Searching the Best Beginner Surfboard? Here is the Solution

best beginner surfboard

Well, everyone learns driving using an old car, don’t they? A similar theory is applicable when you plan to learn surfing. With the best beginner surfboard, you can get the best rewarding experience ever you had in life. Would you Searching the best beginner surfboard?

For instance, when you board on BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard to learn surfing, of course, you will know how to handle the waves and the board itself.

The scenario was not similar when I had the experience at the beach of California around fifteen years ago. I got only a piece of nameless board that taught me to survive in the ocean eaves while learning to surf.

However, this article is not about my personal surfing experience. Rather, I would like to review some of the best beginner surfboard.

You will get some exciting reviews and the guidelines here will provide you with the optimum knowledge and expertise. Let’s begin the journey.

Eight best beginner surfboard.

Before we move into the review section, I would love to share a few points. First of all, the review is the outcome of the efforts from my personal experience and the team that researched the market.

You know this is nearly impossible to review something unless you have the first-hand experience. So, our research team had extensive visits to the local surfboard selling stores. Moreover, I’ve added some of my personal experiences to bring out the essence.

One size does not fit all. All the surfboards are not for everyone. They vary on the ground of size, color, board materials, and lengths. So, when you plan to have the perfect one, you are to consider all the aspects together.

Let’s start exploring the reviews.

1. BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard

BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard

You are a learner, right? So, you do not need a beginner surfboard that has a high price. At the same time, the surfboard needs to be durable. When I was playing your role, I did not have the option to select amid the varieties.

However, BIC provides an excellent option for the surfing beginner. You will have fun and thrills using this board for the extensive features. Most importantly, the surfboard is durable. It can help the surfers to survive in several types of waves.

Besides, the surfboard is available in sizes too. Three different sizes make the entire learning process more comfortable. The composite stringers are the other surprises. The manufacturer takes pride in the fiberglass on the deck and bottom. The fiberglass ensures the durability of the surfboard.


  • Soft top for having better balance.
  • Sizes fit everyone ranging from novice to experts.
  • Made from expanded polystyrene.
  • Soft fins for a smooth glide on the waves.
  • Lightweight for easy transportation.
  • Twin fin setups.


  • Incredibly slick which makes it slippery.
  • The deck grip is weak.

2. Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board with Removable Fins.

Undoubtedly, surfing beginners need lots of practice. Climbing the top of the wave, gliding down smoothly, keeping the balance – all those are the part of their training. I also had a similar experience at my early age.

So, I felt the necessity of suggesting a durable surfboard. Luckily, our team of experts discovered this Giantex surfboard.

The top of the board is comprised of durable foam, while the bottom is with HDPE. So, the learners will get an extraordinary speed during wave surfing. The core comes from EPS, while the free leash and transaction pad make the surfing comfy in all senses.

Moreover, most of the beginners are in love with color and style. This particular surfboard is the combination of color and exotic style. So, when a beginner uses it for surfing, they will get complete satisfaction.


  • The convenience of using on the waves.
  • Removable fins for better comfort.
  • Ideal for children and beginners.
  • Hassle-free assembly.
  • Durable in performance.
  • Maximum capacity of 200 pounds.


  • Ankle strap breaks easily.
  • Fins may also break on deep water.

3. California Board Company Surfboard (7-Feet)

Amid hundreds of brands, it was really hard to find a beginner surfboard. After some reviews, we have placed this California Board Company (CBC) surfboard in the third position. There are a few specific reasons behind this selection.

First of all, as the name suggests, it is seven feet in length, which assures a stable balance of the beginners. Alongside this feature, the board graphically looks beautiful, and the price is reasonable, as well. The wood stringers provide ample flexibility to the users to glide into the water.

The traction pad with fins is also adorable. Since the beginners need a surfboard that floats effortlessly, this is the perfect item for them. The board deck is soft, which prevents any physical injury while learning. Besides, the PU cord and ankle strap also ensure a smooth glide on the waves.


  • Seven feet length.
  • Slick bottom with wood stringers.
  • Flexible board structure.
  • Soft-top deck.
  • Usable round the year.
  • Easy cleaning feature.


  • Price is more than the other surfboards.
  • Suits kids only, not for adults.

4. BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard

With a classic look, BIC brings out this DURA-TECH surfboard for a beginner.

