Scsk8 Longboard Review: Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop through

Ready to read the Scsk8 Longboard Review? Longboards have been an ‘in-thing’ from a very long time. It is an amazing means of commute and a great way to work out. Not only will your reflexes get polished, but also increase your body’s strength. It also contributes to the balancing power of your body and … Read more

Yocaher Longboard Review

yocaher longboard

If you have been wanting to buy the Yocaher longboard but have been just as equally reluctant due to the risk of regretting it later, then you have just stumbled upon the right article, my friend! You do not have to buy it to understand its worth; that’s what I am here for! In our … Read more

White wave bamboo longboard review

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

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Ten Toes Longboard Review From An Expert Longboarder

ten toes longboard

Ten toes longboards have been the talk of the town among skaters for a while. So, we thought it would come very handy to people if we came up with a report of their products. Today, we will be reviewing the Zed Emporium Bamboo longboard from ten toes longboard. This longboard is manufactured by one … Read more