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Best Longboard Trucks Review 2018

Before we begin talking about longboard trucks it is critical that we know that what longboards are. Longboards are basically surfboards on wheels which is one of the best ways to have fun in summer. I think it was probably created by surfers who got bored of surfing or wanted something funky to hit the roads with. So, are longboards and skateboards the same? No, longboards and skateboards are not the same. Longboards are greater in every dimension, length, and width. They also come attached with big wheels, but such is not the case for longboard trucks

Skateboards are smaller in size in every term and they also have small wheels. Longboard is very popular among young people and also among adults who like sports. Many people might not know this but it is actually a great way to lose weight. You may ask how? Well, longboarding helps you move every muscle on your body. It is a great source of cardio exercise. The more you go longboarding the more workouts you do. The more you can keep health issues, such as; diabetes heart diseases and cholesterol at bay. There are other benefits to longboarding as well, such as; it develops your reflexes, build muscles, makes the ankles and calves stronger, increases coordination of the body with the brain, balancing

The more you go longboarding the more workouts you do. The more you can keep health issues, such as; diabetes heart diseases and cholesterol at bay. There are other benefits to longboarding as well, such as; it develops your reflexes, build muscles, makes the ankles and calves stronger, increases coordination of the body with the brain, balancing the power of the body is also developed, critical thinking and taking quick decisions also increases and a lot more. All these do not only help you to have a good longboard ride but, affects your other sectors of life in a beneficial way as well. Above all, it saves your bus-fair or commutes fair money and is a quick and most used mode of transport for many. Ever thought that you do not even need to park your commute? Yes, you do not need to park a longboard.

All these do not only help you to have a good longboard ride but, affects your other sectors of life in a beneficial way as well. Above all, it saves your bus-fair or commutes fair money and is a quick and most used mode of transport for many. Ever thought that you do not even need to park your commute? Yes, you do not need to park a longboard.

As I said longboards are simply surfboards on wheels but they do come in several shapes, such as; concave, drop down, through the drop and a lot of other shapes. All these are ergonomic. They follow scientific methods for the design of the body. The basic physique of the thing is a long, wide board, mostly narrow at the front and back with trucks on two ends. Fixed on the trucks are big semi-hard wheels with bearings, spacers, rise pads and hardware. They are all held up and kept in place by pivot pins. All these are there to ensure a good ride for the user while looking after their personal safety.

If you are riding longboards it is very important to check that the wheels of the board are okay and that the trucks are tightly fixed to your board. The trucks are also longer in length and wider with strong bearings, good hangers, semi-hard big wheels and pivot pins that are much durable. It is important to know that the number of tools available with the trucks the better, such as availability of spacers, washers, bolts, nuts and riser pads. The whole thing needs to go through a thorough check at first before buying. To avoid bumpy ride make sure the bushings, wheels, and riser pads are all rebound. Otherwise, the board might flip and you might have an unwanted meeting with the ground. As funny as it may sound, this can sometimes turn very serious. Moreover, accidents are never pleasant.

Trucks are a crucial part of the boards and it is important to use good quality trucks. Best are the trucks that could be used with different shaped boards and even with skateboards. As your luck might have it, today, we will review ten best trucks for you and your board. So, let us not wait anymore. Hop aboard and let’s go up and away!

The Ten Best Longboard Trucks are:

  1. SCSK8 LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 70mm WHEELS + 9.75″ Truck Package
  2. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – set of two
  3. LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 71mm WHEELS + 9.675″ Polished / Black trucks Package by Yocaher
  4. Havoc Havoc Longboard Trucks Reverse Kingpin (Pair) Skateboard
  5. VJ Skateshop 7” Reverse 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Black, Silver) (Set of 2)
  6. Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard Trucks – set of two
  7. Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo w/ 70mm Wheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 Bearings
  8. LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ LED light up WHEELS + trucks Package by Yocaher (70mm Blue, HD7 Black trucks)
  9. Longboard 180mm Trucks + 70mm Wheels + Bearings Combo (Solid Black)
  10. LONGBOARD TRUCKS COMBO set 71mm SHR WHEELS + 9.675″ freeride trucks Package by Volador

Now that you the name of the trucks that I will review and their company has been revealed, let us take a closer look at each of the trucks and find out their specifications and details.

SCSK8 LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 70mm WHEELS + 9.75″ Truck PackageSCSK8 LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w: 70mm WHEELS + 9.75 Truck Package

Our first pick is the SCSK8 Longboard Skateboard truck combo. This truck has wheels of 80A hardness and 7 inches Hanger. It comes with 9.75 inches Axle to Axle truck. The bearings used are SCCK8 ABEC 9 Bearings and the wheels with it are of dimensions 70mm*55mm. The hardware of the truck is 1.25 inches. This whole product has a dimension of 4*8*10 inches and is reversed in nature. The body of trucks

The body of trucks is made of metal and the wheels are made of polyurethane. Polyurethane is the best material for making wheels. SCSK8 truck works on most deck, regardless of the size or shape. This model was erected in 2015 and ABEC 9 is a good and strong bearing. The wheels available in the package come in a variety of vibrant colors that reflects out ones’ personality. There are twelve delighting colors altogether to choose from and the colors are as follows: Clear, Black, Ground Red, Neon Green, Orange, Solid Red, Solid Blue, Transparent Blue, Transparent Purple, Transparent Red, White, and Yellow. The whole product comes with a toolkit which is quite helpful for the users.


