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Why Should You Go for a Longboard Immediately

Longboard has been a popular action riding sport ever since it was introduced as a fun form of transportation in the 1950’s by a group of surfers, initially as surfing boards, and later this idea was innovated into a piece of a long wood plank with wheels attached to it. Longboards are mostly used as a sports tool. Other uses may include simply riding it around town with pals or alone. Usually a little bigger in size than its counterpart skateboard, it too, just like skateboards, comes in variable sizes and shapes. Longboards are mostly known for its greater stability, durability, and traction. These variations in physical appearances serve different purposes to the rider, which means the rider will need to buy different longboards to enjoy different riding styles.



The deck of the longboard is mostly responsible for its overall performance while in action. Longboard decks come in different shapes; this helps classify the designs made for a specific riding style. To name a few a types of longboard decks, we have the following list:

  1. Downhill

As the name probably gives it away, Downhill Longboards are perfect for riding downhill slopes and the curviest terrains. These Longboards are accessorized with a defined rear end to assure smooth changes in direction while turning. One of the colossal issues faced by a Downhill rider is speed wobbling. This can be solved by purchasing a quality Longboard.

  1. Drop Through

If you are looking to ride in relax mode, Drop Through is the appropriate Longboard for you. Drop through mounting lowers the rider’s central gravity providing a greater stability, making it perfect for merely cruising around, entailing considerable safety for the rider.

  1. Carving Longboards

When it is considered to be one of the most important skills to learn, appropriate Longboards holds the status. Carving Longboards are made to ensure that the rider is able to make sharp, angular turns.

  1. Cruising Longboards

CruisingLongboards have wider deck and truck. This allows smooth non-exceptional rides. This type of board is ideal for riding to the mall or crowded places. Due to having wider truck and deck, cruising longboards provide exceptional stability to the rider. This type of longboard is perfect for beginners at longboarding.

  1. Bamboo Longboards

If you are looking to Go Green and light, bamboo longboards provide the perfect accommodation. Apart from being lightweight, bamboo longboards are completely organic, also allowing easy riding. Good quality bamboo longboards can last a long time. The only drawback is it can be difficult to replace the wheels if they wear out.


Brands Of Longboards

  1. Pintail longboards

If you have got skills to show off, this particular longboard is just for you. Having a pointed nose and tail, this brand of the longboard is ideal for taking sharp turns and directional riding. It is the best longboard for mastering balancing and tricks.

  1. Fishtail Longboards

Fishtail Longboards are similar to pintails but with a split tail hence embracing the name “fishtail” longboard

  1. Blunt Longboards

These longboards have a shorter nose and tail which makes it inconvenient for a skillful rider, but convenient for a beginner as it is easy to learn tricks with. The rounder, wider nose and tail ensure better safety, especially to a beginner who has yet to find his balance.

  1. Mini Cruiser Longboards

This type of longboard is a hefty one as it provides the least stability to the rider. This makes it unsuitable for a beginner in longboarding. Otherwise, its shorter sized deck is ideal for making quick sharp turns. It is not recommended for a rider if he is not skilled at longboarding.

  1. Twin Longboards

Due to having wider sides twin longboards are typically ideal for learning new tricks and improving your overall riding skills. These boards were introduced in the 90’s for freestyle riding. It is said that when buying twin longboards, it is recommended that you install soft wheels instead of the regular ones, this will allow you to learn amazing skills.

6. Mini Cruiser Longboard

This type of longboard comes with drop through trucks, which will allow it to lower the longboard giving proper stability. It is ideal for free styling, downhill riding and free riding as it has the ability to use large wheels and take deep turns. Its overall built allows it to resist skidding while riding. These longboards are bi-directional which allows easy switching and turns to take place.

  1. Drop Down Longboards

These longboards allow the rider to push easily due to having a lower deck and a nose. This feature is known to provide great comfort to the rider.

