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how to prevent longboard accidents

You fall, you learn. It is that simple. And anyone who knows their way around riding a longboard is very well aware of this fact. Now, although inevitable, there are a handful of precautions and measures that you can take to minimize the potential damage and pain from these experiences. Better safe than sorry, right? And we are therefore dedicating this article to educate you on How to Prevent Longboard Accidents with just a few smart and efficient steps. Let’s start!

Proper gear

Longboards are amazing. They are one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to get from point A to point B. However, one thing you have to understand here is that your commute on a longboard is very much “open”. In other words, you are not protection inside and under a shield of steel and metal like you would in a car. And when there is furthermore speed involved in the process, there are bound to be some terrible falls, trips, scratches, and bruises.

The first and foremost ways to prevent and minimize this is through wearing the right gear while you are longboarding. This includes wearing a helmet to protect your head; a pair of knee and elbow pads; and probably a pair of gloves as well. Now, we know that dressing like you are going to war isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is nice to have a whole set of teeth. And anyway, you can always eliminate the gear after you become a pro at longboarding.

One more tip is that you wear thick clothes instead of on thin, flowy ones that sway with the wind. Thicker, heavier clothes will remain as if against the speed, and furthermore, keep you warm out in the open. This is, of course, subjective to the weather and season, but you get it.

Stretch and flex

One of the things that makes a longboard so amazing is that does not need fuel. Your body, mostly your legs, is its working force.

Now, before you jump on the deck and speed right away, the smarter thing to do is take a minute or two to flex and stretch your body. Do a squat o two, bend over, work your biceps and calves. You know, some basic PT stuff. Like it is with any physically demanding activity, like running, sprinting, dancing; you need to “condition” and warm up the body for the work ahead. This process, though short and quick, plays a huge role preventing accidents. Flexing and stretching will warm up your muscles, especially in the morning when you are up from sleep, and get them ready for work. As a result, you are drastically less likely to experience muscle spasms, hamstring injuries, muscle pull, etc.

Follow traffic and local rules

We never thought we’d have to cover this point, but people can be extremely dumb and stupid so yeah…  . . . .One of the best ways to prevent the worst of longboard injuries is by following traffic rules.

We cannot even begin to stress on the statistics of the number of people who have incurred some serious and even fatal injuries due to them not abiding by the rules. First of all, always try and use the pedestrian walk for your cruising. This is especially true when it is rush hour and the streets are teeming with vehicles.

Don’t break the red light in case you are on the vehicle street. Speaking of which, one thing we strongly advice is to avoid using a longboard altogether on the highway, especially at after dusk. That is an absolute no from us. It is like playing with death.

Apart from this, cruise slow nears schools, look left and right before crossing. And for god’s sake, stop competing with the cyclists. Be smart. Don’t let natural selection do its thing, ey?

Start slow

Whether you are a leaner who is just starting on the board, or a very pro level boarder who knows their stuff; it is absolutely instinctual and almost a given that you will try to scoot out to your destination on a rocket speed……and that is not okay.

See, we understand the love of speed. The wind blowing through your face and hair, and well…. wanting to reach work or college or home faster. But speeding from the get-go is just a bad idea. This is how to invite accidents. Always start the journey at a low speed, and then slowly begin to work your way up. It is much more efficient, won’t wear you out physically as fast, and is furthermore safe.

One thing you MUST know about is the dangers of speeding on downhill roads. Don’t accelerate at all, in fact. It is a downward road and the law of gravity will do its job just fine. Don’t push it or you’ll fall face first on the hard concrete.

In case of emergency

Alright. Let’s face some facts. No matter how religiously you try not to get hurt, or not get into accidents; or follow rules and laws and precaution; the truth is, you WILL get into some trouble at one point or the other. This, by no means, reflects your competence. It just means you are learning! But what do you do in a situation like that?

Well, the first thing to do is stay calm. Do not panic. We know it is easier said than done when the fear and adrenaline rush in pumping through your streams after a bad fall or accident, but panicking will make things only worse from there on.

The second most import thing to do is to just lie back for a while. Do not try to sprint up or get back up on your knees immediately. You could be terribly injured and not even know it. So, lie on your back and try to take deep breaths.

And finally, if you think your injury is too bad to brush off, then try and call (or get someone to call) 911 or your local distress number, right away. You want to get medical attention as soon as possible after an emergency to make sure the matter does not get out of hand.