  • The wheels are available in 12 different colors
  • Strong bearings with good quality, ABEC 9 Bearings
  • The truck works with most decks
  • The gaskets provided with the item reduces road vibrations and bumping
  • Has spacers and washers in the toolkit
  • Packaging of the product is done in such a way that no items inside is hidden from the customer
  • The grip of the wheels are very strong


  • Not recommendable for most skateboards
  • Sliding is not preferred with this it is only for cruising

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – Set of TwoCaliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks - Set of Two

The second truck that we have on our list is a renowned company named, Caliber. The first Caliber which was simply known as Caliber trucks were a huge success among buyers, but the company has come up with something even better for their customers. It is called Caliber II trucks. This is a reversed kingpin truck. There has been a number of upgrades done to this truck. Firstly, these trucks can bend up to fifty degrees. The inner step of the Cal II has been boosted to give the trucks greater contact area with the bushings. This increases the trucks revival and tolerance ability giving users a smooth and bump-free ride.

On the other hand, the outer-step has been made a perfect circle so that it will fit in with any bushings and there is no slopping. To ensure a tight good fit for the pivot pin the pivot cup’s surface area of contact with the baseplate has also been increased. The kingpin diameter is also kept in alliance with their precision trucks only to ensure lean and proper clearance. Caliber has also established a new in-house treatment process that will make the trucks stronger by forty percentages.

Stronger baseplate, the pressed-in kingpin and the in-house treatments all gives customers the best service without sacrificing anything, such as good control. You will find an 89A ultra high rebound bushing with the product. It is available in two colors, Blood orange as well as Bones Reds bearings with it.  The truck is available in ten colors and they are as follows: Acid Melon, Black Black, Raw Silver, Raw with Bones Reds, Satin Blue, Satin Gold, Satin Green, Satin Purple, Satin Red and White with Gold.


  • Maximum stability
  • Can be configured in several ways
  • Bushing seats distributes weight equally and cancels out extra movements
  • Have a lot of facilities
  • Comes with hard bearings and Ultra High Rebound bushing
  • They are good for sliding
  • The trucks are available in pairs
  • Available in ten different colors of which some have a satin touch to it


  • Does not come with mounting hardware
  • The bolt pattern does not fit with old bolt patterns 

LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 71mm WHEELS + 9.675″ Polished / Black trucks Package by YOCAHERLONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w: LED light up WHEELS + trucks Package by Yocaher

This is another good deal that you can consider in your list. The model number of the truck is 071100. There are four wheels attached to it called, Q-ball wheels with dimensions of 71mm*51mm. The wheels have a hardness of 78A. The trucks are polished and come in a pair. They have 175mm HD7 reverse kingpin heavy-duty trucks and hanger of 175mm as well. It also comes with 9.675 inches axle to axle trucks made of aluminum alloy. This means you are safe from the hands of rust. The Kingpin is of Grade 8 with 90A PU bushing.

There are eight bearings that are called, Ritalin ABEC 5 Chrome bearings. The hardware present in the set are eight in number which is of 1.5 inches and are heavy duty. Two Risers are available that help eliminates the wheel bite. The riser pads are ¼ inches or 0.25 inches and are placed with greater distance between the deck and the wheels. They are available in eleven lucrative colors and the colors are as follows: Baby Blue, Gel Blue, Gel Clear, Gel Red, Solid Black, Solid Green, Solid Orange, Solid Pink, Solid Purple, Solid White and Solid Yellow.


  • Trucks made of Aluminum alloy, meaning, there is no chance of rusting
  • Better grip and stability due to presence of HD7 Reverse Kingpin Truck
  • Bearings are pre-lubed with synthetic oils which ensures smooth ride
  • Bearings come with spacers
  • Bolts and nuts are available with the pack and they come coated in black
  • Riser pads eliminates wheel bites and protects the deck
  • The stress on the body is prevented by keeping the trucks, not in direct contact with the deck
  • Easily adjustable trucks due to availability of kingpin
  • The truck is pre-assembled
  • The hardware is strong and durable
  • Different range of colors are available for choice
  • The colors are available in two categories: Solid and Gel
  • Can be used with skateboards


  • There are better bearings available in the market
  • The screws are small in size
  • It cannot carve
  • Not applicable for sliding rather for cruising

Havoc Longboard Trucks Reverse Kingpin (Pair) SkateboardHavoc Longboard Trucks Reverse Kingpin (Pair) Skateboard

The next one that we have for our review is a truck specifically designed for longboards. This should be good news to many. They are also reversed in nature and uses Kingpin as pivot pins. Like most trucks, these trucks are also made of aluminum alloy which helps them to avoid rusting. The product is 180mm or 7 inches in width and comes in two smart colors. The colors are Black and Silver or Raw.


