Benefit of Having a Longboard

Only knowing about the best longboards is not going to be enough for you. You need to know more. Therefore, we have a guide about the benefits of having a longboard for you guys today.

Often people are unclear about the difference between a longboard and a skateboard. Wait! Are you one of them? Well fear not because it is about to get clear to you soon.

So, what is a longboard?  If you ‘Google it’ the answer you will get is: a kind of surf board. It may seem bemusing but it is true. Longboards are surf boards with wheels that you can use for cruising, downhill racing, dancing and much more.

Usually longboards stretch up to 33 to 60 inches in length and 9 to 10 inches in width. They come in variety of shapes, such as, pintails, swallowtails, flat-nose riders, drop-through decks, drop decks and boards shaped as standard skateboards.

If you are still mused about the difference between longboard and skateboard then let me point out some distinctive points for you.

Longboards to begin with, are long. They have bigger wheels and are narrow at both the ends.  Their trucks are loose and the whole thing is designed to give you balance so that you can use it for long commute.

Skateboards are also known as shortboards. So, yes no cookie points for guessing that it is shorter in size. The wheels are also smaller in size and skateboards are curved at both ends. This design helps them to perform tricks and maintain steady high speed.

Now, if I have been able to clear away some of the clouds of confusion shrouding your mind can I take a bow? Well, maybe after I explain to you the beautiful benefits of longboarding.

Benefits of longboarding:

Health Benefits: Do you ever miss that dream body of yours that you always wanted to achieve but never could? Well, here is your chance. Longboarding contributes to cardio work-out. It moves every muscle of your body giving it more muscles a chance to grow. Cardio is the best form of exercise to cut down weight and give your body a good lean shape.

All these can help you bring down your cholesterol as well as diabetes, if you have those issues or keep those issues at bay for a longer time.

If you exercise regularly your body will require enough rest and hence you will get sound sleep on a regular basis. Sound sleep is a must for the body as well as the brain. This rejoicesthe body and boosts energy increasing the concentration power.

Cheapest way of work-out: You know if your go longboarding quite often then you actually do not have to go to those expensive gyms. I am absolutely serious! You can save up a lot on those gym subscription fees. Doesn’t that bring a smile on your face?

Refreshment of the mind:Longboarding gives you a chance to enjoy your surrounding view while travelling. This refreshes your mind. Not only while travelling but also when you just want to roam around aimlessly in the neighborhood or catch some cool breeze in the hot summer days.

Cheapest way of commute: Forget all the health benefits (well not really!) You can now buy yourself that lavishing lunch that you always wanted to or your favorite movie ticket. Or, simply buy yourself something that has a value to you. How? Well, because you will be saving a lot on the commute fair.

Improvement your body reflexes: The impulses of a longboard user become sharp. Their body becomes more adaptable to changes and that too quickly. The body and brain also masters itself on balancing. This helps in a lot of other areas in one’s life.

Pollutions free transport: If you are a longboard user take pride in the fact that you have zero percentage of contribution to air pollution. At least, your means of commute do not produce carbon dioxide.

Learn some tricks: Remember that pretty girl that you wanted to impress from the history class? Well, now you have a mean! Boys, I can see that big grin on your faces. Learn some cool tricks. Not only will this boost up your confidence, but add up to your skill. It also builds up patience in you because you do not pick up a trick in a day. It requires practice and of course this also contributes to physical exercise.

Time-saver: You can save a lot of time by using this. You do not have to wait for a bus or any other public transport system. Am I a genius or not?

Affordable: The best thing about this transport is that it is not going to cost you a pot of gold. Longboards come at very affordable prices.

Freedom: You have the freedom to go anywhere at any time (of course if you are a teenager you need to ask your parents).

Feel belonged to a community: When you start longboarding you will notice a lot of others just like you. You never know you might even make a friend or two from those.

Weather is not the limit: Longboards can be used at any season. You can use it on snow, while raining, under scorching sun. If you are careful and know what you are doing then this thing knows no limit!

Modifiable: All longboards that I have come across or read reviews are modifiable or can be updated. So, you should not be worried that it will go obsolete once a new model comes up. Or after buying it you find it not so comfortable. You can always fix it to your comfort.

Coolest transport: Admit it that longboards are the coolest transport system. Well of course, high priced cars with sleek design and glossy finishing are something else, but you cannot defy the fact that longboards are no less than cool.

High Re-sale value: Say you do not like your longboard and want to sell it, provided that it is in good condition. You can always sell it at a good amount because longboards are never out of demand, secondly they do not go obsolete unless you damage it beyond repairmen.

Fun: It is fun to slide those wheels and roam around anywhere you want. You do not even have to think of getting in to the traffic.

No parking required: You actually do not need a parking spot to keep you commute; such is not the case even for a bicycle.

Now, if you will look above you will realize that other than typical health benefits longboard has a lot of other benefits to offer to you. If you had any doubt in your mind whether to get yourself or any dear ones of yours a longboard or not I hope this will help you look at the bigger picture and decide.






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