Best longboard for beginners

Longboarding is one of the most popular and interesting sports among the youngsters. And the level of excitement is higher when you find yourself new to such sport. Not only that, another reason for getting into such field is because it has got a great adventure to experience. Thus, as a newbie, you definitely want a longboard that will go with the flow like a breeze. Moreover, it also becomes a bit disappointment for the new riders as it limits the option for taking an advanced level longboard. However, there are still some longboards available in the market with which you can have a lot of adventure and fun as well. So the best longboard for beginners becomes a must thing for the riders.

However, you usually would like to pick the one that will be stable and will definitely run smoothly. For this, we have thought to gather some of the best longboards for beginners and review about them. We hope, this article will help you get the best one as these longboards have earned some great reviews among the users. So, no matter what you pick, you can rely on these boards to try out longboarding.

#1. The Quest 44-inch Super Cruiser longboard

If you are looking for the best longboard for beginners then this might be a good option for you to try out. The Quest Super Cruiser appears to be 44 inches long and with its large platform, it shows its ideal look. Moreover, talking about its structure, it is definitely a well-built guy. This Super Cruiser uses 7-ply hardwood maple deck with a bottom layer of tractable bamboo. Besides, you will find the trucks of such longboard in aluminum construction that comes 7 inches in length. However, the longboard manages to perform well on the surface. You can thank the 70mm PU wheels that come with a hardness of 80A. Although the wheels will be a bit harder for a beginner’s longboard, hence they might be prone to wheel biting and chipping. However, they are still great for extreme turns as they help to longboard roll smoothly. Not only that, the Quest comes with genuine components that you will find in ABEC-7 speed bearings. To add more, its cool abstract graphics absolutely enhances the charm of the longboard. Thus, this is the best longboard for beginners to glide across the city.


  • The longboard is durable and well-built.
  • The wheels are smooth enough to roll across the city.
  • The deck is easy to control over rough terrain; hence it is great for downhill.
  • the deck is large and comes with a smart abstract graphic design.
  • The trucks are stable, sturdy and lightweight.
  • It comes at a low price.


  • It fails to turn in full radius.
  • Some users might find the truck a bit heavy.
  • The users complained about the slow bearings, so you might need to change that if you want better performance.
  • Might not prevent wheel biting.
  • It is a one-way board.

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#2. Penny Classic Complete Skateboard

It is another best longboard for beginners as it comes in a perfect size for them. With 22 inches long deck you will get to experience a different riding around the town. However, to talk about the components of the Penny, the longboard provide gigantic bushings on the trucks that will give you soft, yet sharp turns. So although the deck comes in small, it is still a perfect size for a newbie as you can keep this with you easily. And only Penny has the capacity to provide such cruising experience in something that is small. Moreover, the Penny longboard comes with large 59mm wheels that let you ride over all kind of terrain. Thus it manages to roll over all the bumps and cracks effortlessly. To add more, the best thing about the Penny is you will get a variety of colors with graphics series to pick the one that you like. You will get the longboard in 30 variations, so you might get one of your favorite colors. Thus, from the performance to its retro style, it definitely has the capacity to win the heart of all the beginners. Hence, it is indeed the best longboard for beginners to grab one.


  • The board comes in a perfect size for a novice.
  • You will get 30 different colored longboards to choose one.
  • The wheels are large and they manage to roll over all the bumps.
  • You can even experience smooth and sharp turns in a small radius.
  • The deck is easy to control.


  • You will get no grip tape.
  • It limits to do tricks as it comes in small.
  • The paint at the bottom might fade out over time.
  • It is easy to fall off if you happen to place a foot on back.