  • Fits most longboards
  • Aluminum alloy prevents rusting
  • Longboard specific design
  • They tilt and bend well
  • Kingpins allow the truck to be adjusted


  • Not a wide range of colors to choose from
  • Won’t be a good fit for most skateboards
  • Not much specification details are available

VJ Skateshop 7” Reverse 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Black, Silver)VJ Skateshop 7” Reverse 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Black, Silver)

The product that I have on my list and will review now is a must have for any sports addict. These trucks are another reverse kingpin longboard trucks that come in pair or two pieces are sold in a set. However, the catch here is that these trucks can be used with any other boards, such as; skateboards, longboards, downhill and drop down boards. Yes, you read that right. Is it not a dream product? The trucks are available in a pair which means there are two trucks per set. It is very strong and sturdy with a width of 180mm or 7 inches and of 9.75 inches axle to axle. They are available in two simple colors. The colors are as follows: Black and Silver/Polish.


  • Can be used with any boards
  • Available in pair
  • Good bearings
  • The polished color gives a smart outlook


  • No variety of colors to choose from

Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard TrucksCaliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard Trucks

I have already reviewed this company once. This is a good company and their products are also good. Call II 44° is a brand new product. It is very gorgeous. However, all products from Caliber come with equal quality.

These trucks have an angle of forty-four degree. Both the inner-step and the outer-step are upgraded. The inner-step now gives increased contact area with the bushing which reduces bumping. The outer-step is not sloppy and rather made into perfect circles. The pivot cup has an increased surface area so that the contact with the baseplate in increased and pivot pin fits perfectly. A consistent lean and proper clearance are assured by matching the kingpin diameter with the precision trucks. So, you do not have to worry about the pins at all. There is also an in-house treatment process that makes the trucks stronger. The strength could increase by forty percentages. The user has a good control over the board and all hail to the baseplate and the pressed-in kingpin. The trucks come in

There is also an in-house treatment process that makes the trucks stronger. The strength could increase by forty percentages. The user has a good control over the board and all hail to the baseplate and the pressed-in kingpin. The trucks come in a pair. It is the all strong trucks that you ever wanted.  Above all, it comes with 89A Blood Orange Ultra-High Rebound bushings. The settings are almost same as Caliber Cal II 55°. They are available in a variety of colors. The colors are Satin Green, Blackout, Purple, Raw, Satin Blue, Satin Gold, Satin Red, Two Tone Green and Two Tone Red.


  • Available in nine gorgeous colors
  • Good baseplate
  • Strong pin
  • In-house treatment
  • More responsive less bumping
  • User has greater control
  • Perfect for downhill or freeride
  • Rebound bushings helps in stability
  • Greater angle means it can bend well


  • Does not come with hardware

Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo w/ 70mm Wheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 BearingsLongboard 180mm Trucks + 70mm Wheels + Bearings Combo (Solid Black)

The product that I am going to review now comes with a lot of specifications that will make any longboard user fall in love with it. It is a reverse kingpin longboard black truck of 180mm. This is a 9.75 inches axle to axle truck. Yes, this truck also comes in a pair. It has 96A bushings and Grade 8 Kingpins. There are four longboard cruiser wheels in a set of dimension 70m*51mm. There is a variety of colors to choose from but among these colors, there are two categories: solid color category and gel color category. These categories differ in hardness as well.

The solid ones have a hardness of 82a and the gel ones have a hardness of 80a. The colors available are: Solid Pink, Gel Blue, Gel Clear, Gel Green, Gel Purple, Gel red, Gel Smoke, Glow in the Dark, Solid Baby Blue, Solid Black, Solid Blue, Solid Green, Solid Orange, Solid Purple, Solid Rasta, Solid Red, Solid White and Solid Yellow. There are eight bearings in one set and they are trademark product of Owlsome.

The bearings used are Owlsome ABEC 7 Speedy Precision Skate Bearings. This comes with Pr-Lubricant. There are four spacers in one set made of heavy duty metal with dimensions 8mm*10mm bearings. There is eight black-colored 1.25 inches hardware available in a set. If you are already happy with all the available tools with the product then here is another one. This truck comes with a 0.25 inches or ¼ inches plastic riser pad. There are six holes in it with the black pattern.


  • Available in variety of colors
  • Colors are divided into two categories: Solid and Gel
  • Has trademark Owlsome bearings
  • The hardness of the wheels are 82a and 80a which is quite good for longboards
  • The bearings have pr-lubricant in it and have greater precision
  • The bushings are also very hard
  • Hardware is strong and enduring
  • Riser pad fits all trucks and decks
  • Grade 8 Kingpin is strong and it allows the trucks to be adjusted


  • Not pre-assembled

LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ LED light up WHEELS + trucks Package by YocaherLONGBOARD TRUCKS COMBO set 71mm SHR WHEELS + 9.675 freeride trucks Package by Volador

Yocaher, well does the name sound familiar? It sure does! This is another company whose product I have reviewed above and this is another one in the line. Needless to say, this is also a good company that provides quality products and of course it should be considered in your buying list. Let’s see what it has in its magic sack now to offer its customers. Before we begin, it is good to bear in mind that the products from the same company will have almost similar specifications.

