Ten Toes Longboard Review From An Expert Longboarder

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Ten toes longboards have been the talk of the town among skaters for a while. So, we thought it would come very handy to people if we came up with a report of their products. Today, we will be reviewing the Zed Emporium Bamboo longboard from ten toes longboard. This longboard is manufactured by one of the best longboard companies in the world naming Retrospec.

You will get your due scoop of all its features, advantages and downsides through our very detailed and comprehensive review of it. If you have been wanting to purchase a ten toes longboard then this is your one and only stop to get a full, top to bottom examination of its product and credibility from the best source. Let’s see what the ten toes longboard has up for the offer for you.

First impression: Ten Toes Longboard

The ZED ten toes longboard is one of the very rare longboards that do not feature a drop through trucks. This is because this longboard from the ten toes longboards simultaneously covers as a skateboard! It is has been designed in a way so that you can pull put many tricks on it alongside cruising on it on your way to work.

We will be covering the ZED from ten toes longboard in the color “Aqua Fishtail”. It is one of the 6 longboards in the ZED series and built for smooth, effortless longboard cruising.

Technical Specifications

Right off the bat, you will notice that this ten toes longboard is HUGE! It spans a good 44 inches in length and 9.45 inches in width for foot space. It weighs just a little under 9 pounds; pretty lightweight for a longboard but this is great for pulling off tricks and stunts.

This 2016 ten toes longboard model is large enough to serve you as the perfect cruiser and yet light enough for it caters as a skateboard too. You can also carry it around on the back of your backpack when you are not using it. Convenient, not bad so far. But, let’s set our focus on its features and components now.

Design and Architecture


Let’s start with examining one of the most important parts of any longboard: the deck. The deck will decide a lot in term of your stability on road, balance and user comfort, so may want to pay special attention to this.

The ten toes longboard’s commitment to the environment shows through its series. Deck of the ZED is made from sustainable bamboo, and to add strength to sustainability, it has premium quality Canadian Maple wood added as well.

The deck is made of 8 layers, 8 plies, to ensure unparallel strength and power. The neat thing about this series is that none of the decks will match completely to another in since the bamboo grains vary in each of them.

The deck has a pointy nose and tail which enables the user to cut through the wind when at high speed. It is also made flexible and with a little curvature to it; this is great for some skateboarding stunts and tricks. And as for stability and adherence, the deck comes covered by an 80AB grip tape.

ten toes longboard3ten toes longboard4


The wheels, to us at least, are the most important part of a longboard. If the wheels on your longboard aren’t up to standard, you may very well throw it out the window.

The ZED from ten toes longboard use 70 mm by 51 mm wheels made out of Polyurethane. This size and material are just right for longboards that are designed to carry out some high-speed action, especially on downhill roads.

The wheels, when you cruise, feel airy and smooth but don’t be fooled by this; these things have a herculean hardness of 85A. They are smooth and are shock absorbent to take on some serious impact throughout its life.


None of the boards from the ZED series use drop through trucks. And while you may argue that drop through trucks is better, the truth is, it may bring more stability but it limits maneuverability.

Instead, these longboards use aluminum reverse kingpin trucks with premium Abec-7, each measuring 7 inches in length.

This gives users unmatched motion control and flexibility during carving and turning in specific. Although we might add, that ceramic bearing would have done a much better job at it than aluminum. A ceramic bearing is more heavy-duty and last a lifetime.


ten toes longboard2ten toes longboard1

The ten toes longboards, especially in this series, reflects a lot where it is made: Los Angeles. The Aqua Fishtail has a bright pastel teal color to it on the bottom. The color is shared on the wheels as well but the trucks are left true, aluminum.

The top of the deck, however, is a very grainy-looking matte black that beautifully clashes with the very Californian vintage graphics on the bottom.

It looks old-school, fun and young; there’s nothing not to like about it!

A quick overview of the ZED from ten toes longboard.

The Advantages

  • It allows for tricks and stunts thanks to its dual design; doubles as a skateboard.
  • Heavy-duty wheels; shock-absorbent too.
  • Very spacious deck.
  • Great stability; perfect downhill cruiser.
  • Offers maneuverability.
  • Looks vintage and energetic.

The Disadvantages

  • Could have been made better by replacing the aluminum bearing with ceramics ones.
  • It may feel a little wobbly to some users as a side effect to its immense flexibility.


What would you say is the weight limit on the Aqua Fishtail from ten toes longboard?

It should be able to take on about 250 pounds, maybe a little more, easily.

Would you recommend this for a preteen learner?

Thanks to its gigantic size, it makes for a great learner longboard. However, since we’re talking about a child, fully-worn safety gear is a must!

Final Word

So far in our review of the ZED from ten toes longboard, we assess that it seems durable and promises performance thanks to its high-quality construction materials. It has been designed to double as the skateboard and serves the intention brilliantly too.

This amusing product’s company name is Retrospecone the most famous company ever producing different models of longboard and skateboard. If you eager to know other product line of the said company please read my more elaborate review article Retrospec ZED Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser Review.

Yes, there are flaws but they are nothing too dramatic in our opinion once you consider the advantages against them. A value product for a great price; highly recommended!

And with this, it’s a wrap to our review of the ten toes longboard. We hope our effort helped you judge this product better and clearer. Nut for more details, you can always visit the link. Take care!

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