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Having a comfortable skating journey is so difficult in the roadsides, pathways full of sand, mud, and gravel. I used to skate with my friends in the backyards, which were so flat for skating. Don’t you recall any of your childhood memories of skateboarding on the long road?

For having a better experience, investing your time in choosing the right wheel is crucial, isn’t it? As most of us fail to differentiate the features of various wheels, chances of vulnerability and discomfort increase exponentially. In this article, we will explore to review and find out the best longboard wheels for rough roads.

Best Longboard Wheels Review:

Several brands are available widely that serve wheels for longboards. Considering the durability, flexibility, and other significant factors, you need to focus on digging deep insights. We will uncover here all of the traits and introduce the best longboard wheels for rough roads for you.

  1. RaceBon 60mm Longboard Wheels Hardness 78A Polyurethane Cruising Wheel Review:RaceBon 60mm Longboard Wheels

RaceBon is one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly brands in making standard longboard wheels. While you need a durable wheel for operating it on the rough roads, this brand can assure you. These 60mm features of the wheels come with a set containing four pieces.

You will get enough hardness in the wheel that provides users massive grips. It contains high elastic PU mixture processing material for having a smooth ride. Appearing with many colors can give you a decent feeling to purchase.

Besides, it holds ABEC-9 sturdy bearings that ensure the fast speed. You will have these wheels with low friction consequently. The easy installation process also seeks reliability from the users.

These wheels from the Racebon enable you to have some street tricks. Apart from the rough roads, it is suitable for the smooth pavements.


  • Long durability
  • Very smooth to operate
  • High speed with low friction
  • Softer including loads of grips


Difficult enough to slide

  1. Bigfoot Freeride Longboard Wheels Stoneground Pathfinders Review:

Bigfoot Freeride Longboard Wheels Stoneground Pathfinders

Introducing the stone-ground wheels is the best concern of Pathfinders. This model from the Bigfoot brand enables you easier and comfortable freeride performance with less traction. It comes with rounded lips that make the smooth slides easier.

Also, having a central core is very suitable for a nice slide. These cores you can rotate and flip for your convenience. The capability of rotation enhances the wheel wear to extend life.

As a result, this brand has become one of the best longboard wheels for cruising across the US. Besides, you will get 80A super high rebound hardness that carries the ability of a good slide. As it has a well-grip system, you can rely upon them for having a safe ride.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to get iced smooth slides with no breaking period. The manufacturers of Bigfoot provide premium stone-ground finishing and rounded edges. This wheel can accelerate quickly and will have a better rolling speed.


  • Highly stable
  • Longevity
  • It is a suitable wheel for cruising
  • Soft and comfortable


Few users find it very soft

  1. FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings review:

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings

These polyurethane wheels from Freedare are one of the best models in the market. It includes ABEC-7 bearings and spacers that manufacturers make with premium steel. It serves an ideal role for the beginners to learn on their own.

The better capability of rolling is one of the most powerful features. If you use it for street skating, this model can serve you for a long time. Besides the longevity, you will get comfort from having high-quality PU materials on it.

As a result, you can ride here faster and smoother. Even if you need to ride over road pebbles or cracks, you can go through with much ease. Nobody wants to lose their balance in the riding.

This model will disappoint you neither on easy roads nor on the rough and pebbles-based roads. Moreover, you won’t be dissatisfied with having an elegant design on the wheels along with your skateboards. Having a dot pattern on this model enhances the outlook better indeed.

Also, it is highly recommended for professional use as it contains different terrains. For urban skating, you will feel enough comfort with it.


  • Less expensive
  • A sturdy mid-range durometer
  • Four different choices of color
  • Made from premium-quality material.


  • Supplied bearings are not up to the mark
  1. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm 80A SHR Mountain Cruisers review:

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm 80A SHR Mountain Cruisers

Getting a set of longboard wheels that have expertise in the mountain is so tremendous. Users always look for different and unique traits from the brand to make their journey memorable. Bigfoot introduces this 76mm sized model that enhances the riding capability.

