Is Longboarding Bad for Knees? Know the Facts

is longboard bad for knee injury

If you are a passionate longboarder nothing can be more painful for you than to get into severe knee pain after longboarding. It does not matter whether you are a seasoned pro rider, or a newbie rider, no one can avoid the propensity of knee or ankle injury. The most common case, as a rider … Read more

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40 inch Drop Deck Review: Built for Speed!


Are you eager to hear about Minority Downhill Maple Longboard 40 inch drop deck review? It’s really designed and manufactured for SPEED like ‘Chita’! The Minority 40-Inch downhill longboard is an ultimate creation of aesthetic work of longboard engineering intent. Along with some extraordinary revolutionary advanced tech applied to – it is the exact response … Read more

Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard Review: Expert’s Opinion!


Hello, riders! Today you gonna know about a pretty and amusing in-depth information about Atom Drop Through 41 Inch Longboard Review for you that is now the hottest talk of the town! You know very well it is a Colorado-based longboard company manufacturing the various model of its products. Since 2005 with its long esteemed … Read more

Are Hoverboards Dangerous Or Safe? An In-depth discussion from an expert view.

hoverboard safety precautions

Are you confused about hoverboard riding? Are Hoverboards Dangerous Or Safe and in-depth discussion from an expert view we are trying to provide here. Or, hesitating to buy it for your beloved kid(s)! That’s a very natural human instinct before making a decision to buy a toy for one’s kid who will play with it … Read more