The trucks available in this package are in pairs and reverse in nature. They have 175mm of the hanger which is black in color. It has a 9.675 inches axle to axle truck. The truck is made of Aluminum alloy which is a great way to protect oneself from rusting. It has Grade 8 Kingpin and 90A PU bushings. The nature of the truck is HD7 Reverse Kingpin. The hardware of this truck is 1.25 inches and of heavy duty. In total, the hardware is eight in number per set. The bolts and nuts that are available with it are in

The bolts and nuts that are available with it are in a black coating. This is to avoid any sort of rust. The bearings are already pre-assembled with wheels and are made of Ritalin ABEC 7 Chrome Bearings. That is not all; the bearings are pre-lubed with lubricants, such as; synthetic oil. There are four wheels available in a pack and they are called Q-ball wheels. The wheels have a hardness of 78A with a dimension of 70mm*51mm.

Now, comes my favorite part. The wheels have led lighting in them and they emit lights when in use. This means the kinetic energy generated by the movement of the wheels is transferred to electrical energy for the led to emit light. How cool is that? All these and still there is some more. The wheels are available in two glowing colors. The colors are 60mm Blue and 60mm Red.

Oh! And I almost forget to mention. The package has two plastic riser pads of 8mm with six holes available with it.


  • Motion activated led light wheels
  • No batteries required for the lights
  • Uses physics to light up the wheels
  • The reverse kingpin truck offers greater stability and grip
  • Bearings are pre-lubed with synthetic oil
  • Bearings are pre-installed with wheels
  • Riser pads prevent wheel bites and keep the deck safe


  • The wheels can be stiff sometimes
  • Not a lot of color options to choose from
  • Led lights may malfunction as there is no guarantee of it
  • No mention of washer with it

Longboard 180mm Trucks + 70mm Wheels + Bearings Combo (Solid Black)LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w: 71mm WHEELS + 9.675 Polished : Black trucks Package by YOCAHER

Big Boy is the name by which the company calls it by. These longboard trucks are well-renowned among many be it teenagers or adults. Many longboard users also recommend it. It is a great package for beginners. So, let us take a closer look at this truck. Our Big Boy here is a 180mm black reverse kingpin longboard truck. This means it is a 9.7 inches axle to axle truck. The truck is sold in the pair.

The bushing used is of 96A and the pin used is Grade 8 Kingpin. There are four 70mm*51mm wheels present in the set and they are called Big Boy Longboard Cruiser Wheels. Although the color available is only black, however, it comes in two categories. They are Solid Black and Gel Black. Each of these differs in their hardness. The solid black has a hardness of 80A and the gel black has a hardness of 79A.

This is not the end. The Big Boy comes with eight bearings that are pre-lubed with Pr-lubricant. The bearings used are Big Boy ABEC 7 Speedy Skateboard bearings. The spacer that comes with this is of heavy duty metal which refers to the fact that they are durable. The dimensions of the spacers are 8mm*10mm bearings and the number of spaces available in a set is four spacers. The number of hardware in a set are eight each are of 1.25 inches and black in color. The riser pads are of 0.25 inches or ¼ inches and made of plastic. They have six holes in it with a black pattern.


  • The riser pad fits all trucks and decks
  • The hardware is strong and durable
  • The bushings are also very hard
  • The bearings are pre-lubed with Pr-lubricant
  • Grade 8 Kingpins are stronger and allow the trucks to be adjusted
  • Riser pads prevent wheel bite
  • Trucks are stable due to presence of good bearings
  • The wheels have the right amount hardness
  • The wheels are cruiser wheels
  • Spacers are made of heavy duty metal
  • Along with spacers, mounting screws and instruction page is also included


  • Not suitable for sliding
  • Available only in one color

LONGBOARD TRUCKS COMBO set 71mm SHR WHEELS + 9.675″ freeride trucks Package by VoladorLongboard 180mm Trucks Combo w: 70mm Wheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 Bearings

Okay, so this is the last one in our long scroll of trucks and I must say that it is also a great product to consider in your must-have lists. To begin with, the company has named this product as the Volador Longboard Pro Truck and Wheels combo set. This name was not given to it as a fancy name rather it means that this product is a professional truck and wheels combination. So, let us take a look at all the features and specifications of the pro combo set.

The truck here has an angle of fifty degrees with 7 inches hanger and 9.675 inches axle. This means it is strong and can flex easily. The whole thing is constructed of Aluminum alloy with die casting. This shows that the truck is capable of bearing load and there is no chance of rusting. Altogether there are four wheels in a set. These wheels are made of polyurethane and have 70mm*51mm of dimension. The hardness of the wheels is 78A with seventy-five percentages of rebounding.

