoverboards usually come with the Bluetooth feature. Bluetooth hoverboard items can play music and sounds from your smartphone. The Bluetooth receiver is linked to speakers built into the product.

Compared to other devices or products with Bluetooth enhancing features inside them, you don’t need to manually enjoy the Bluetooth on your hoverboarding product.

 When you power up your hoverboard for use so that devices that attach to the product are automatically located nearby from your smartphone.

Smartphones are easy to attach to the hoverboard! On your mobile, simply toggle on your Bluetooth either in your settings or on your iPhone, you can find them on the lower navigation menu. You can wait for some time until the Bluetooth of the smartphone and the hoverboard get turned on.

I hope you already know the basic thing, but the hoverboard Bluetooth speaker has to be on for this to work. This should operate on every smartphone irrespective of your model or whether you are an IOS or an Android user.

So how do you really play music while the phone is attached to the hoverboard? You would play your music through headphones or desktop speakers the same way.

Go to your mobile and open your app; there are many streaming applications for music available in your smartphone’s app stores, some for Apple Music and Spotify, and some free apps are available such as Soundcloud and even YouTube. Then choose the perfect Bluetooth hoverboard song and walk away with a sharp, crisp sound as you keep on riding your hoverboard.

Step by Step Instructions for Turning on Bluetooth:

Many people get confused about how to turn on Bluetooth on a hoverboard without knowing the fact that it’s super easy to do so. Here are some short and clear steps to make you understand the process –

1. First, a relationship should be formed between the smartphone and the Bluetooth hoverboard. Switch on the Bluetooth feature on the hoverboard and set “Everyone is visible” to the setting.

2. Check the smartphone for setting up the Bluetooth. Choose the pairing relation after looking. Suppose the password for the combination is 1111. After the pairing is complete, the connection will start working.

3. You can make and receive calls after the Bluetooth hoverboard, and the smartphone’s Bluetooth connection has been successful, and play music over your mobile phone on the hoverboard.

If the Bluetooth of your hoverboard doesn’t get turned on, you will be asked to enter a password by your new hoverboard to pair with your phone and a manual on the website of the manufacturer.

P.S. – Always make sure that your device’s Bluetooth is discoverable so you can pair it up with the hoverboard easily. And if you face many problems regarding turning on the Bluetooth, call the support center to ask for help.


Hoverboards—or self-balancing scooters—were a few years ago a must-have plaything among the young generation. . They’re still a common form of transportation though not as fashionable anymore. And they are much safer with new U.L. certifications. Plus, new attractive models are designed with cool features such as hoverboards with Bluetooth and lights.

Bluetooth hoverboards got popular within a short time because of their extra facilities for putting on music.  Individuals are buying Bluetooth hoverboards (from kids to young people), and it has enormous market demand.

Many people who get confused about how to turn on Bluetooth on a hoverboard can initially try to learn the basic concept of how Bluetooth works, then make it work by using the instructions afterward. Once you know how to go to places with your hoverboard enjoying your favorite music at the same time, there’s no coming back.

Happy hoverboarding!

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