  1. Speed longboards

Speed longboards provide better stability and as the name speaks for itself these longboards are perfect for speed riding and also better stability at high speed.


Points to keep in mind while buying one

There are more to a longboard than what meets the eyes. There are many points a buyer has to consider in order to make an informed decision. Buying the wrong longboard may be a huge waste of money and also increases your chances of having an accident. Based on some experts’ advice, the factors which need to be thought-out are:

Riding style and Skill Sets

Different longboards are available for riders at different stages. It is important to know your riding abilities before deciding on a longboard. Sometimes due to being at different levels and having mixed skill sets, it can be a challenge for riders to decide on a specific longboard. It is important to know your progression throughout your longboarding journey.

It is better to take the time to research your longboards before deciding on a longboard, for example a downhill longboard will look and serve a somewhat different purpose from a longboard which was designed for freestyling, Different decks shapes, sizes, nose length, etc. give these longboards their unique appearance to serve a different purpose from each other. Each Longboard is for a particular riding style.


Why You Should Longboard

Even though it may seem like an overrated sport from the 20th century, it is still a fascinating action riding to many who have explored a longboard. School children in some countries take this as a sport too. These kids can be found riding around town with friends or at skate rinks performing neat tricks. A longboard is fairly different from a skateboard, appearance, and performance wise, but that is a long lost fact given the drastic similarities between them. A traditional longboard is typically larger and longer than a traditional skateboard.

Longboards were unintentionally invented when a group of surfers came up with a tool to surf on. Longboarding is done out of the sole purpose of having fun or an actual sport. It can be a great exercise as you are expending energy from trying to keep your longboard in control and balanced with you balanced on top of it, with one foot pushing off the ground to maintain a constant speed. It is more convenient to use than other larger transportation’s; Longboarding saves physical space, fuel money, environment and keeps you fit. Many have been seen to longboard to and within university, office, etc. This indicates that its usefulness is becoming more notorious each day.

Longboarding is not left in the 90’s

Youths of the last two decades have left their marks in the longboarding world. They had access to rinks and stadiums which were made purely for the purpose of longboarding. Children in the past used longboarding as a mean of reliable yet fun sort of transportation. Groups of adolescents could be seen rolling around on four wheels, performing occasional tricks and stunts to gain a few “ooh”s and “ahhh”s from passersby.

Longboarding keeps you fit

Unsurprisingly children in those times were also much fit in comparison to today’s children. Longboarding is one of many sports which keeps you fit. Prolonged longboarding builds stamina, agility, and balance. Longboarding regularly serves you your daily shot of cardio, keeping the weight at bay. If combined with other core strengthening exercises your body will be feeling stronger and lighter than ever. Performing tricks requires a lot of quick movements. This helps burn fat and build lean muscles. In summer, this could be considered as one of many fun ways to lose weight with friends or family, after a long fun session of longboard purchasing.

Longboarding gives you abs

While concentrating on the role of legs so much, we forget about the abs workout being carried out. Along with your legs, your torso stays under pressure of making quick movements in order to control the board and the direction it will go in. If mixed with a strict diet, you are bound to have a skater body abs in no time.

Agility is a plus

The word agility speaks to power, flexibility, and greatness. You are able to make quick frank moves without having to feel tired and loathsome. Your body will not feel heavy and sweaty anymore. Flexibility means volumes for a great health. You lessen the risk of experiencing joint pain or muscle tear.

You save money

An average working person spends approximately $1000+ on a car per month. With the purchase of a suitable longboard, you will be saving that $1000 for sure.

Now that is drastic save of money!

Longboards are very durable

A good quality longboard will last 10 entire years if not faced with a physically damaging accident. Longboards are extremely durable. Even if used every day they will last you a very long time. You can upgrade your longboards after two years as well to a newer design.