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#3. Yocaher 41.2 inches Professional Speed Drop Down

Although you are a newbie, you have to have a longboard that will act like a pro. Hence, this professional longboard from Yocaher is the best longboard for beginners that you can think of grabbing one. The Professional Speed comes with a 9-ply maple deck that will provide a decent concave and a little flex. With 41.2 inches long, the deck happens to drop down between the trucks so that you can it can lower your center of gravity. Besides, it offers stability at a higher speed which is a great thing for the beginners. The wheels of the Yocaher longboard come in Q-Ball with a 70mm height plus 52mm contact patch. Moreover, with 78A hardness, it allows a good sliding with a soft and gripped ride. Additionally, with ABEC-7 chrome bearings, with reduced speed, it becomes a perfect trait for beginners to practice. However, This best longboard for beginners comes in aluminum trucks with 180mm hangers. To review about its bushings, they might require upgrading as you will find them harder than the others. Not only that, you will get Black 80A Black Grip tape with the longboard for superb grip. And like the previous model, you will also get a wide range of variation of Yocaher’s longboard so that you can pick your favorite one. It comes with 22 different abstracts that open up the option to grab one.


  • You can experience effortless riding on a tough surface.
  • The soft wheels provide soft rides.
  • It is easy to maneuver with grips.
  • It supports tricky turns.
  • It is available in 22 different ranges of graphic design.
  • It is safe for downhill cruising.
  • You will get the black grip tape with the product.


  • It comes with stiff bearings that require upgrading.
  • You will have to adjust the wheels.
  • It is a bit less flexible for thicker structure.

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#4. Atom 39-Inch Pin-Tail Longboard

The Atom Pin-tail enables the novice to learn the basic skills of longboarding that are the base of more advanced riding. This best longboard for beginners comes with an 8-ply Canadian maple coated deck that you will find 39 inches long and 9.4 inches wide. The deck is basically flat with a little concave feature. And as this is stiff in nature, so will reduce stress on your joints. However, the best thing is that this longboard is great in preventing wheel bite that is surely good news for beginners. Moreover, the Pin-Tail has aluminum trucks that come with 8.5 inches hangers. So it will offer a good suspension. As for the urethane wheels of the Pin-Tail, you will find them a bit smaller for longboards with 65mm in size. Moreover, with a hardness rating of 78A, you will find the longboard stable enough to give a smooth ride. Not only that, the longboard features ABEC-5 bearings that are relatively slow so you might need to upgrade them if you want the longboard to perform well. However, this best longboard for beginners is durable and well-built so you can take this one into consideration.


  • It is ideal for downhill riding.
  • It provides a stable and secure ride at high speed.
  • It can take sharp and smooth turns.
  • It prevents wheel bites.
  • The stiff deck can reduce stress on joints for a comfortable ride.
  • Novice-friendly shape and size.
  • The longboard is durable and well-built.
  • It includes a good grip tape.
  • It comes at a low price.


  • The slow bearings need upgrading.
  • Constant use might drop the bearings and trucks.
  • Lack of kick tail limits the usefulness of the longboard.
  • The trucks are loud.
  • The longboard comes with bad brushings.
  • It might get air bubbles in grip tape during humid weather.

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#5. Ten Toes 44 inches Zed Board Emporium Longboard

This is another best longboard for beginners that is stunningly designed and has all the great features to be the best longboard for beginners. The Zed has the ability to let you fall for it because of its retro bamboo look. So if you are looking for a board with an attractive look, this is the one for you. However, the deck comes with a combo of an 8-ply Canadian maple and bamboo construction that forms a good strength of longboarding. As for the size, the deck comes 44 inches long in size with an 80 AB grip tape that ensures a satisfying ride for the beginner. You will have 6 different vintage styles to pick up the one so that you can get ready to experience a new world of longboarding. However, the Ten Toes longboard features 7 inches aluminum trucks with the reverse kingpin ones. Additionally, with ABEC-7 the bearings are pretty much slow yet it ensures a safe and easy riding for the newbies. So, you will find the longboard durable, sturdy enough to use it for heavy riding which will be suitable for the riders. Thus, the Ten toes longboard will be a good buy as it is the best longboard for beginners.


