What Happens If My Hoverboard Gets Wet:[Get Your Solutions]

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The hoverboard is a common sporting accessory in the market.  These boards can take you to different places easily. They are available in different styles, colors, sizes, and designs. Users like practicing various tricks while driving their hoverboards. Some of these self-balancing boards can withstand different terrains such as grass and carpet, among others. But what happens if your hoverboard gets wet while you riding it in the rain.

Keep in mind that one thing that these boards cannot withstand in water.  But, we cannot postpone our morning exercise on grass simply because your hoverboard will get wet.  We cannot hide as well when it’s drizzling because our boards cannot get wet.

Riding Hoverboard in the Rain

Is the Hoverboard Waterproof?

There are some models of hoverboard that are waterproof. These hoverboards are perfect for riding in the rain.  Do not keep your board inside the house.  Well, some of them have some degree of water resistance, but still, water destroys the motherboard and battery.

Do not panic if you get into contact with water. You can dismantle the board and dry it up, and if you are lucky, it will still be working.

waterproof hoverboard

Hoverboard Electronics Don’t Like Water

Hoverboards made out of papier-mâché, and these materials are not waterproof. We must remember that we should not keep the self-balancing boards or wrap them in a bag because it is raining.  The board will not melt if you leave it in the rain.

The current boards are electric, and they are made up of electric components. These components don’t like water. The boards comprise of lithium-ion batteries as well as motherboard than cannot withstand water.  The boards are likely to stop working if you accidentally drench it, but this is not the end of everything.

What to Do for Electronics Devices

Keep in mind that quite a several self-balancing boards in the market pose some degree of water resistance and can withstand light drizzle. Some boards will not go off even if we drive them over small puddles.

Hoverboard balancing wheel water damage repair

Better still, we are highly discouraging you from driving them over water because this poses some risks to its electronics as well as battery. Remember that electric parts, as well as the battery, cannot mix with water. In case they get into contact, this indicates troubles.

Why Wet Surfaces Well as Hoverboards Are Not a Good Combination

Avoid submerging your self-balancing board to be safe. But what if you are riding over some puddles? There are some boards made for unpaved surfaces.  If you get into contact with water, try to dry it off and make sure that the battery is not affected. You can even dry the motherboard and the battery using a blow-drier.

What Should I do If My Hoverboard Gets Wet?

We cannot avoid accidents; they do happen. But now what? This will depend on how wet the board is.  Keep in mind that it is different to deal with a wet hoverboard from dealing with a wet phone. For phones, you will just toss it in rice and wait until it dries.

What Will You Do If the Board Gets Wet:

  • Turn the board off
  • Contact the manufacturer immediately
  • Your hoverboard can still work after getting into contact with water, especially after drying.  If t refuses to work after the process mentioned above then as mentioned earlier, electronics and water do not get along.

The Secret behind the Proper Use of Hoverboards

The bottom line is, always keep your self-balancing board dry as it is made of various critical electronic devices.  This is the only way to keep it functional.

What to Do When Your Hoverboard Gets into Contact with Water

There is a unique bond between water and electronic gadgets. No matter how much you try to keep them apart, they will always find each other. Think about it this way; how many times have ever drooped your charger, smartphone as well as iPods into a pool?  There are things we cannot avoid, but we can learn how to handle it.  This is how you can handle your hoverboard if they get soaked in water:

Pay Attention to the Motherboard

There is no doubt that the motherboard is the most important part of your hoverboard. Switch off the board then burry it in a large bowl of rice. This will help in the faster draining of water from the board.

If it got into contact with dirty water, you should dismantle it completely. Take out the motherboard and clean it using alcohol. This helps to get rid of all the dirt as well as debris that stuck on the board.

Soaked Battery

This is also one of the most important components of any hoverboard. If it gets soaked into water and damages, there is no way you are going t drive your board again.  But, there are still some hopes just soak the battery into a bowl of rice and allow the water to drain out. Do not soak it just for a few hours but a couple of days.

If the battery does not work, then you can get another one. As long as you keep on driving your board

Does it Matter if My Hoverboard Electronics Get Wet

It matters a lot because water damages are not in by warranties. Other is why most manufacturers seal the electronic components on these boards. This is simply to protect them against water damages.  Avoid submerging your board, so be safe.

Questions and Answer

Can I wash my hoverboard?

Hoverboards accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and debris, especially if you are driving them on grass, carpets among other uneven terrains.

Too much accumulation of dirt can destroy the gadget or reduce its performance. You have to clean it. Do not submerge them, though, as this could destroy it. Use alcohol to wipe away the dirt leaving it clean and in good condition.

Is it mandatory to dismantle my hoverboard in case it gets into contact with water?

Yes, it is important to dismantle your self-balancing board to stop further damages. Remove the motherboard as well as batteries and dry them separately.


Hoverboards can get wet, but this is not the end of everything. We can try drying them out, and who knows, miracles do happen. It is also advisable to keep away from water to be safe.

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