The pins used on the trucks are Chrome Steel Kingpins with 90A barrel and cornic bushings. There are eight bearings in a set all made of nylon retainer. The ABEC 9 level chrome steel bearing that is used with the trucks is pre-lubed.

The numbers of hardware available are eight in each set and are made of chrome steel of 1.25 inches. The riser pads that come with the package are made of rebound polyurethane and are of .25 inches or ¼ inches. The dimension of the overall product is 11*10.3*4 inches which make the product weight 5 pounds or 2.27KG. This is a good thing because if the trucks are heavy they can support heavy weights on them. Now, it is the turn for the colors of the truck. Yes, you can choose your favorite from among four vibrant colors. These colors are as follows: Navy Blue, Plain red, Rose Pink and Sky Blue.


  • Polyurethane wheels make the best material for wheels
  • The wheels offer seventy-five percentage rebound. This ensures smooth and comfortable ride
  • Hard bushings made of barrel and cornice
  • The trucks are excellent for free rides
  • Aluminum alloy prevent rusting of the truck
  • Pre-lubed bearings with lubricants ensure greater endurance as well as longtime service
  • Nylon retainers provide extra strength
  • Bolts and nuts are processed to be rust-free
  • The wheels come with built-in spacers
  • 78A hardness makes the wheels neither too soft nor too hard
  • Riser pads protect the deck and also from wheel bites
  • Riser pads are made with polyurethane and are rebound in nature
  • The weight of the product is high which means it can survive more load on it
  • Can be used with skateboards


  • Bearing seat is bigger in size which makes the bearing spacer to move out of its place.
  • Tightening the wheels too much to solve the bearing seat problem can make the wheels stiff
  • Not for sliding rather for cruising
  • Market offers better bearings

That was my reviews on the ten best longboard trucks that you can consider to buy for your boards. Remember, trucks are one of the crucial parts of the board because it balances your weight as well as the weight of the board. Attached with it are wheels, bearings, and hardware that carry you forward.

There are some things that you must remember before buying a truck and they are as follows. Buckle up for some really gold tips for buying a truck. Make sure that the truck is bigger in size, preferably a size compatible with your board. Find out the metal the body of the truck is made of. Most trucks are made of Aluminum alloy because it does not rust. It is wise to buy trucks made of Aluminum alloy. Find out if the truck you are choosing is compatible with several boards.

When choosing the wheels see if they are semi-hard because too soft wheels will make the truck wobbly and too hard wheels will prevent it from spinning. All the trucks mentioned above have semi-hard good wheels. It is better to buy wheels that are made of polyurethane and that comes with rebound. The rebound ensures you a smooth riding experience by preventing road vibrations. Make sure the wheels are bigger in size, especially if you are going to use it for longboards. While led lighting wheels can be fancy but they might not last long. It is better to go with normal wheels. Besides almost all the companies provide various smart and funky colors that reflect a person’s personality. Some companies even offer two categories of color: Solid color and Gel color with a satin touch.

It is preferable to buy reverse trucks and you will find that almost all trucks are reversed. The best pivot pins to be used on them are Kingpins. Different companies offer different Kingpins, such as Grade 8, ABEC 7, ABEC 9, HD7 and etcetera. It depends on you which one you prefer. Do a little bit of homework on it before purchasing. Kingpins allow the trucks to be easily adjusted and help in holding the truck together.

The bearings are another important part of a truck. If the bearings are pre-lubed with lubricants, such as; synthetic oil or Pr-lubricant then it is great because it will guarantee you longer services from the bearings. Remember, if the bearings are not good they will affect your wheels. It might make your wheels too stiff to move or make a turn. It is better to buy trucks that have pre-assembled bearings with wheels.

Some even offer pre-assembled spacers with bearings. Check the bushings as well. Some companies are kind enough to provide super high rebound hard bushings. This contributes to stability and control. This can be a great thing for your experience of longboarding. It is important to know that the greater the angle of the truck the more it will bend and flex. This will make it easier for you to turn your board. The hanger of the truck should also be big, preferably 7 inches or equal to the size of the truck and 9.675 inches axle to axle.

A lot of trucks do not come with hardware. If it does, check for its durability and endurance. Often, in a set, the number of hardware available is eight. Hardware needs to be strong. Check the tool pack for what tools are available with the product as it is very important, especially, if there are any bolts and nuts or mounting screws. The bolts and nuts available should be coated otherwise it will rust as well.

Lastly, check the riser pads. The riser pads could be made of plastic material or polyurethane. Polyurethane is durable and good but so is plastic. A riser pad will have six holes in it. It is best if they are rebound because that ensures smoothness. Riser pads when applied on board avoid any kind of wheel bites. It also does a great job of protecting the deck. Hence, it is important to have good riser pads on your trucks.