  • You will have 6 different bamboo options with a cool design to pick the one.
  • The deck is large enough for an easy ride.
  • The wheels can take the hassle to roll over all the bumps.
  • It comes with an excellent turning radius.
  • It is easy to maneuver with grip.
  • It comes in well-built and durable construction.


  • It comes with sluggish bearings that you might require to change.
  • The trucks might squeak if run over a puddle.
  • The longboard is a bit too heavy to move around.
  • The deck is not completely flat; hence you might feel uncomfortable at first riding.
  • The board scratches easily.

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#6. Rimable 41 inches Drop through Longboard

Another best longboard for beginners that suits different riding styles from carving to cruising. Everyone knows that each of the riding styles requires different boards. But Rimable comes with such best longboard for beginners with which you can try any kind of riding style with ease. And this is the special thing about this longboard which can attract most of the riders. However, talking about the durability, the deck comes in 9 layers of maple construction that will last for a long time. You will find the board 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide which is pretty much suitable for the beginners. Besides, with a hardness rating of 85A, the longboard will give you a good ride. Moreover, the wheels come in 70mm height with 51mm contact patch. To add more, you will find the bearings pretty much faster as they come with ABEC-11 so you can get the best experience of longboarding. However, the Rimable longboard is not only ideal for its versatility, but for its stability and maneuverability as well.  So with 7 inches 180 aluminum truck, you can ride the longboard with greater grips as the board has less risk of falling. Not only that, you will get 14 different patterns so that you can select the one you like. So, for a novice, this board is a great pick if you want to experience different riding style.


  • You can try out different riding style with this longboard.
  • It provides smooth and stable riding.
  • It features high-quality bearings.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • The wheels tend to roll over a bumpy surface.
  • It is easy to balance.
  • You will have 14 different patterns to pick one.


  • You might want to loosen the stiff trucks that come with the board.
  • The wheels get dirty pretty fast.

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#7. VOLADOR 42 inches free-ride longboard

The free-ride appears to be the best longboard for beginners that anyone would like to take the pride to ride on it. The drop-through-trucks feature enables better grips and it is a great thing for a first-time board rider. However, the longboard comes in Multi-ply Hardwood Maple construction with 42 inches long deck. As the longboard features camber maple deck, it will serve as a shock absorber. To add more, the VOLADOR comes with great trucks that bring brilliant turning performance, something that you want your longboard to have as a beginner. Moreover, you will find the board not only comfortable but reliable as well. So you can ride on it and have the best experience of longboarding as the wheels will roll over any surface. It’s because the board comes with 70mm high urethane wheels that manage to take all bumps. Additionally, the board is equipped with ABEC-7 bearings which are although slow but good for the beginners. To talk about the trucks, the pivot is a small but critical part. The VOLADOR has covered each truck pivot with lath to guard the pivot cup. Hence extending truck life, it can save a lot of your bucks. Moreover, you will have a lot of cool variations once you think of buying the one from VOLADOR as they have great designs.


  • The deck is durable and well-built.
  • The wood look enhances the beauty of the product.
  • The wheels provide smooth and grippy riding.
  • You can try any kind of tricks with this longboard.
  • It has great turn radius.
  • You will get different kinds of design to pick one.
  • It comes with a grip tape on the top that provides excellent grip.
  • You will get the board enough lightweight to move with it.


  • You might need to tighten the trucks for safety.
  • The wheels catch the dirt easily.

