How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard Hold?

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Once I presented a hoverboard to my brother. It portrays a skateboard without its wheels. He wanted a skateboard but, hoverboards are more fun. He was bulky so, this question at once came to his mind that, how much weight can a hoverboard hold?

An average hoverboard can hold 220 pounds at most as it glides around on 6.5-inch wheels. The weight-bearing capacity of it varies from size to size. A 4.5-inch board is primarily designed for children so it can bear less than 55kg. Again, larger hoverboards can hold more weight.

How Do Hoverboards Work?

The rider has to stay upright and move forward with a bit of practice. Now some people might ask, how much does a hoverboard weigh? The average hoverboard weighs around 25 pounds. The heavier ones weigh more.  

A hoverboard will not be able to work without the following things:  

  • Gyroscope  
  • Microprocessor  
  • Battery  
  • Motor  

These things help a hoverboard to work. A hoverboard consists of these parts. Each of them has their designated portion of work to do.  

A gyroscope adjusts the tilt to maintain balance. Microprocessors control the power output of the wheels. Without a battery, you will not be able to ride a hoverboard as it stores electrical power for it. The motor provides the potential to the wheels to keep the rider balanced.  

If you exceed the weight capacity of the hoverboard, it will function but not very well. You will face some problems. The battery life will decrease thus, the battery will die very quickly. The top speed will decrease, and the strain of the motor will increase.

As a result, your hoverboard will not move as fast as it used to move, and you will also hear your motor whine. There are possibilities of breaking a wheel that can not only leave you stranded but also be dangerous.

Types of Hoverboards:

Depending on the people’s choice, there are various types of hoverboards. They are:

  • Broad wheel hoverboard  
  • Medium wheel hoverboard  
  • Small wheel hoverboard  
  • One-wheel hoverboard  
  • Air wheel hoverboard  
  • Self-balancing scooter

There are many more. You can get the one you always desired.

Age limits for Hoverboards:

Officially children under eight years old are not allowed to ride hoverboards because youngers cannot maintain balance while riding on a hoverboard. The 4.5-inch wheels can bear a weight up to 120lbs.

Therefore, while buying it for kids, parents may not ask, how much weight can a hoverboard hold? So, there is no risk for children riding a hoverboard with perfect weight-bearing capacity according to the mass of their body.

Off-Road Hoverboard:  

It is designed for those who are more experienced in hoverboard riding. These commuters have huge batteries. And they have longer riding time than the other off-road hoverboards. With bigger tires, these off-road boards can easily ride across difficult terrain while keeping the rider balanced.

Self-Balancing Hoverboard:

These boards balance themselves by using the following components:

  • Sensor
  • Motor
  • Logic board
  • Gyroscope

The motor and the sensor both are inside the wheels. They detect speed and tilt angles. The gyroscope gets the information from the sensor and passes it to the logic board in the wheels. That is how self-balancing hoverboards work.  

After riding the hoverboard, make sure you completely turn it off. It needs to be shut down by its power button and not put into sleep mode by remote. It keeps the hoverboard good for a long time.  

Suitable Surface to Ride Hoverboard:

It is better to ride a hoverboard on smooth sidewalks or even pavements. If you want to ride hoverboards on grass or dirt, you need them with larger wheels. A board with 8.5-inch or bigger wheels is appropriate to ride on grass.  

Hoverboards can even go uphill if the hoverboard battery and motor are powerful. But it also needs a larger tire. These boards need to do less work if your weight is lighter.  

A good tire grip is essential to ride on carpets. However, hoverboards with bad tires can skid or not move due to less friction between the carpet and the tire. The tires must have strong threads and make of rubber.  

When we talk about a suitable surface to ride a hoverboard, a question pops up in everyone’s mind that, ‘how fast can a hoverboard go?’

The average hoverboard can go around six to eight miles per hour. But the boards with bigger tires and larger motors can go up to ten miles per hour.  

Battery Health of Hoverboard: 

A typical hoverboard battery lasts from eight to twenty miles on a single charge. That could be anywhere from one hour to four hours based on the model and the speed.  

