Is Longboarding Bad for Knees? Know the Facts

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If you are a passionate longboarder nothing can be more painful for you than to get into severe knee pain after longboarding. It does not matter whether you are a seasoned pro rider, or a newbie rider, no one can avoid the propensity of knee or ankle injury. The most common case, as a rider you are going to face, is that your knees are injured to some extent. So, naturally, you may ask that is longboarding bad for knees?

In brief, we can tell you, longboarding would be harmful or dangerous for your knees if you over ride it. It seems to be notorious sports for you if you don’t wear proper protection of having a perfect gear, have a bad balanced board.

If you have a preceding history of leg injury or having arthritis diseases-that would be a discussion from other aspects. But, I think these mentioned deterring factors will not prevent you from enjoying the sport. There are many ways to put a stop to and/or lessen your knee pain so you go for cruising to get around.

Who Are More Exposed to Knee Injury?

You never can avoid longboard injury in any way if you are lazy and careless about the required adequate steps that very essential to prevent longboard accidents as well. It also depends on the genre as a longboarder. What is your riding style? Are you crazy to ride downhill? Do you show off longboard tricks like how to slide on a board?

However, in the case of a riding habit of daily commuting to your workplace, college or just to ride around the city, then you are at a lower risk of fall, collide or wound yourself compared to those riders who ride downhill at crazy speeds like Chita.

How Does Longboarding Causes Injury to Knees?

As I said before if you don’t use enough protective measures-like don’t have gear like knee pads that protect you mostly from the injuries from falls. But, you could easily protect the physique in your knee/lower leg in a couple of ways.

  • Don’t over push with huge force all of a sudden.
  • Before going for longboarding do some warm-up exercise and prepare the leg muscle.
  • Stop riding for a while when you are already injured.
  • Longboarding dancing is an artistic style of riding if you want to show off to others. You have to learn this exceptional style of riding from an expert instructor.

Way to Prevent Knee Injury While Longboarding:

“It is much easier to prevent injuries than to revitalize them”. A careful, cautious prep could easily lend a hand you stay on the board and out of knee support.

The easiest and most obvious means to avoid any sort of knee injuries is having enough protective gear. The following gears you must get equipped with:

Knee and Elbow pads

In a recent study, it is found that injuries to upper limbs, like hands and arms are the most common injuries longboarders get into. In the common of these cases, longboarders said they had fallen down with their arms and hands outspread, causing road rash, and broken wrists. That is why I tell you that Knee and elbow pads are significantly essential for protecting your knee injury probability.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads
Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve


Most studies said that head and neck injuries other than knee injuries are the second most common injury for longboarders. You just wear a helmet for your safe ride, not necessary that your helmet should be an excellent one. You just wear one.

longboar head injury
longboard helmet
Skateboard Longboard Helmet

Hand gloves:

 If you are a pro rider and dare to go for a downhill ride, the best quality pair of hand gloves is mandatory for a safe ride. These gloves do not merely serve you protection for your hands and fingers from injury, at the same time, they will give you an extra spin around the point to allocate for greater balance, capacity to have power over speed, and twirl easier.

Longboard Gloves
Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

Best Warm-up to lessen Your Knee Pain from Longboarding:

Here, I don’t hesitate to suggest you to warm-up enough both before and after riding. Make it your regular habit. It is better not to center your attention on just your legs, rather stretching your whole body as well. This effective habit will give you a greater elasticity to ride safe and sound.

  • Ok. What first? Begin with your neck and shoulders with some arm movements. Go after that with pulling your elbow across your neck and stretch it parallel.
  • Now, after that shift onto your hips by doing some hip rotations in both directions.
  • Mind it your calves are the main part for warming up; they assist you to balance on the board. Let’s start-lift the front part of your foot off the earth, keeping your heel on the ground. Repeat this exercise on a sloppy place and widen your calf muscle by gently moving your whole body load forward to further extend.
  • Perfect. Here you are! You should also do extensive lunges for both of your legs to work your pelvis and thighs properly when you ride. It works nicely.
  • Last, of all, you never forget to stretch your ankles. If they are rigid you might injure them. Get have some trouble-free ankle rotations on both sides, in both orders.

Finally, after completing your warm-up take some rest, be relaxed. Performing some stretching activities after a long ride will obviously help your muscles keep in healthy condition and that protect your muscle injuries.

Suggestions if Your Experience Knee Pain:

First of all, if you get acquainted with knee pain after riding, just stop riding for that moment.

With knee pain, if you continue your longboard riding that might devastatingly damage your lower limbs. So keep patience and take care of your existing injury first.

If you find your injury is serious enough. You are unable to walk. Pain is unbearable. Don’t delay. Try to contact a physician immediately.

If your pain remains for a longer period, the right ways to visit a doctor or physical therapist to get professional advice and follow his prescribed instructions.

Wrapping up:

Is longboarding bad for knees? Never be pessimistic! All sporting activities have some risk to be injured. That does not mean that you will restrain from that. Any kind of sport has immense health benefits. Longboarding health benefits have a tremendous impact on your body and mind as well. It’s true while riding longboard there is a risk of a knee injury. But, that does not mean you will stop riding. Obviously, longboarding is great fun in all respect. Only the people with a pessimistic view will only ask is longboarding bad for knees?

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