Longboarding saves you space

A longboard is approximately inches long and a few inches wide whereas the same cannot be said about a car. Longboarding to work could be a smart alternative to driving a car to work every day; saving your car mileage from shooting up, sparing a parking space, saving you the constant gas trips to the pump station and you can dodge traffic on your way to work/school daily. A longboard can easily be tucked away under your work desk so you will not need to occupy a parking after all.

Go Green!

Global warming is enough concerning as it is, resulting in drastic climate change. Now there is also the scarcity of fuel on earth. Reducing carbon footprints can do wonders for the environment. Longboarding is in no need of fuel use. They operate by feet; one foot is to always remain on the deck and one foot is used to push off the ground every now and then. If your home is not too far from your destination, longboarding is a healthy, green alternative to a car that runs on gasoline.



Longboards have been around since the mid-1900’s. Although it had its ups and downs on the stage of fame, it has always made a comeback. It seems that people cannot seem to forget or avoid the advantages that come with the ownership of a longboard. From primary school children to university students to working adults, male or female, longboarding knows no segregation. Anyone of any walking age is welcome to purchase one. It is after the first longboard purchase that most riders choose to grow up with it. It is after learning to balance themselves that riders find their freedom are on a longboard. The first trick performed independently is always cherished in a rider’s memory. This goes to show that the choice of longboarding may be more personal and close to home than it appears.

Skateboard parks are still as popular to this day as they were in the 80’s and 90’s among best skateboard riders and longboard riders. Most rinks are teeming with creative performers and riders who just generally ride to have fun. Longboarding is the lifestyle of the free and fun ones. There is a great amount of tranquility in being physically able to move quickly and away from any situation on a piece of wooden plank on wheels. A Longboard is not just a longboard, they become a part of your identity through the years of bonding. So why not feel the thrill today?

Best Longboard Companies

What if your favorite sport was not just a sport? What if it was also a great help to you every day? In other ways than being refreshing, that is.

In fact, longboarding is such a sport that is both useful and fun. When streets are filled with cars causing the traffic jam, you can easily maneuver your longboard through the side of the street and reach your destination. So, you are getting to your destination and also working your limbs and mind. What more could you ask of a sport?

Now, that I am done talking about the generosity of longboarding, let’s know something interesting about how longboarding developed. Well, longboarding and skateboarding are the same types of sport. The difference lies in their construction. Longboards are bigger in size than skateboards with some other constructive changes that allow you to have better control and high speed.This sport in fact developed from the sport of surfing on waves. As you might already know that waves are temporary. Big waves come and go, sometimes doesn’t come at all. So, you might be in the mood for a good surf but alas! You find no waves. As a result, from the idea of surfing, people developed longboarding. Consequently, you could surf around on the ground without waiting eagerly for waves!

Whether you are an onlooker or a rider, you ought to notice the risk this sport comes with. A faulty or low-quality longboard might even cost you your life or an injury you cannot ignore. So, before buying a longboard you must be very sure of the quality of the material and construction of it. Also, you must choose a longboard that fits your style of riding. Then, make sure that the one you are buying has the best construction for the features you require.

So, you must buy your longboard from best longboard companies that have been in the market for a while, experimented and has developed their product styles. Being a sports product, it requires experience and knowledge to develop itself.So, buy from companies that ensure you the same!

In order to help you do exactly that, we are publishing this article on the 5 best Longboard companies. So, if you know your style, you can choose any of these companies to buy your longboard from without worrying about the quality.


5 Best Longboard Companies 

Sector 9

Founded in 1993 Sector 9 is a top-notch longboard brand by the passionate riders themselves.Sector 9 is actually the name given to the area the founders of this company hung out in.As the founders are boarders themselves, they know the features of a skateboard well. Over time, they have not only been producing traditional longboards but also developing the features by making slight changes in important areas. In fact, slight changes in any part and measurement of a longboard highly affect its efficiency. And, Sector 9 has been utilizing the sensitive changes to develop innovative longboards with enhanced features that offer you greater horizons of the highest quality.