These mountainboard wheels from the Bigfoot ensure long durability with their stunning features. With the top speed, you can easily grip and control this model. Besides the durability issues, the manufacturers from Bigfoot put the concern to introduce user-friendly traits.

This 80A is undoubtedly a smart durometer for enough stability during your ride on it. The offset central core of this wheel enables you to have the best grips. Besides, a super high rebound (SHR) with 80A indicates how good the grip is while having a high speed.

Apart from these fundamental features, this skateboard wheel comes in different colors that can easily attract you. So, you have enough options in choosing the favorite one while buying. These all of the traits have pushed this brand ahead in the competition.


  • Easy to control topmost speeds
  • Designed for fast riding
  • Grip during turns and curves
  • 76mm wheels are on the long point


Hard to control speed for beginners

  1. Orangatang Caguama 85mm Longboard Wheels, DIY Electric Skateboards review:

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising
This Orangatang Caguama 85mm brings the highest rolling speed for carving, pumping, etc. A specialized brand for electric longboards that has a 56mm contact patch. It helps in providing a better grip with rounded edges.

So, a wheel can go smoothly through street cracks. As a result, you will have a comfortable ride with a top speed. An exposed core of 46mm can reduce weights when it provides fast acceleration with good momentum.

It is compatible to accommodate Orangatang Kegels that can perform faster. You will also find here a Happy Thane Strategy for the highest rolling speed. This formula helps the users to have a fast, smooth, and grippy experience in the whole journey.

Besides, you do not have to worry about traction. Meanwhile, you can get smoother and anticipated slides. You can guess how perfect this model is for riding on rough roads.


  • Coming with a stunning color combination
  • Allows you to do tricks for its user-friendly traits
  • Lightweight
  • Stone-ground contact scrap provides adhesion


  • Few users find it softer
  1. Magneto kiloVolt 90mm Longboard Wheels DIY Electric Skateboard Compatible review

Magneto kiloVolt 90 mm Longboard Large Wheels
For your endless comfort, this model from Magneto comes 90mm long. Manufacturers have designed this longboard wheel to enable top speed and better gripping. It uses high-quality urethane formula to help you to carry more momentum through the ride.

So, if you want to cruise, carve and pump through your longboard, this wheel is an ideal choice. The contact patch of this model includes an adhesive skin exterior. As a result, you will have a stunning grip while shelling hills.

These diameter-based wheels are also flexible for the electric boards. If you find any debris or cracks in your path, it ensures to overcome those with incredible momentum. So, it has got enough attention from the users for its versatility.

As a result, it can be an efficient solution for both professional and general users. Also, having 78A hardness brings comfy and extra soft wheels for you. You will also get impressed by its premium-quality metal and high-inertia exterior designing.

Super lightweight adds an extra-benefit to your journey. Besides, you will find the kiloVolts congruous for most of the DIY electric longboard.


  • Suitable for freeriding
  • Easily rolls over road rubble
  • Encapsulated gist
  • Set of 4 wheels included


  • Fewer complaints regarding its spinning
  1. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels review:

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

This MBS wheel comes with a 78A super high rebound urethane. As a result, you can keep an extreme speed while going through the ride. It’s a suitable addition to any long shudder.

The ability of off-road and rough road riding makes it more precious to the users. This model has become a famous wheel for cruising that you can trust. Also, you will have all of the premium and high-quality materials here.

So, long durability is an added benefit to it. The wideness of this wheel comparatively suits the longboards. The tread pattern is thinner than other models so that you can ride with less traction.

Apart from the clear ground, it is also suitable to ride over most of the debris. The 78A durometer of the MBS all-terrain skateboard ensures a softer feel. Besides, this is an ideal off-road longboard wheel to start skateboarding if you are a beginner. For satisfying the users highly, this brand introduces it with different colors.


