Can You Leave Your Hoverboard Charging Overnight: [Interesting Guide to Charge a Hoverboard]

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Once you purchase a brand new board, the most critical question that runs in your mind is whether you can leave your hoverboard charging overnight. It is normal to feel tired after cruising on your board for long hours, and the first awareness that gets to your mind when you get home is to leave your device charging for the whole night.

Even if you have purchased your board from a trusted seller, it is not advisable to charge your device for eight hours as you sleep. You have heard of stories on skateboards exploding due to overcharging. To save you from such a nightmare, here is a complete guide to help you know how to charge your device and why it is wrong to overcharge your scooter board.

3 Tips About Charging, Maintaining, and Protecting Your Hoverboard That You Need To Know!

How Long Should hoverboards Charge?

Most scooters take a whole two to four hours to fully charge. To know the exact time recommended by the manufacturers, once you purchase a new board, check the manual. It will help you understand and see how long your scooter model takes to charge. 

While most scooters with genuine batteries stop charging once the battery is 100%, it is not worth leaving them to charge overnight. You won’t wish your house to catch fire while you are asleep.

What Type of Battery Does a Hoverboard Use?

Self-balancing scooters, just like smartphones and laptops, use a battery made of lithium-ion. It means that the issues of cells exploding or overheating, when overcharged, well apply to batteries in skating boards.

What are the Steps to Charge the Hoverboard?

Charging a board is an easy task, and it shouldn’t pose lots of difficulties. It takes a maximum of four hours for a scooter to load and get ready for cruising fully. When you leave it overnight, it might be dangerous, causing unnecessary fires and explosions.

Therefore, below is a comprehensive guide to help you charge your hoverboard in the best way possible.

#1.Have the Right Hoverboard Charger

To begin with, you must have the correct charger to charge your device. To avoid your device battery blowing up, ensure that the voltage on the back of the charger is the right one for your scooter. 

Depending on the model of your self-balancing two-wheel device, the recommended voltages for boards range from 24 to 36.

#2.Power Outlet

Ensure that you plug your charger into the right power outlet. Once you plug in the scooter charger, the light button in the charging device should be solid green to indicate that you have an appropriate power outlet that won’t blow up your charger.

#3.Plug the Charger to the Hoverboard

Correctly plug in the charger to your board and ensure that it gets into the charging port. The light button in the scooter should be red.

How Do You Know that the Hoverboard is Charging?

After you charge your board, you ought to have the knowledge that your device is charging or not. To know whether the battery is full, check whether the light button in the skater has turned from solid red to green. Besides this, once the battery charges fully, the charger’s red light does not show. 

When the scooter’s battery gets charged, you must plug it out from the charger to avoid overheating it.

How to know if your Hoverboard is charging

Why You Should Not Charge Your Hoverboard Overnight

Ever wondered why manufacturers do not recommend that you charge your skateboard for long hours? Like any other electric appliance, scooters have their dos and don’ts that you much adhere to avoid unnecessary accidents occurring in your house. 

Below are the reasons you should never leave your gadget charging for eight hours at night.

1.Reduces Battery Life 

If you leave your device to charge for extended hours overnight, your battery longevity gets shortened. With time, you won’t enjoy a long ride due to the battery shut down after a short distance. Here you can naturally ask the question of how long a hoverboard battery lasts? The answer is- there are so many factors that have an immense impact on your hoverboard battery life.

Therefore, to ensure that the battery is in good condition, read the manual that comes with the board’s battery to know the exact time required to charge your scooter.

2.Catches Fire

Long hours of charging a scooter’s battery can cause explosions. When you repeatedly charge your device overnight, you risk burning up your cruiser. It might cause unimaginable accidents in the houses, and you won’t wish to get hurt because of something you can avoid.


Once you expose your cruiser’s battery to overcharging, it affects the board’s functionality. Its performance and speed might get jeopardized in the process, and you will have to get to the repair stores often. As a result, you won’t enjoy the moments that come with riding on a scooter.

How to Make Your Hoverboard Battery last Long

Apart from avoiding overcharging your board’s battery, there are several ways to make your battery last for more extended periods. These include:

#1. Not Replacing the Original Hoverboard Charger

To avoid overcharging issues, ensure that you take good care of your original charger. Using a different charger to charge your scooter is appropriate for your battery and durability.

#2. Not Letting the Hoverboard Battery Die

When you get to the house, remember to charge your board. To ensure that your battery remains in proper condition, charge the cruiser as soon as you see the red light blinking. 

#3.Have an Appropriate Storage Space

Keep your skateboard’s battery in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing the board to high-temperate situations. Remember, inside the board’s cell, are various chemicals that contain energy. When left in a hot place, it might explode, causing an accident.


It is a beautiful feeling to own a self-balancing scooter. However, knowing how to keep it in the best condition is essential. Boards are electric appliances that need lots of care to avoid unnecessary injuries while using them.

Besides, to enjoy the maximum pleasure that comes with cruising on a scooter, note the battery guidelines provided in this article. Therefore, we have offered appropriate responses on why you cannot charge your hoverboard overnight for your safety and that of the skateboard.

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