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#8. Atom 41 inches Drop Through Longboard

The Atom drop through is another best longboard for beginners that comes in several length and color combinations. The board features a cambered profile with temperate concave. From short boards of 36 inches to longboards of 41 inches, These drop-through longboards are great multi-taskers for which they are the best longboard for beginners. However, the widths might vary with the length. Talking about the deck, it comes with 9 layers of complete laminate maple. Moreover, the board features subtle concave yet they are functional enough. So, the board is not only durable but also a great performer that can make any beginner a pro. Besides, the longboard features an extra wide 245mm aluminum trucks that you will not need an upgrade. To add more, the trucks use decent bushings that are hard although so you might need to replace anytime. Moreover, this longboard features 70mm wheels with a hardness rating of 78A. So you will find a smooth riding with no bumps. To add more, the board has slow bearings for having ABEC-5 which is acceptable for the beginners. Not only that, this best board manages to grip super well as it includes 80S grip tape. So, it is definitely the best longboard for beginners.


  • It comes with high-quality grip tape for providing superb grips.
  • The wheels roll over all kinds of surface.
  • The construction is solid and well-built.
  • It is low to the ground so it lets you stay very stable.
  • It comes with wide trucks.
  • It provides superb turns and tricks.


  • Tuck mounting hardware might require an upgrade.
  • You might find the bearings inconsistent and slow.
  • You cannot slide with the board.
  • You might find the board heavy.
  • The wheels might wear away pretty fast.
  • The truck materials are not of high quality.

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#9. Quest 34 inches Rorshack Bamboo Longboard

This is another best longboard for beginners from the brand Quest. With 34 inches long, although short yet it manages to give you a perfect ride as a beginner. However, the longboard construction happens to be the hybrid of the bamboo deck and 7-ply hardwood maple. So, you will find the deck very flexible for the bamboo feature and durable for the maple feature. And not only that, any newbie can do the cruise, carving, and tricks very easily. However, the beginner-friendly longboard comes with a heavy-duty truck in aluminum construction with 6 inches long. However, the longboard manages to perform well on any surface you ride on. You can thank the 65x51mm PU wheels that come with a hardness rating of 80A. The wheel is durable and will provide enough speed to give you a different experience. To add more, they are great for extreme turns as they help to longboard roll smoothly. Not only that, the Quest comes with ABEC-5 speed bearings that are although slow but adequate for a novice. To add more, its cool abstract graphics absolutely enhances the charm of the longboard. Thus, this is the best longboard for beginners to glide across the city.


  • The longboard is durable and well-built.
  • The deck is easy to control over rough terrain; hence it is great for downhill.
  • The deck is large and comes with a smart abstract graphic design.
  • The wheels are smooth enough to roll across the city.
  • Strong but lightweight longboard so it is easy to operate.
  • It is great for tricks and frisking due to the kick tail shape.
  • It comes with decent bearings.


  • The grip tape might not last long.
  • You might need to adjust the truck.
  • The graphic design scratches pretty easily.

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#10. Blunt New Cruiser 42 inches Longboard

New cruiser combines some great elements that create a unique experience. You cannot only use this for cruising but can do some other cool tricks and turns with the longboard. So the novices who want to try out those tricks with a versatile board, this is the best longboard for beginners. Coming with 9.5 inches wide, the deck gives the newbies a force with every turn. Besides, this 42 inches long deck helps you to make smooth and sharp turns effortlessly. However, the deck’s shape is really unique as the manufacturer has made it with concave boards with a touch of some modifications. Additionally, you will find concave bends that round off at the end. Moreover, it will also prevent wheel bite while providing the newbies increased control. Talking about the wheel, the board features 70mm wheels with 70% rebound. Moreover, you will find the board extremely suitable for downhill as it comes with a hardness rating of 83A. Besides, the trucks with an aluminum alloy material enhance the durability of the board. Not only that, another reason for it being the best longboard for beginners is that it has faster bearings that come with ABEC-9. Hence, if you are looking for the best longboard for beginners that will help you to be a pro, this is for you.


  • The longboard is flexi, so it is great for tricks and turns.
  • It features faster bearings.
  • The wheels can roll over all the bumps.
  • The longboard Is ideal for any kind of riding style for beginners.
  • It is durable and well-built.
  • The board has got a good grip.


  • You might need a little customization with tightening the trucks.
  • The grip tape might peel quickly.
  • The board does not come with spacers.