Why should you choose it?

As for the quality provided, Sector 9 has never failed to meet a rider’s demands with its high-quality materials used, sturdy design and affordable price. In fact, Sector 9boards are referred to as ‘gateway boards’ by many riders. As it provides the ultimate experience of smooth longboarding at a lower cost than other high-end brands.

Is it for you?

In fact, it provides you with a wide variety of longboard types to choose from that is suitable for both beginners and experts with any style.  Apparently, the board comes with such designs that you would want to keep your longboard at a place where every visitor to your house can see it apart from showing it off while riding. Whether you ride downhill, uphill or on plain roads, Sector 9 boards will provide you with comfort and a smooth ride customized to your style wherever you ride!

The variety of boards that Sector 9 offers come equipped with wheels that serve each of the board’s actual purpose. Whether you want to ride fast like Flash or handle slopes well, you will definitely find your dream board with the perfect wheels right here.Also, they use Gullwing Sidewinder trucks which is suitable for both carving and freestyle. You can even choose the deck best suited for you. The new additions like ‘the Rocker’ have impressed the riders more.

So, however, and wherever you ride, you will always find all your required features in a single Sector 9 board.


I personally think the name is very catchy and has a certain intensity in it, don’t you think?  Fortunately, like the name, Gravity is quite intense about satisfying riders as well. Established in 1994 by Michael Bream, Gravity is one of the oldest, leading and legendary longboard manufacturers.


The first thing you need to notice about Gravity is that they produce eco-friendly longboards! In fact, this company uses monofilament particles and V-Lam to reduce air pollution. Moreover, the boards use water-based ink to prevent water pollution. So, you can expect nothing less than high-quality, functional and sturdy boards from a company that looks out for the environment.

For Whom?

As for suitability, Gravity provides boards suitable for both experts and beginners. Even though it produces efficient and top-notch boards that are good for freestyling, it is particularly famous for downhill and sliding maneuvers.Also, the speed and sturdiness gravity boards provide are quite remarkable.

This company lets you choose from 27 different deck designs so you ought to find the perfect deck for you. Moreover, you can order customized boards as well. As for the design, the boards have a design that speeds it up as it moves. Also, the wheels are either small or of medium size is meant for high performance and swift changes in direction.But, many don’t like the wheels for being soft. The trucks the board comes with are strong, steady, durable and easy to handle. Adequate space between the bushing and the base makes the bushing durable. Gravity boards also come with high-quality bearings that is suitable for experts even.

The Khantaka and Bhangra are new additions to their collection. The Bhangra being great for free-riding and dancing with its lightweight and the Khantaka with its ability gain great speeds has caught rider attention. Whereas the Gravity Hyper-Carve is one of the best boards Gravity has offered.


Loaded might be an expensive brand but the quality is what you are looking for when buying a longboard. And, it has not disappointed it’s riders since 2000 in this case.

Worth the Expense.

These expensive boards of Loaded come with good value.

Most of their boards have high-quality decks and advanced construction and features. Some of the cool features include concave, flex and rocker. Also different mounting options. Loaded boards also come with precision skate bearings such as “mini-logos” rather than lower-rated generic skate bearings which give a better roll speed. Wheels are also very suitable for the style of the board and its intended use.In addition, Loaded also focuses on trick boards to make your ride smoother and better. Trucks and other necessary hardware can also be found.

On a special note, if you decide to purchase directly from Loaded you have the benefit of choosing trucks, and wheels with an extensive list of options.

For Any Rider.

Loaded does not have a myriad of longboard styles to choose from but nevertheless, it comes with a good variety. In addition to being suitable for any style, it adds speed to that style.

Particularly, loaded longboards best suit experts. But if you are an expert on the making, it’s for you as well!