How to choose the Right Longboard Size

One very big mistake most people make while choosing a longboard is that they will buy without considering the proper size to get. People have this misconception that any size board will do for them, and consequently often end up buying them based on appearance and looks. As a result, you compromise on the proper user experience. With the wrong size, you trip, stumble over, fail to maintain balance and stability, and the list of errors goes on and on and on.  We are therefore on a mission today to educate you on How to choose the Right Longboard Size for yourself!

1.   The importance of the correct size

Before we even begin to guide you to pick the perfect longboard size, we think it is very important that you know why picking the right size is important in the very first place.

Too small, too big

First of all, it is really just common sense. It isn’t your “one size fits all kind of thing”. Like it is with clothes, shoes, bags, etc, the board size will vary person to person. And there are many factors which will manipulate the size you should get. We will get to that later, but for now, let’s understand the hazards of getting the wrong size! If you get a board that too small, it won’t be able to take on your weight and it may eventually break or even snap in half! If it is too small, you won’t get enough leg space. On the other hand, getting a longboard that’s too large for your means you will need more strength to push it forward. It will wear on our and you will not be able to make proper turns and curves.


Well, where do we even start with this? You will regret not checking the size from the very moment to step on to the board to the moment to throw it out your window.

One of the most prominent reasons behind this is that you won’t be able to push the board too far due to its odd size. You will fidget, stand in awkward positions, try various speeds, and then, you will give in to the frustration of all your failed attempts.


Apart from these, getting the wrong size also means more than usual frequency of falls, stumbles, and injuries due to misbalance and instability. Proper longboard size ensures less injuries and discomfort. So, yes. Don’t just walk into the buying the flashiest longboard without even judging its compatibility with you. Be a good noodle and follow some very basic yet significant steps to choosing the perfect size of longboard for yourself.

2.   Age Group

One of the nicest things about longboards is that it can be enjoyed by almost all age groups. Toddlers as young as 6 to 8 can use them, and adults as old as their legs can bear! However, what you have to make sure is that you get a size that complements your age and growth.


Fortunately, to make things easier for us, longboard manufactures and designers produce them in various sizes and scales.

You have sizes from Junior, Youth, and Adult. However, you can also choose from XLs, XXL, Small, Large, etc. Now keep in mind that, despite the concept of universal sizing, sizes will still vary from one company to the next. So we always advise checking with the brand beforehand. Do not assume what work for an adult should also work for a teen. Now, what exactly decides the candidate of each of the classifications?

Shoe Size

Shoe size, of course! Your feet are going to be running the longboard, and so needless to say, the size of the board should more or less vary with the size of your feet. But relying on just shoe size isn’t enough to make a good “guess”. If there is any factor you want to correlate with shoe size, it is the width of the deck on your longboard. The bigger the foot, the wider the deck, and vice versa. Check out the formula below for a quick idea!

Shoe size for width

  • For absolute tots, say kids under 5 or 6, and with a shoe size of about 3, we recommend getting a micro deck board which should offer a deck width of at least 6.5 to 6.7 inches.
  • For toddlers who fall within the age group of 6 to 8, and have a shoe size from 4 to 6, we recommend getting a mini deck which offers a width of at least 7 inches.
  • For preteens who fall within the age group of 9 to 12, and have a shoe size of 7 from 8, we recommend them getting the deck with a width of 7.3 to 7.5 inches.
  • For kids over the age of 13 and over, with a shoe size of 9 and above, we recommend getting a deck with a width starting from 7.5 inches wide.

And of course from here on, as you age and your shoe size changes, so should the width of the deck of your longboard. But, now that the width is covered, how do we know which length to get?

3.   Purpose

When you think about the size of your longboards, ask yourself, “What am I buying it for?” This question in itself is the answer to half of our issue today. The type of activity you use your longboard for will massively affect its shape and size. Are you a college student looking for a cheaper commute? Is the longboard for some leisure fun at the skate park? Do you need it for a child? Well, here are some things you need to note down.


If you are looking for a longboard for daily commute from point A to point B, then we recommend getting a cruiser. They may offer less speed and thrill factor, but they are perfect for some heavy duty traveling to and from. Cruisers are far more stable and make smoother turn and curves. They are therefore ideal for kids and people who are just starting out. The ideal size for a cruising longboard is from 28 inches to 46 inches in length.


If you are someone who lives in a hilly area with lots of slopes, then go for a downhill longboard. This type of boards have decks that are specially made to cruise through angular, elevated and downwards roads. Downhill longboards can reach high speeds but are the tad unresponsive in terms of balance and stability. Not recommended for kids, for alright for teens and adults. The ideal size of a downhill longboards above 36 inches in length.