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The buying guide

Decks shapes and styles

There are basically 3 types of deck shapes that are popular as well as suitable for the newbies.

Drop Down: The center of the drop-down board is lower than the section of it above the trucks. So, it helps you to bring down your center of gravity. Moreover, the reduced center of gravity results in great stability at high speed and less exhaustion from braking and pushing. Thus it relieves a great stress on the legs while you are busy in cruising.

Pintail: Pintails are greatly popular for cursing around. They kind of look like surfboard which they might be got from their ancestors. However, they have tapered ends that let the larger wheels to roll over. Moreover, these boards are suitable for any non-technical style of riding.

Drop through: These boards sit under the trucks so that they can support them. The decks lower the height of the board to the ground via a cutout at both the edges. With this, the truck is fixed to the deck and set on the surface of it so that the people can stay close to the ground. These types of the longboards are great for distance cruising, downhill, and free ride.

Deck size:

The size of the deck is important as it lets the rider move their feet around via pushing. It is easy to balance with wide space to stand as smaller sizes might have less stability and will result in wobbling ride. But it does not mean that you will grab the one having a bigger deck. Thus there is a tipping point in which you can ride on the board safely. However, if the space between the trucks is wide enough it becomes tougher to carve and steer. Thus it is good for the beginners that they check out the deck length between 35 inches to 42 inches.

Deck materials:

Maple and Bamboo: Most of the decks come from either maple of bamboo or hybrid of these 2. Maple material helps to make the board stiffer and heavier with greater durability. And here the bamboo helps to make the board weigh light and flexi. As flexi is an essential factor of the deck, so rider tends to prefer such longboards. However, it is also very important for the board to be stiffer as they are more grippy and more stable. So, if you plan to go for downhill, these are ideal. For this, the combination of bamboo and maple has got bigger hits among the riders.

Carbon: Another popular material of the deck construction is the carbon. You will find them costly enough in the market. However, you will find light wood like bamboo added to the piece of the foam so it can create a great light core which is covered with multiple materials for adding rigidity.



They attach the wheels of the longboard to the deck. Additionally, they allow for pivoting and turning on the axle. These trucks differ from those on normal skateboards in that they have an inverted or reversed kingpin. It delivers more side to side moves for better grip and stability. However, these also can be adjusted to how smoothly they pivot.

If you tighten the nut on the kingpin, it will compress the bushings and will create a stiffer feel while turning. On the other size, loose trucks are better for turns. Additionally, changing the hardness rating of the bushings also change the pivot of the trucks.


These components allow the rider to roll smoothly over any terrain. Wheels are available in different sizes, shapes, and hardness.  Yet the main factors for a newbie to know are the size and hardness.

Size: It refers to how small or large the wheels of the longboard are. Larger wheels are slow in acceleration. However, they have faster speeds and hold greater momentum. Big wheels can roll smoothly over bumps and rough terrain. Most longboard wheels come in the ranges of 50mm and 75mm. If you ride a top mounted longboard that does not feature wheel cutouts, then you would want the wheels around 65mm or under as they avoid wheel bite better.

Hardness: It refers to how soft or hard the wheels of the longboard are. Most longboard wheels have a hardness rating of between 70A and 90A. The 70A durometer is the softest, and 90A is the hardest. Soft wheels have more control than harder ones. It means they have a smoother ride and are great to go over all kinds of bumpy terrain than the hard ones. Hard wheels have lesser grip. The perks to having harder wheels are that they are faster and easier for sliding.



The only reason you see the wheels rolling around is that they own bearings sitting at the core of them. People rate the bearings with ABEC system usually. The higher the number, the faster they will spin. The safe range of the bearings is ABEC-3 and ABEC-5. However, many riders might prefer the ones having ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 for faster spinning.


Longboard styles:

Cruising: This is one of the most popular styles of riding on a board. It is basically riding a board around recreationally. To go for cruising, the boards should have enough flexi with softer wheels so that you can have a smooth ride.