Many of the beginners may go clueless with the excellent design and outlook of this surfboard. So, diving down during summer in the sea turns more enjoyable when you have this surfboard.

Majority of the beginners want to learn surfing without investing in massive efforts.

So, the surfboard needs to be flawless to glide effortlessly in a decent way. Luckily, the beginners will get all the things here.

This particular form of water sports turns in to joy for them.

Moreover, the surfboard comes with ultra-durable polyethylene in the outer shell. Thereby, it lasts longer than contemporary boards in the market.

The lightweight design also helps to carry it anywhere you want. The weight limit is another issue to consider here.

This DURA-TECH can bear around 220 pounds at a time.


  • Perfect balance during the learning session.
  • Size is longer than traditional surfboards.
  • Performs better in waist height.
  • Reasonable price with several features.
  • Several ranges for different types of users.
  • Design for both male and female surfers.


  • Traction is a bit difficult.
  • Nose guard cracks easily.

5. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Pinline Surfboard.

Every expert surfer was a beginner in their early days. In fact, surfing is not as easy as it sounds.

So, the first lessons of surfing needs to be perfect. And this Wavestorm product is the right tool that can help explore the wave crowns.

The product contains all the essential elements which will provide the optimum exposure to the waves.

Besides, the body construction of this board is light. So, you can move a far way into the sea.

Carrying the surfboard to beaches is not a problem as well. Interestingly, many of the surfing schools prefer this board for its extraordinary benefits.

Even, I recommend the board to the newbies.

Since the surfboard is easy to ride and maintain, the beginners can know about the surfboard parts.

This is highly important to handle a surfboard. Usually, the other surfboards for beginners do not provide such features.


  • Easy and straightforward handling on waves.
  • A classic look and one of the bestsellers.
  • Soft fiber with terry cloth for durability.
  • Lightweight board with ultra-durability.
  • Can carry up to 200 pounds.
  • Three-fold marine ply stringers.


  • Fins are fixed.
  • Maneuvering is not up to the mark.

6. South Bay Board Co. Premium Soft Top Surfboard Fun, Performance-Focused Foam Surfboards.

Many of the surfing beginners are unaware of a fact. They do not consider the length of the board. In fact, they love the color and other specs.

But do not focus on the lengths. So, keeping their balance on the board becomes tough when they are on the top of a wave. But a long surfboard from South Bay Board Co. can resolve the problem immediately.

On the flip part, the surfboard should also support a certain weight level. It happens as the height and weight index is not the same for everyone. Unless there is any particular chart, this is not possible for the beginners to learn surfing properly using a beginner surfboard.

Fortunately, the beginners will have all the essential issues in this particular product. The board is wide, made with foam, and also proudly owns a rubber tail. The slick design also arrested my attention while selecting the best surfboard for beginners.


  • Three stringer system.
  • Extra length for smooth surfing.
  • Long-lasting and lightweight board.
  • Rounded nose for extra stability.
  • Hands-free heat release valve.
  • Prevents water entry on fin holes.


  • Price is a bit higher.
  • Board assembly may appear complex.

Well, are you tired of reading the reviews? Don’t be. Lots of exciting issues yet to explore!  

7. NSP Soft Surfboard | Beginner Softop | Fish Shape | Includes Fins …

You can show five reasons not to buy a surfboard from NSP. In contrary, I can show twenty reasons to get one of their products.

The surfboard manufacturer designs something extraordinary. In bare eyes, there is less difference in the surfboards. But most of the surfing experts, like me, are in love with their product.

Based on the grounds, they recommend the surfboards from NSP for beginners. First of all, the NSP takes time to deliver something for its clients. The user experience is something beyond their expectations. And definitely, those are positive experiences.

So, if you are planning to take your surfing to the next level, get one of those boards. Alongside the fun, you can get some outstanding experiences as a beginner on the waves.

The rubber nose, tail bumper, and soft deck – all are ready to provide a more fabulous experience.


  • Soft deck for better comfort.
  • Tail bumpers for extra stability.
  • Suits surfers of all ages.
  • Water-resistant materials.
  • Multiple wood strings.
  • Deck made with soft foam.


  • Fits more to those who know surfing basics.
  • Can’t perform well in low waves.