Some aspects that affect the battery life of hoverboard, are:

  • The weight of the rider along with the board.
  • How a rider handles the board.  
  • The ground, such as steep inclines and rough surfaces.  
  • Riding at top speed.  
  • Batteries drain faster in hot temperatures.

Such things should be kept in mind while using a hoverboard. The battery health of a device is an essential factor. Because if it starts decreasing, the device will no longer work for hours.  

Although all hoverboard works perfectly in the beginning then starts to wear down over a while. As the battery ages, its capacity decreases hence, it gives you a shortened ride time.  

There are proactive steps you can take to enhance the battery life of your hoverboard. Do not let lithium-ion cells drain out completely. When you receive the low power mode indication, hop off your board and place it on the charger. Unplug the board when it is 100% charged.  

Never charge the device when the temperature is extremely hot or cold because both the situation can damage the battery, circuit board, or any other electronic components of the hoverboard.  

Selection of the Best Hoverboard:

For using the board for a long time, you need to choose the best hoverboard.  There are some notions to consider before you purchase a hoverboard:

  • Choose the right weight limit according to the mass of your body.  
  • Speed of the board.  
  • Battery Health.  
  • Range  
  • Shape and size  

These should be kept in mind before you get yourself a new hoverboard.  

There are lots of additional features. Some hoverboards have Bluetooth and speakers so that users can connect them with their phones and enjoy.

Additionally, smart hoverboards may offer learning modes. Beginning modes will help new riders to learn to control their board, setting the speed limits.  

You can even control some hoverboards with your cell phones. It will come to you with one click on your phone. If you are worried about security and safety, then don’t be tensed because some even offer anti-theft controls using your phone and LED lighting to avoid accidents.  

The hoverboard price may vary for these unique characteristics. Why not spend some extra cash on newer hoverboard models with fun features?

Best Hoverboard Brands:

Hoverboards are usually used by adults. Some of the top pick hoverboards are given below:

  • Swagtron Swagboard Elite  
  • Segway Ninebot S Smart  
  • Tomoloo V1  
  • Hover-1 Titan  
  • Halo Rover X  
  • Lamborghini TwoDots  

These are some of the most wanted hoverboards adults choose. Generally, it is not for children.  

You will get every type of hoverboard from an amazing online store called Amazon. It is one of the world’s largest online stores. Apart from this store, there are many more such as Walmart, Daraz, Forbes, etc.  

All these shops are just a click away. You can now get your favorite hoverboard sitting at home.  

Frequently asked questions:

1.Can hoverboards explode?

Answer: Yes, it can explode if it is kept on charging for a long time. Furthermore, it also depends on the quality of the battery. Sometimes manufacturers use inferior quality batteries for low costing.

2. Do hoverboards have brakes?

Answer: Hoverboards do not have manual brakes. So to stop the board while riding, you need to shift your body to the opposite direction you are going until you stop. There are no visible brakes but, you can merely use your bodyweight to define any way you are heading.

3. Why do hoverboards beep while going fast?

Answer: Hoverboards beep automatically when it detects the surface or the hoverboard platform is tilted backward or forward by more than 15 degrees. Also, if it is on an inclined surface that exceeds 30 degrees. So, ride your hoverboards on a plane or smooth surface.

4. Why Hoverboards shake?  

Answer: The first thing for which hoverboards shake is that the rider might be too light for the hoverboard. So, to stop shaking or vibrating, you have to move your feet outside of the footpad of the hoverboard.


Hoverboards are generally used for personal transport but, not everyone uses them for the same reasons. Some use it for fun. Adults and kids are mostly fascinated by hoverboards.  

Hoverboards are technologically advanced and fun to ride. You can have a comfortable ride on different types of terrains with larger tires and battery-powered motors.  

An 8-inch hoverboard has a recommended weight limit of up to 120 kg. And 10-inch board has a maximum capacity of 150 kg. So, I hope you got all the answers to your questions about how much weight can a hoverboard hold?

It is highly on demand and very popular. And its popularity will start to increase with the proposed upgraded features. Very soon people will start enjoying what they have been yearning for. For the time being, let’s enjoy the wonderful benefits it provides.


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