How to Get a Hoverboard that Won’t Catch Fire: Tips to Get the Best Safe Hoverboard?

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How to get a hoverboard that won’t catch fire is the first question that lingers in every parent’s mind. Hoverboards come in different sizes and designs, but safety should be the first aspect to be considered on the priority list. So, what is the safest self-balancing scooter in the market? Quality is critical when selecting any toy to allow your child to enjoy the happiness that comes with cruising on aboard. Therefore, here is a complete guide on choosing the best skater board that won’t catch fire.

What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters used by both kids and adults. These skateboards have powerful motors controlled with bodyweight to cruise around leisurely. Therefore, skaters are a fantastic blend of modern technology and wheels to provide recreational pleasure to you and your child.

Types of Excellent Hoverboards

 1#Classic Boards

It is a safe classic board with a 6.5”-wheel size with a smart balance mode and is sure to enjoy the ride. An excellent example of a perfect board is Hoverfly ECO.

2#Self-Balancing Scooter

Such type of board has a self-balancing ability to perfectly keep the board on the ground with or without a rider. An example of such a device is Hoverfly ION.

3#Off-Road Skaters

If you are heavy, this is the best board for you. It is a terrain board that has an eight-wheel inch and can handle rough and bumpy terrains. Hoverfly XL is an example of an off-road board.  

What are the Best Hoverboard Qualities?

Are you thinking of getting the safest skateboard for you and your kids? There are several things to think about when choosing an excellent one. Here are nine factors you must consider before you purchase one for your child.

# 1. UL Certification

Safety of the skateboard is an aspect that every parent must prioritize before buying any other play toy. You may have heard of terrible stories over the internet of these devices exploding due to the low-quality batteries they have. 

To avoid any risk of the self-balancing device malfunctioning and eventually exploding, buy only skateboards that are UL certified. As a parent, find the evidence of certification on the board’s packaging.

#2. Model of the Hoverboard

There are hundreds of designs and models to choose from when buying a self-balancing scooter. However, although they have a similar concept to give recreational enjoyment, there are unique characteristics to consider.

Therefore, to have a quality board, there are essential specs to track when comparing models. These are: 

  • Materials the board is made from
  • Battery power
  • Speed of the board
  • Internal motors on the skateboard.

Each of these aspects will play a critical role in the scooter board’s functionality once they have undergone the new UL-2272 safety standards.

# 3. Speed

Do you prefer a skate that moves slowly on a leisurely pace, or you enjoy the wind that comes with high-speed boards? Speeds tend to vary depending on the kind of model. Reviews from the best manufacturers in the market advise that excellent and safer boards should move at 6 to 8 miles per hour.  

Such cruiser boards are the most appropriate for kids under the age of 18. Before purchasing a board, consider the age of your child to determine the speed they can handle.

# 4. Battery charging time

Choose a cruiser board that takes a while to charge. GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME! Pick a board that takes at least 3 hours to charge. With this, you will be sure that you’re picking the right scooter with a quality battery that won’t explode. 

# 5. Distance

How far do you want to cruise with your scooter? To identify a good board that exemplifiers useful features, choose one that can reach 3 miles to 7 miles on a full range. If you are using your scooter to move around or for fun, pick one that runs on a maximum range of 7 miles when fully charged to prevent catching fire.

# 6. Weight

Consider your weight or that of your kid when buying a scooter board. In addition to the features, gravity plays a critical role in ensuring that the skater is in good condition.

Most excellent boards weigh between 20 and 30 lbs. Bulkiness determines the longevity and state of the battery to prevent it from malfunctions and to explode.

# 7. Geographical Terrains

Skateboards are terrain-specific. To avoid frequent malfunctions and fire, choose a board according to the type of environment that you will be cruising on. If your territory is bumpier or hilly, select a scooter with big wheels of 8 inches.

However, if you or your kid will be skating indoors or on level ground, purchase a board with smaller wheels of 6 inches.

#8. Price

Excellent scooter boards mean that their prices are way much higher. Remember, buying a cheaper self-balancing skate is likely to make you incur more expenses later repairing and are most likely to explode. CHEAP IS EXPENSIVE! Buy a skateboard that ranges from $200 to $400, and you will be sure of a quality product. 

Higher prices on boards mean that they are made of quality materials and have additional features not present in other scooters.

#9. Fun and Educational Features

Do you love listening to music? Choose newer models of skateboards with fun features and educational modes. To promote safety while cruising around, have a board with Bluetooth speakers listen to music and help you control the device.

Having speakers in place will also help you understand how to manage the scooter and set speed limits to keep the board from running out of control.


Self-balancing scooters can be costly, and times, you are not sure which board to purchase. However, if you take into consideration the 9 points above how to get a hoverboard that won’t catch fire, you’re set to choose the best hoverboard in town! You have probably seen so many people leisurely cruising around, and you probably have wished for one either for your kid or yourself. Enjoy the happiness that comes with being in the air by having an excellent scooter.

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