The 4th brand on our list that has been able to keep up with the expectations of the riders since 1997 is the Landyachtz.Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand decided to build this brand from scratch after one of them went to California and saw the beneficial uses of longboards. Returning home, they experimented and built innovative longboards that were much more efficient in reaching their performance targets.Gradually, the brand gained popularity with its high-quality, innovative designs, robustness and functionality winning the hearts of the riders around the world.

Stunning Performance

Landyachtz never compromises in case of quality or environment safety. They always use maple wood and other high-quality woods for making the decks of the longboards. As a result, the riders get comfort, assurance and easy control over the board besides ensuring use of eco-friendly materials. Moreover, they use Plastic elastic PU wheels which enables the rider to make swift and sharp turns without facing any kind of risk or trouble. The top-notch trucks used by the company also ensures the buyer of a smooth, fast and enjoyable ride without anything to worry about.Also, they use busing coming in various shapes and sizes for different models of longboards. And, they provide a model with the best-suited busing assuring your immediate response and good grip from the longboard. Lastly, they use ABEC11 bearings for most of their boards assuring stability to the rider.

As for the design, they just make sure that their longboards with their unique designs and colorful looks make your appearance as vibrant as possible

Fit for Everyone:

Beside the quality, one other factor that makes Landyachtz so great is the large variety of longboards it manufactures. Whether you want the board for cruising, downhill, freeride or freestyle, Landyachtz has just what you need! If you want all of these in one board, Landyachtz has the perfect model for you nevertheless.Moreover, if you prefer a combination between any of the boards specialized in one style, look for it in Landyachtz and I am sure you will find it as well.

Landyachtz also makes sure that the type of longboard you want to buy suits the budget you have for it. So, yes the products are very cost effective. But, some of the Landyachtz longboards have a slightly higher price than other companies but the quality makes up for the high price.

In the end, Landyachtz ensures that you do not regret your investment in them with their amazing products designed to perfection.


Straight from Vancouver, Rayne has been one of the leading longboard manufacturers since 2004.Graham Buksa found it, eventually expanded it and made it popular by manufacturing longboards with unique features from their signature materials. Rayne longboards are somewhat expensive. But, the quality and features of the longboards compensate for the high price.


Unlike Landyachtz and Gravity, Rayne longboards are not eco-friendly. So, if you are really concerned about the environment, you won’t like the materials they use. Otherwise, they provide you with longboards that are durable, sturdy and fluent in their movements. As a matter of fact, you get the most durable and rugged longboards made from a mixture of Bamboo and fiberglass with a favorable mix ratio from this brand.For many years, they have been focusing on making thinner and lighter longboards for both ease of use and best performance. You will find many of their longboards with a concavely shaped deck. They recently added this feature to improve the fit between the riders’ foot and the board, besides providing them with better grip. Moreover, you get the best quality wheels, trucks, bearings and busing that are also well suited for each of the models from this brand.

For both Experts and Beginners:

Because of the high-performance capability of the Rayne products, they best suit the experts with various styles. But, that does not mean beginners cannot use it. Beginners who are planning to keep up the sport and develop it over time should definitely buy one of these longboards as they will last a long time and can easily stand the wear and tear you are about to make.

As for style, whatever style you have, Rayne has the perfect longboard for you. It has a wide variety of longboards suitable for any and all styles of longboarding. Also, the gears being perfectly made suit the longboards they are attached with.

So, if you are planning to be in this sport for a while and invest time and money in it then you can choose one of Rayne’s boards.


— Conclusion —

Longboards are not that cheap and also the reason they are used for is not very safe either. Therefore, one little mistake could cost a lot.

Since you are planning to start this sport or already are soaring in this sport, you need to be very careful while buying your own board.

Low-quality and poor-constructed boards may injure you greatly or cause you great humiliation besides wasting your valuable money. Moreover, a poorly-fitted board unsuitable for your style will not let you shine brightly in this sport.

So, choose the products from the best longboard companies that have been in the market for a while. Also, that ensure high-quality products coming with the perfect features for your style!