I have mentioned every minute technical detail that a truck will or must come with. The points that I have mentioned above are the crucial points to look for while buying a truck. Remember, there is nothing more vital than safety. Check repeatedly whether the truck is attached tightly to the boards or not. It is advisable to but pre-assembled trucks or boards.

A good truck provides its user with safety and safety on roads is important. If a product meets all the criteria that I have mentioned above then you can look for extra offerings made by companies that you might like. However, it is crucial that you check these points at first.

I have provided you with detailed reviews often trucks that are best for your longboards. You can take them into your consideration. I have also provided you with details that a truck must have that you should check before buying. Now, I leave the rest to you to decide. Do a little bit of research yourself. There are thousands of excellent-rated trucks in the market and then buy the one that your judgment says is best for you and your board. The main goal is to have a fun enjoyable ride.

Hopefully, you will find the perfect match for your boards and have a good longboard riding experience. Happy Shopping!

Benefit of Having a Longboard

Only knowing about the best longboards is not going to be enough for you. You need to know more. Therefore, we have a guide to the benefits of having a longboard for you guys today.

Often people are unclear about the difference between the best longboards and a skateboard. Wait! Are you one of them? Well, fear not because it is about to get clear to you soon.

So, what are the best longboards?  If you ‘Google it’ the answer you will get is a kind of surfboard. It may seem bemusing but it is true. Longboards are surfboards with wheels that you can use for cruising, downhill racing, dancing and much more.

Usually, longboards stretch up to 33 to 60 inches in length and 9 to 10 inches in width. They come in the variety of shapes, such as, pintails, swallowtails, flat-nose riders, drop-through decks, drop decks and boards shaped as standard skateboards.

If you are still mused about the difference between the best longboards and skateboard then let me point out some distinctive points for you.

Longboards to begin with, are long. They have bigger wheels and are narrow at both the ends.  Their trucks are loose and the whole thing is designed to give you balance so that you can use it for a long commute.

Skateboards are also known as shortboards. So, yes no cookie points for guessing that it is shorter in size. The wheels are also smaller in size and skateboards are curved at both ends. This design helps them to perform tricks and maintain steady high speed.

Now, if I have been able to clear away some of the clouds of confusion shrouding your mind can I take a bow? Well, maybe after I explain to you the beautiful benefits of longboarding.

Benefits of longboarding:

Health Benefits: Do you ever miss that dream body of yours that you always wanted to achieve but never could? Well, here is your chance. Longboarding contributes to cardio work-out. It moves every muscle of your body giving it more muscles a chance to grow. Cardio is the best form of exercise to cut down weight and give your body a good lean shape.

All these can help you bring down your cholesterol as well as diabetes if you have those issues or keep those issues at bay for a longer time.

If you exercise regularly your body will require enough rest and hence you will get sound sleep on a regular basis. Sound sleep is a must for the body as well as the brain. This rejoices the body and boosts energy increasing the concentration of power.

The cheapest way of work-out: You know if your go longboarding quite often then you actually do not have to go to those expensive gyms. I am absolutely serious! You can save up a lot on those gym subscription fees. Doesn’t that bring a smile to your face?

Refreshment of the mind: Longboarding gives you a chance to enjoy your surrounding view while traveling. This refreshes your mind. Not only while traveling but also when you just want to roam around aimlessly in the neighborhood or catch some cool breeze in the hot summer days.

The cheapest way of commute: Forget all the health benefits (well not really!) You can now buy yourself that lavishing lunch that you always wanted to or your favorite movie ticket. Or, simply buy yourself something that has a value to you. How? Well, because you will be saving a lot on the commute fair.

Improvement your body reflexes: The impulses of a longboard user become sharp. Their body becomes more adaptable to changes and that too quickly. The body and brain also master itself on balancing. This helps in a lot of other areas in one’s life.

Pollutions free transport: If you are the best longboards user take pride in the fact that you have zero percent of contribution to air pollution. At least, your means of commute do not produce carbon dioxide.

Learn some tricks: Remember that pretty girl that you wanted to impress from the history class? Well, now you have a mean! Boys, I can see that big grin on your faces. Learn some cool tricks. Not only will this boost up your confidence, but add up to your skill. It also builds up patience in you because you do not pick up a trick in a day. It requires practice and of course, this also contributes to physical exercise.

Time-saver: You can save a lot of time by using this. You do not have to wait for a bus or any other public transport system. Am I a genius or not?

Affordable: The best thing about this transport is that it is not going to cost you a pot of gold. Longboards come at very affordable prices.

Freedom: You have the freedom to go anywhere at any time (of course if you are a teenager you need to ask your parents).

Feel belonged to a community: When you start longboarding you will notice a lot of others just like you. You never know you might even make a friend or two from those.

Weather is not the limit: Longboards can be used at any season. You can use it on snow, while raining, under the scorching sun. If you are careful and know what you are doing then this thing knows no limit!

Modifiable: All longboards that I have come across or read reviews are modifiable or can be updated. So, you should not be worried that it will go obsolete once a new model comes up. Or after buying if you find it not so comfortable. You can always fix it to your comfort.