  • Superior traction
  • User-friendly to show trick moves
  • Can roll over small ways on railways
  • Extended facade for stability


  • Heavier comparatively
  1. IWONDER Cloud Wheel 105mm 78A Discovery Electric Skateboard Wheels review:

IWONDER Cloud Wheel 105mm 78A Discovery Electric Skateboard WheelsThis 105mm model from the top brand, IWONDER has become a trendy longboard wheel for several reasons. The patented damp foam-based core technology ensures flexibility in the usage with a premium feel. It cuts out the vibrations that make less sound creation than other brands.

The 105mm PU diameter supports all-terrain longboard wheels and electric wheels. These are 40% bigger than the regular PU wheels that keep your ride uninterrupted. Besides, the unique curved design delivers a better grip to the longboard.

Anti-skidding force helps you to control the longboard to accelerate the speed. Moreover, its wheel core is better and unique than the regular ABEC wheel core. High-quality composite materials give the users a better impact on resistance.

You may look for lightweight features too while buying. This model ensures this trait that keeps more resilient in the ride. These cloud wheels contain lower density so that they can float on the river too.


  • Able in rolling over cracks and bumps
  • Having a bigger PU that makes your ride unobstructed
  • Reducing mileage loss
  • Softer wheels provide a smooth ride


  • Having high rolling detention
  1. TOBWOLF 52mmx32mm 95A, 60mmx45mm 78A, 70mmx54mm 78A Wheels review:

TOBWOLF 52mmx32mm 95A, 60mmx45mm 78A 70mmx54mm 78A Wheels

Keeping your skating journey smoother and flexible, it must be wear-resistant. Tobwolf ensures all of the priorities regarding the users. Manufacturers from this brand equip with ABEC 9 bearings and spacers.

As the hardness issue comes, it includes 78A to the wheel that can provide you a balanced grip with a softy feeling. For beginners, this wheel is ideal to start. The grippy edge enables any user to go through downhill or complex tracks.

You can also show some tricks reliably. Users use this model widely in the parks, streets, even on rough and uneven roads with much comfort. Keeping you away from any sort of cracking issues, this model brings solid PU materials that provide durable usage.

The ability to get fitted with most of the longboards and skateboards is so stunning. This nature has pushed this as one of the best longboard brands in the market. As a result, you have fewer worries to meet your needs.


  • Suitable for street skating
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with various diameter and durometer
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Bearings may require oil
  1. Fireball Tinder 60mm 81A Durometer Skateboard Wheels review:

Fireball Tinder 60mm 81a Durometer Skateboard & Longboard WheelsFireball has introduced this model of 81A durometer for genuinely small skateboards, tiny cruises, and double-kicking longboards. Manufacturing in California that assures your comfort in the rides. Starting a freeride over rough roads, stones, cracks is not so simple to execute.

Either you are a professional or a newbie, it enables every single user by providing great comfort. You can display small and mild tricks through this model. A comfortable and smoother ride through this model quickly reduces those vulnerabilities and complexities.

The rounded lips can break in the wheels regularly. Also, you will find a central core that can predict safe slides. A large center set of Urethane fiberglass provides the users with the highest sturdiness. These benefits throughout the entire life of the product are the massive advantage of this brand. Besides, it has a slide-prepped contact patch for your freeriding convenience.


  • Soft and agile for a stable ride
  • Rounded lips
  • Slide-prepped contact scrap for friction
  • Centered core provides balance


  • Fewer options for durometer

Buying Guide:

  1. Size

While you buy skateboard wheels, size carries great importance. But before that, you need to decide what type of ride you need. The large wheels having 60mmin diameter are suitable in balancing for their wideness.

It takes less effort from you and assists you in riding long distances. If you choose wheels of between 50mm and 55mm, then it may provide a slower ride. But as these are closer to the surface, so controlling is easier.

Besides, the wheels of more than 55mm are stunning performers for the newbies. After all, you need a larger wheel but not a massive one. So, 58mm to 65mm in diameter can do the required work for your cruising journey.

