Interesting Tricks To Do on A Pintail Longboard

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Can you do tricks on a pintail longboard? Why not! Longboarding is an adventurous and blood-curdling affair that you wouldn’t want to miss. It all involves mastering the art of cruising around on different terrains next to your home. Here I today share with you some of the interesting tricks to do on a Pintail Longboard! You must enjoy the write-up regarding the topic that’s for sure I guess.

Although learning to skate on a pintail board can get challenging at some point, you become a pro in doing a variety of tricks with the right understanding and practice. Do you want to know how to do tricks on your brand new board? Have a continuous hour of laughter by mastering the art of doing tricks on your sparkling cruising machine. Continue reading on to learn these fantastic tricks.

What is Pintal Longboard

A pintail longboard is a versatile skating device that is best for cruising and carving. Interestingly, pintails have a unique classic design with amazing features for a smooth cruising vibe. These outstanding features include:

An amusing description of Pintail Longboard

Pointy Nose

Pintails are professionally designed with pointy noses meant for better aerodynamics. As a result, this fantastic feature enhances speed. You can control and adjust your board to whichever limit you wish.

Set of Large Wheels

With bigger wheels, it allows the rider to increase the speed at intervals consequently.

List of Several Pintail Longborad Brands for Your Picks:

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Blank &Stained

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Pintail Longboard Brands for your best pick

How to Do Tricks on a Pintail Longboard

Before you think of doing tricks on a pintail board, it is crucial that you first learn how to ride on a longboard. If you want to have fun and thrill in the sport, you must have mastered how to ride best on the cruising board.

That is why; we first show you the things you need to know before riding on a pintail.

1. Goofy or Regular Rider?

Pintails are specially structured higher off the ground with trucks mounted under the deck. Therefore, before getting on the longboard, you need to understand yourself better. Are you a goofy or a regular rider?

You are considered a regular passenger if you are skating with your left foot forward. Similarly, you are deemed goofy if you are sliding with your right foot forward.

2. Ride on a Flat Surface

Before you embark on a long ride, it is advisable to first skate on a flat surface. Find your balance, and try rolling on a concrete surface to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable before moving around.

3. Stand on Your Feet

Once you get your balance, stand on the pintail. Have your feet placed in the middle of the bearings that hold the trucks. Amazing! Have your front foot directed on a 45 degrees angle with your back foot directed sideways on the cruising board’s direction. It is a basic stance in a longboard that you must master.

4. Practice Balance   

It is an essential technique when riding on a longboard to achieve balance, control, and speed. Suppose you want to have expertise in balancing your skater focus forward using your peripheral vision. It’s that simple! Once you do this, you naturally gain balance and control of your cruising board.

5. Practice Forward Movement

To move forward smoothly, use your back foot. Take it off the board slowly, then use the ground to push. Start with small pushes to ensure that your body gets used to this practice. As soon as you get comfortable and confident, you can use your front foot.

6. Learn to Stop Your Pintail

It is also an important technique when learning to ride on the longboard. Master the act by dragging one foot on the ground. Besides, you can also learn to stop by standing up on the board with your arms out.

What Types of Tricks Can You Do On a Pintail Longboard

Do you want to have all the fun in the world? Once you have perfected the art of riding on a pintail, you are now set to learn tricks that you can perform on the board. We have some of the skills that you can try out.

#1. Cross-Stepping Trick

It is an iconic longboard trick that you can perform on your cruiser. It is simple to learn once you have mastered the art of cruising around. Learning the cross-stepping skill will lock your confidence and fineness feel of your skating device.

 However, for beginners, start it on the grass. Firstly, stand with your feet on the back of the board. Consequently, cross your right foot over the left then quickly sweep your left foot again. The practice is thrilling! It sends chills down your spine.

#2. Ghostride Heel-Flip

Get on your board confidently and start pushing it slowly. Bring your left foot leisurely near the toe side of the board. Secondly, lift your right foot off the board, then bring it to the toe side and quickly flip the pintail board behind you. Ensure that the cruising device flips over.

That is the joy of ghost ride heel-flip! After this, jump up with both feet and quickly jump on the other side of you. It’s quite amusing. Practice this act to get it right and get to a level of a pro!

#3. Shuvit Trick

It is simple to do this trick. You can perform a shuvit trick on your longboard by jumping into the air without spinning as your board spins beneath you. To achieve this, place your front foot in the middle of the skater.

Then have your back foot on the tail. Secondly, bend your legs as you move the cruising device 90 degrees. Lastly, let go of your front foot as you hope back on the device, completing 180 degrees.

#4. Fakie Front Dide Pivot Trick

If you want to perform this trick effortlessly, you will have to put your front foot on the nose of the board with your back foot in the middle. Amusingly, press the nose down and swing the tail of the skating board on 180 degrees.

#5. No Comply 180 Trick

Do you want to feel the joy that comes with being in the air? No comply 180 tricks will satisfy your needs. What you need to do is to put your front foot on the middle with your back foot on the tail of the device.

With some speed, bring your front foot off the board to the heel-side and allow your back foot to pop up the cruiser. Scoop your skateboard on 180 degrees and before it touches the ground, put your both feet on the board and ride switch your device.

Wrapping Up

It is a thrilling experience to perform tricks on a pintail board. After reading this fantastic piece, you will have a different perspective of riding on pintails and know some interesting tricks to do on a Pintail Longboard. It will serve to give you a fascinating insight into the creative tricks that you can apply while cruising around. Go through this article to have reliable answers on whether you can use skills on a pintail longboard.

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