Coolest transport: Admit it that longboards are the coolest transport system. Well, of course, high priced cars with sleek design and glossy finishing are something else, but you cannot deny the fact that longboards are no less than cool.

High Re-sale value: Say you do not like your longboard and want to sell it, provided that it is in good condition. You can always sell it at a good amount because longboards are never out of demand, secondly, they do not go obsolete unless you damage it beyond repairmen. So, buy the best longboards.

Fun: It is fun to slide those wheels and roam around anywhere you want. You do not even have to think of getting into the traffic.

No parking required: You actually do not need a parking spot to keep your commute; such is not the case even for a bicycle.

Now, if you will look above you will realize that other than typical health benefits longboard has a lot of other benefits to offer to you. If you had any doubt in your mind whether to get yourself or any dear ones of yours a longboard or not I hope this will help you look at the bigger picture and decide.



Scsk8 Longboard Review: Professional Speed Drop Down / Drop through

Ready to read the Scsk8 Longboard Review?

Longboards have been an ‘in-thing’ from a very long time. It is an amazing means of commute and a great way of work out. Not only will your reflexes get polished, but also increase your body’s strength. It also contributes to the balancing power of your body and exercise for every muscle in the body.

Now a question may lurk in your mind that what is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard. Well, longboards as the name gives in, are longer in length. They are also wider that ensures balance during high speed. Longboards are mostly preferred by surfers. Skateboards on the other hand, are shorter and bit curved on both ends built to perform tricks.

Longboards may come in various sizes and shapes, but they are mainly made of wood or bamboo. It may come handy to remember that the wider the boards are, the more the balance. That being said, the next question that might shroud your mind is that what is a drop down longboard? It is a longboard with a dropped platform that puts the center of gravity towards the lower side, meaning, it brings more stability to the whole object. Free riders are a perfect match for this shaped longboards.

Also, in case if you didn’t know, we have talked about this unit in our longboard mega guide.

Scsk8 Longboard Review

Here is our Scsk8 Longboard Review, The SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop that you may consider in your list of longboards to buy.

Let us take a closer look at its features and benefits.


The body of the board is made of 7 ply maple wood to give it the strength required. Its dimensions are 40*9*5 inches, making it 8.5 pounds in weight. The wheels used in its production are 70mm PU Wheels that prevents high jostles and are assembled with 7-inch trucks. For bearings, Precision SCSK8 Abec-9 bearings are used.


SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop is made of ply maple wood. Maple woods are the best for making longboards because they are the strongest. The wheels of the board are PU wheels, meaning, they are softer and bigger and help in balancing high bounces. On the other, hand Aluminumis used to make the trucks,hence they do not rust. It also has a SCSK8 Pro Black Grip Tapeon top.

Who can use this?

Adults, teenagers, beginners, amateurs or professionals anyone and everyone can use this longboard. It can be used by both the genders due to its wide range of color. However, it is not suitable for young children.

Colors and Design

There are some vibrant colors that are offered by the product. They are: Red, Red Drop Down, Blue Drop Down, Natural, Natural Drop Down, Chocolate Drop Down, Spinnerette and Samurai. All the colors have a glossy finish and burnished look. However, they do not have any graffiti on them except for Samurai.

However, because the board comes in one color to give it a funky touch the wheels come in different colors. For instance, the chocolate drop down has green wheels. This creates a blissful contrast to the eyes.


  • Can support up to 220lbs which is 99KG
  • Comes in spectrum of colors
  • It comes as a pre-assembled set
  • Hard rock maple wood body gives it a strong built
  • No rusting on the trucks
  • It is quite tall and broad


  • The weight of the product is high 8.5 pounds
  • Does not come with a truck tool
  • The board is not for speed
  • No warranty or replacement promises from the sellers


Question: Can this board handle 400lbs?

Answer: No, it can up to 240 lbs. and is better not to risk it

Question: How stiff are the wheels?

Answer: The wheels are not stiff at all. They have great turning ability and flexibility.

Question: Are the trucks replaceable?

Answer: Yes, the trucks are replaceable.

Question: Do the bearings have spacers?

Answer: Yes, they already come with spacers; hence there is no need to buy them.


How was our Scsk8 Longboard Review? The Scsk8 Longboard Professional Speed Drop Down longboards are pre-assembled longboards which is great news.The texture of the body has a burnished and glossy look with vibrant colored wheels. The body is well-built with good wheels and strong trucks. Even then the trucks are replaceable and the bearings are modifiable. The whole thing is a good deal for anyone who wants to buy a longboard. The wheels are bigger and flexible, providing good balance while taking turns. It can balance heavy weight on it, but no more than 240lbs.

The vibrant colors of the deck make the longboard much desirable and funky. Moreover, it gives the customers option to choose. People from both the genders can use this.However, it does not come with any warranty or replacement offers.