Downhill: This is another style which has become like a sport among the riders. Riders plunge down the hills at their high speed exceeding about 80 miles an hour. These kinds of boards tend to stay close to the ground. Hence, they allow the rider to gather speed with lesser energy and happen to maintain their balance better. However, these boards are less flexi that the other boards. They are usually built for control and not for steering. So, it is better you avoid quick turn at high speed as you will fall down eventually. And for the beginners, it is definitely not recommended for them.

Freeriding: This kind of riding style is a loosely defined genre of the sport that basically includes tricks to more casual styles of longboarding. Some longboarding tricks revolve around ridings, like tiger-claws or power slides. Other includes the styles more like normal skateboarding, like barrel rolls, or flipping moves.

Carving: This kind of riding style works basically on gradual hills so as to avoid the requirement to push. However, carving down a hill includes creating S-shaped moves. Moreover, this style is a basic part of longboarding. For this, the riders must have a soft wheel that will prevent slipping on hard turns. So, it is important that the wheels are responsive to the trucks if you want better performance in turns and tricks.


Tips for the beginners

Ensure high-quality and safety:

The most important feature to look for in a longboard is to ensure that the materials and parts of the board are safe and high-quality. As a longboard is a mobile piece of gear, and you will rely on your balance for a safe ride, it is important to find parts that can withstand your trust and provide you a good time without sending you to the hospital. The main components that you must check out for your safety are wheels, ball bearings, trucks, and center of gravity of the deck.

Ensure the boards are for beginners:

It is important that you take the one that is meant for beginners. There are different types of longboards for both the pro and the novice. So it is wise that you go for the types that are safe for the beginners as advanced longboards will result in something in disaster.

Ensure they have good reviews:

Why will you even go for the longboard that failed to impress the new rider? Thus, it is better to check out the reviews of the boards so that you can decide yourself to take the one that has good remarks.


The brands:

Atom: It is impossible to mention longboards and not mention Atom. While they have started their journey from 2005, they have gained a solid fame.

Sector 9: They started the company at La Jolla in 1993 from a garage. And now they have grown into a global brand.

Penny: They started their company over 30 years back as Ben Mackay has made it his mission to create high-quality longboards at a price that anyone can afford.

Jucker Hawaii: Mr. O’Barns and Mike Jucker started the company in Hawaii. Both have been skateboarding, surfing, and wanted to create their own line of high-quality longboards.


Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Which Longboard type is Best for freeriding?

A: it is better to go for Pintail longboard as they are suitable for non-technical styles of riding or you can say for freeriding.

#2. What are the recommended bearings for a beginner?

A: The bearings depend greatly on your on your skill level. However, these are suitable bearings for the riders: Beginners: ABEC-3, Intermediates/Cruising: ABEC-5 and Experts/Downhill: ABEC-7

#3. What kind of wheels do I need in a longboard as a beginner?

A: For a beginner, you must have softer and wider wheels in longboard as they happen to have better grip and will provide you a smooth ride.

#4. Is it safe to try downhill riding style for a novice?

A: No, downhill riding styles are usually for the people who are the pro at longboarding. Being a novice, it is better you avoid such riding style as it will cause your accident.

#5. What is the standard angle of a kingpin for a novice?

A: It is better to have a lower angle as it increases the control. However, the standard angle for a novice is 50 degrees.


Final Words

The best longboards for beginners have a handful of variety in terms of shapes and riding skills as well. Most of the newbies would like the drop down and drop through longboard for their lower positioning to the ground that offers stable and safe riding adventure. On the other hand longboards with pintail shape give them a break to have fun and tricks. Moreover, there are some mid-size boards that are also very popular among the youngsters that can fulfill their demand of particular riding style. However, it is better that you take the one depending on your riding skills. And we hope this article will help you get the best longboard for beginners and you have a fun ride with that.


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