From Longboard Guy to Water Heater Fixer!

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I will tell you today about how a boy becomes towards from longboarder to water heater fixer. Andrew was riding his longboard as he was on the way of fixing the water heater of Mr Anderson. He has been working all day long today and Mr Anderson was the last man he was seeing. Here is the sotory-from longboarder to water heater fixer.

As he was riding his longboard, he was looking at it and reminiscing about his past full of agony. He used to work in a longboard store that belonged to his late grandfather.

But today he has a different task to do. After the hooligans bashed out his grandfather’s store, he had no choice but to work as a maintenance guy. They smashed the windows, took all the money and burnt down his store to ashes.

Now Andrew is riding the last longboard that was the last memory of his grandfather.

Knock, knock, Andrew, gave a slight knock on the door of the Andersons’.

A man with grey shorts and a blue t-shirt opened the door. The white hair has blended in perfectly with his white face.

‘Can I help you up with anything, boy?’ said the man.

‘Do you have a Mr Anderson here?” said Andrew

‘Well, you’re actually talking to him at this moment.’ replied the man in a blue t-shirt.

‘Sir, you had an order for fixing your water heater, so, this is why I’m here. The other day you made an appointment online.’

‘Oh sure, come inside and have a look at my water heater please.’ Mr Anderson greeted and showed Andrew the way inside.

Observing the electric heater Andrew said ‘Damn! I thought you had a gas water heater. Turns out, this one is an electric one. I gotta go fetch my tools now.’

Mr Anderson said ‘My bad, I didn’t know the difference. They all look pretty much the same to me and bought me one a few months back. What’s the difference between the gas and electric water heater, anyway?’

Andrew handed a leaflet to Mr. Anderson and said, ‘You don’t know? Well, give this piece of an article a read.’


When you decide to buy tankless water heater, the first thought that may come to your mind ‘Whether I’ll choose gas water heater or an electric one?’ Both have some pros and cons but the one that suits you will depend on your home, your needs, and your budget.

To help you narrow down the prospects and deciding on the best kind of water heater for your home, here you’ll find a helpful comparison guide, highlighting the pros and cons of both types of water heater designs.

Gas vs Electric tankless water heater.

Definition and How They Work.

Before describing the other difference between gas and electric water heater, I’ll grab some moment to explain what they are and how they work.

A gas tankless water heater uses fossil fuels as their source of energy They require proper ventilation pipes for installation.

A tankless gas performs its work by flowing continuous hot water when the tap is opened. It comes with a sensor that detects the flow of water. The heat exchanger heats the water by its gas burner fires.

However, an electric water heater requires no vent pipes for installation and it only needs a power source to connect electricity energy.

An electric water heater warms up the “elements”, or rods, submerged in a water storage tank by transferring heat from the elements to the water. Thus it works from the inside-out and keeps water hot for you.

Energy cost.

Using natural gas is cost-efficient and cheaper to run. It is very suitable for your household and business. You can enjoy hot water anytime without any heat loss.

On the other hand, an electric water heater also works with a minimal budget.

Since they both have no tank so there is no need to reheat the water and lose energy and also the running cost. Yet compared to a gas water heater, electric water heaters usually requires more energy.

Installation cost and convenience.

An electric water heater requires no venting for installation and the process is a lot easier.

In contrast, a gas water heater usually requires a proper ventilation system which makes the process expensive.

Compared to a gas tankless water heater, an electric tankless water heater is cheaper as they don’t need any vent pipes. However, if you think deeply, the system cost of the electric water heater is more costly in the long run as it needs more energy to process. You’ll definitely save up on the installation costs but be prepared to pay more electricity bills.

Availability of Power Source.

You can use your electric water heater as long as electricity is available in your house. So, if there is a lack of electricity you have to wait to take a warm shower with your electric water heater.

On the other hand, a gas-powered water heater requires the connection of gas service. Even during power outages, your hot water supply will remain unaffected.

Safe to use.

Although an electric water heater can cause some problems due to lack of electrical power it’s safe. A gas water heater has a risk of explosion if no regular maintenance is done.

Which one lasts longer?

A gas tankless heater is reliable for about 20 years. Whereas, an electric water heater can be replaced if proper maintenance is not going on.

Required Maintenance.

An electric tankless water heater requires cleaning the screen filter and also easy to repair, troubleshoot and diagnose. However, a gas tankless heater needs an annual checkup and more maintenance.

In this case, for maintenance, a gas water heater is necessitating more payment.

Water Demand.

A gas water heater uses the process of rapid heating so it has a higher recovery rate and ideal for larger families if the demanded water amount is great. Compared to a gas water heater, an electric water heater has a lower recovery rate.

Final Words

A homeowner should choose between a gas water heater and water heater depending on their needs. If you have a large family then choosing gas water heater can be a smart decision as it’s heating system is idle for the whole-house heating process.

From another point of view, if you are living in a warm area and your house members require water below 40 gallons in a day then you can decide on an electric water heater.

Now that you know about gas vs electric tankless water heater, you’ll know which one to choose and which you don’t need.

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