If you are considering buying a longboard you might as well keep this in your list. Make out a list of all the things important to you while buying a longboard. See which one matches your expectation. Hopefully, you will find the best one for yourself. Don’t forget to have fun. And Happy Shopping!


Quest Skateboards Review: Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

We have lined up the Quest Skateboards Review for you today in this article. Did we talk about this unit in our best longboards review article? Well, that doesn’t matter much anymore as this is a complete review itself.

One of the coolest ways to work out and move around is to go longboarding. Did you know that through longboarding a person can burn around 150-500 calories per hour on average? Cool, right? Of course, the amount will depend on the magnitude of the skate.

Longboard Skating is not only a form of art but it is a lifestyle that comes with several health benefits, such as, enhancement of body coordination, flexibility, physical stamina and much more.

Users need to understand that Longboarding skateboards are quite different from normal skateboards. This is quite imperative. Hence, before advancing further let us look at the difference.

Longboarding skateboards are shaped like surf boards only with wheels to balance bigger turns and comfortable cruise. They are much wider and more balanced than skateboards which are smaller in every dimension.

Longboard skateboards come in several shapes and material. Among them the best are the ones that come as a fully assembled set and have a wide board made of maple wood, good wheels and long trucks.

Keeping the key points in mind here is a product that we have reviewed for you that will serve you with the best only to make you longboarding experience more enjoyable and fun.

Quest Skateboards Review

Quest Skateboards Review: Best 44″ Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Among the boards that are available in the market, this is one of the fascinating ones. Let us now take a closer look at the product. So before you change your mind and read our other longboard reviews, let’s dive into the details.


At first, you need to look for the shape of your board. The board will be flat in shape and It is quite obvious that. However, longboards will usually look like surfboards, that is, it has an oval shape at the front that comes down to a narrow end at the back.

The Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard looks like a wide surfboard that gives the cruiser perfect balance and allows them to travel further and even downhill with greater control. It ensures better performance due to its kick tail and nose. This makes it equipped to handle abrupt bigger turns comfortably.


The Super Cruiser has a 44 inch deck as the name suggests and as I have mentioned earlier. This means the board is bigger in every dimension and will give users the perfect equity over control. Longboards require soft and big wheels and Quest provides durable 70x51mm 80A PU wheels with their product. The trucks that hold the wheels are made of Aluminum. They are coarse and featherweight and are 7 inches in size. The bearings used are Precision ABEC 7 Bearings and has a Hollow 4mm Risers.


The best materials used to make longboards are Canadian maple wood, Bamboo and Plywood and Quest Skateboard come in with the best. The deck is made of 7 ply super flex artisan bamboo and hardwood maple. This means it is very strong and well-built. The wheels are very smooth, long lasting and in compliance with the truck. The Wheel Wells present in the product prevents “Wheel Bites” when there are long turns. The trucks are longer in size and made of Aluminum which makes it strong but resistant to rusting.

Colors and Design:

It is very crucial to consider the design when buying a skateboard. You do not want to buy a design that you want to scrape off later. The design of this product is very funky and urban that will definitely enhance your personality. It is quite shiny as well, giving it a ravishing finishing touch. It is available in three colors: Black, Green and Purple.


  • Original bamboo is used to make the longboard that has been designed on the boardwalks in California the highest specifications from Malibu to San Diego
  • Genuine parts has been used in the production of the product
  • Strong built with good bearings, trucks and wheels
  • Available in three different colors
  • Funky shiny design with good finish that enhances the bamboo
  • Fully assembled


  • Its dimensions are 43*9*44 which is 10 pounds (4.53KG) making it a heavyweight product
  • The bearings are non-removable, hence cannot be cleaned easily
  • Sometimes the wheels might be tight and will need spacing


Question: Will this board be able to survive a long commute of 3 miles both ways, especially if you are not a good skater?

Answer: Hello. Quest Skateboard can get up to a good speed and does not need to be pushed hard. However, a little practice can go a long way.

Question: What is the width of the board?

Answer: The board is about 9-10 inches, which is good for starters and cruising.

Question: Does the designs underneath the Longboard scrape off easily?

Answer: The designs are solid and varnished. Hence, they do not damage easily.


The Quest Skateboards Best 44″ Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is a good choice for anyone, especially the starters. The whole product comes as a single piece with good wheels that are well lubed, wide aluminum trucks that resist rusting and great shiny graphics. Its wide board, kick tail and nose give users better performance, balance and make their journey enjoyable. Quest Skateboard is well-built because of the presence of strong maple hardwood, 7 super flex plywood, and bamboo. The greater dimensions of the board allow it to support heavier weights comfortably. It can also travel at a good speed and cover long distances. The board is also modifiable and adaptable if required. As for the heavyweight, Longboard is supposed to be wide and big which contributes to their weight.

Altogether, it is a good deal for anyone who wants to start skateboarding afresh. It is suitable for teenagers and adults, but not for young children.

That was all on our part. Hopefully, you will find the perfect match for you and make your summer skateboarding bliss. Happy Shopping!

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