8. Surftech 8′ Soft Top Surfboard | Includes Fins and Leash …

Surftech started manufacturing surfboards since the 1980s. Days are gone, but the manufacturer is still on the track with some extensive surfboard.

I had the scopes of using a couple of boards from this manufacturer and was highly satisfied with the surfboards.

The most crucial issue the way they craft the boards. Due to the excellent design, the beginners and the experts – all can use the surfboards.

The boards are lightweight while there are rubber bumpers, which ensures durability. Simultaneously, the fins are removable. So, if you do not want to use them, you have the option to remove them.

Three maple-ply woods are playing the roles of stringers. So, you can surf with joy and become free of worries. Simplicity is the best style.

And this particular surfboard is a champion of simplicity. Durability is the other feature that makes it a must-buy for every surfing beginner.


  • Eight feet in height.
  • Durable materials for greater longevity.
  • Triple stringers with lightweight.
  • User-friendly surfing board for every type of users.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Fin removal feature.


  • Tough to ride waves over six feet
  • Waxing needed on the board.

How to buy the best beginner surfboard? 

This is truly tough to select the best surfboard for beginners. In my personal experience, I’ve seen several rookies to choose the wrong one.

The mainstream of the beginners cannot select the right one as they lack the technical know-how. Besides, some of them are the prey of lucrative advertisements.

All the aspects play lead roles in influencing young guns. But knowing some of the more in-depth facts will surely help them to select the top one.

In fact, dealing with waves is not a matter of fun. Yes, the activities are adventurous. They also provide thrills to the surfers.

The paces of adrenalin get high in the blood. Surely you can have enjoyment in the sea. But get the reliable surfboard first.

Some of the key aspects explained here will guide you on this point. Here the facts are.

Size matters most in wave surfing.

M K Rawlings said in her story that size doesn’t matter chopping wood. How right she was! But at this particular point, I humbly disagree with the quote.

I have seen many youngsters struggle with their small surfboards.

If the size had been a bit longer, they could have been stable during the wave surfing. So, when you are planning to have such a board, make sure you check the length based on your height and weight.

Raw materials.

On the other part, durability is another issue to bring under consideration. If the raw materials are not standard, they will not provide durable service.

Using cheap foam and plastic materials in the body and deck is a common factor. But they never ensure durability.

Of course, there might be foam on the deck for comfortability. But the foam should be standard and durable. Besides, you also should focus on body construction. Experts always forbid to get beginner surfboard with plastic bodies.

Surfboard shape.

Experts also advocate for a round-nose surfboard. They usually provide a smooth balance and stability while surfing.

Paddling with such boards is softer, and the rookies also feel comfortable. Losing balance amid waves is a natural phenomenon.

Therefore, beginners who want better stability should get one of such products.

Soft or hard surfboard?

Well, this is an issue of debate. Many of the experts are on the view that hard surfboards are better for beginners. The picture is opposite to some other schools.

They believe a hard surfboard would be unable to transmit necessary confidence to the surfer. It may also cause trouble in keeping the balance.

In my personal view, I back the second school for their wise consideration. Unless you are comfortable with the surfboard, you cannot focus on the learning process.

So, if the deck of the board is hard, you’ll lose your focus. Thereby, get a soft surfboard for learning.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is the minimum length of a beginner’s surfboard?

A: Experts suggest to get a surfboard that is moderate in length. It should be at least seven feet in length. Without this length, it is nearly impossible to get stability on the crown of a wave.

Q: How to catch a big wave?

A: Riding on a big wave is all about practice. And it is about balance too. When you are on a big wave, you need to ensure a stable position on your surfboard.

Moreover, your body position should be compatible with the wave. But many of the beginners are unable to perform such acts.

Q: When can I use a short surfboard?

A: Usually, experts recommend short surfboards to ride on bigger waves. But as beginners, this is not feasible for them to ride on the big waves.

It needs lots of practise and courage as well. So, when you cross the rank of beginner, you can try the short surfboards.

Last words

Instead of my personal preference, I hope you are now aware of the facts to get the best beginner surfboard. The texts above have explained the necessary points.

Actually, beginner surfboard is the key to become a successful sea wave surfer. If the board is lightweight, it will move faster, and portability is easier too.

Simultaneously, it would be wise if the potential beginners check the durability of the beginner surfboard. Board quality, length, sustainability, and budget – you should match all the things together before getting the board. And start learning to get into the thrill.