  1. Contact Patch

Do you ever pay a look in the contact patch while buying a cruising wheel? Most of us are unaware of the fact that causes us to suffer in riding. The contact patch indicates how much area of the wheel is in contact with the ground at a time.

It can ensure you much stability and comfort if you have the wider one. As a result, riders also get advantages on the uneven roads for a wider contact patch. Dish skaters and vert skaters can move with a thinner patch.

But it doesn’t mean you will have enough flexibility with your cruising longboard. If you use a thinner one, the shape of the wheel can affect it. Besides, rounded wheels can have a smaller patch, while square wheels require more surface to move.

After all, depending on the wheel’s nature, you should decide the contact patch. Several brands have a mismatch condition with their patch and wheel orientation. So, choosing these features will help you to buy the best fitted one.

  1. Durometer

As you want the wheel to run for a long time, durability is a massive issue to pay a look. Meanwhile, the longevity of the wheel depends on the hardness. Without measuring the hardness, it is tough to predict the performance.

In this circumstance, we have a durometer scale that can measure the hardness. So, the greater the number, the stronger the wheel. In every single brand, you will find the hardness mentioned in the package.

So, you can decide quickly on which brand you should buy. Soft or less hard wheels provide you a smoother ride because of absorbing the shock of rough roads. Unlikely, the harder wheels can go much faster while offering fewer grips.

But the harder ones are suitable for downhill riding as these do not absorb shock. Furthermore, you can choose any hardness in-between 75A and 92A for cruising.

  1. Clearance Issue

If you ride on cruising wheels, you may know these are larger than others. So, you should check if there is enough clearance between your deck and wheel. In general, the wheels of more than 60mm in diameter may need an extra riser pad to ensure a sufficient scope between them.

The extra riser pad could need 0.25 inches to 0.5 inches. Well, you will find the deck grabs the wheel during bends and curves without adding any riser. So, without the best clearance, finding the best longboard wheels for rough roads can be challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I perform ollie with the cruising wheels?

-It is a difficult question to answer. Well, the cruising wheels under the longboards, designed to speed up your riding. Also, you will get enough stability.

Apart from these, you will find these wheels much heavier in several brands. So, lifting is comparatively harder, for that kicking your board is difficult too. As a result, doing ollie is hard to execute. The better answer you will find while practicing it as every person belongs to different capabilities.

  1. Which brand will be the best for me?

-As various riders have different priorities with their wheels so no exact answer I can tell. Some people prefer electric wheels, some non-electric or mountain cruisers. So, depending on your style and preferences, try to find the closest traits in a specific brand.

Also, it is better to purchase branded ones rather than non-branded and less known products. Brands keep their words by providing a warranty. So, yes, you should buy the wheels from any brand that matches your priorities and needs.

  1. Which one can serve for the front truck on Halo-carbon fiberboard?

-The stock wheels contain 83mm in diameter on the Halo. So, the closer ones in size will do the work for you. Caguamas has a closer specification to these. I hope you can adjust it for the Halo-carbon fiberboard.

  1. Which can do the best on wet pavements?

-Well, the top brands you see here are compatible enough to get you to ride on the rough roads. Specifically, I would recommend MBS all-terrain longboard wheels for having a lot of traction. Though it contains urethane so that it could quickly slip on wet surfaces. But your ability to control your longboard enough can do the trick from sliding on the surface.


Buying the best wheels for your longboard is just as significant as your longboard choice. So, before deciding to buy the right wheels for your movement, fix one among several types and brands. You can look at your priorities and needs that can suit your skating for a long time.

Besides, the most crucial issues like defending rough roads also require your attention. As a result, these Polyurethane-made products can ensure long durability with much comfort. Investing some time in searching for the best longboard wheels for rough roads will not disappoint you. This review assists in finding the best one that serves on rough surfaces, like cobblestone.

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