Freestyle longboards are the ones that you would use for tricks and funs. It is usually the most lightweight one since there is usually a lot of maneuverability going on with them. The best part about freestyle longboards is that they can be used both for leisure and more commuting. And therefore, these types of boards do not come with any specific recommendation for size. You can pick whatever you feel and works best for you. However, just in case you get confused, we recommend getting something that is somewhere along the lines of 38 inches or above in length.

4.   Weight and Height

And then comes one of the most common and known factors of choosing the perfect size: the user’s height and weight. The height of the user is playing a very prominent role in deciding the size, and more importantly, the length of the deck of your board. Similarly, you weight also plays a very significant role here. The taller you are, the more stability you need. On the other hand, the heavier you are, the wider the deck should be. Getting the right size of longboard according to your height and weight will means a more balanced center of gravity and even weight distribution.

Height and size

  • For people under 3 ft and 5 inches, this basically falls under the category of juniors or toddlers; we recommend getting a longboard that is 5 to 6.75 inches in width and 27.2 to 27.6 inches height.
  • For people who are from 3 ft 5 inches to 5 ft 4 inches tall, we recommend getting a longboard that measures at least 7 inches in width and 28 inches in length.
  • For people who measure from 4 ft 5 inches to 5 ft 3 inches, we recommend for them a longboard that is along the lines of 7.3 inches in width and 29 inches in length.
  • For people who see the weather up there differently, and measure well above 5 ft 3 inches, we recommend longboards that measure above 7.3 in width and 30 inches in length.

Weight and size

The thing about weight is that it never truly directly affects the size of a longboard. However, it does affect the thickness of the deck. The heavier you are, the thicker the deck should be. This is, of course, to make sure that the deck does not snap in half.

5.   Truck size and deck size

Stability and balance

If you are a clumsy person, we recommend you look for stability over speed.  When the difference in size of a deck and its truck is low, you enjoy more stability and balance. Perfect for rough, uneven and pebbly roads and streets.

Speed and velocity

On the other hand, if it is the speed that you are more interested in over stability, then get a board with trucks that are substantially smaller than its deck. This type of longboard is the most ideal for smoother, more even roads.

Tips and tricks for the perfect longboard size:

  1. Always check the wheels and the truck before purchase. These 2 components will, to a great extent, decide the height of the deck from the ground. If you want a longboard that’s taller, then get a drop down truck with wheels of a higher diameter. Similarly, if you want a board that’s closer to the ground, then opt for drop through trick with smaller wheels.
  2. You can control and adjust the difference in size of the deck from the ground using risers. There are heaps of risers sold separately so you have multiple sizes to choose from. Check and comb through Amazon for more details on this!
  3. If you think you would like to transfer from a smaller board to a larger one, or similarly, from a larger board to a smaller one; you can easily do that without having to change to the entire board! All you have to do it replace the deck by unscrewing the trucks underneath it. Essentially, the only thing changing is the size of the deck. Everything else remains the same.
  4. This is an odd one, but one secret tip we always give away to anyone looking to buy a longboard is that you take a few rides on it without your shoes on. Yep. Testing the board without your shoes on gives you an idea on how well the shape and size of your feet balances on the shape and size of the deck. You can, from there on, understand or feel how well the board with would therefore complement your feet with cleats, pumps, sneakers, sandals, etc, on them. If the board works well on barefoot, it will work well with almost anything else. Well, other than heels but you know what we are talking about.
  5. After making a bad purchase, many people try to change the size of their longboards by changing its shape via some rookie level construction work and power tools. Don’t do that. It does nothing to help, and in fact, makes matters even worse. Once you get the wrong size, unfortunately, there’s no fixing it or going back. Getting the size right next time is the only way to roll unless you have a replacement policy.

How to Ollie on a longboard

Ollie is one of the most basic and fundamental longboard tricks. It is the step one of everything and knowing how to do it right is important if you want to step up to doing more advanced and complex tricks. Now, the thing about an Ollie is that they look effortless and fun, and they are! But, mastering the technique to executing the whole performance is a bit of a work. However, you don’t need to look any furthermore from here because today we are going to disclose the steps and secrets on How to Ollie on a longboard, the smart way!

Step 1: Acknowledgment and Preparation

We always believe in the saying, “you fall, you learn”. And anyone who is an expert at longboarding knows that this sport, like it is with all sports, comes with its fair share of falls and injuries. And to learn an Ollie, you must first of all prepare yourself for a few failed attempts and a lot of injuries.

We want to remind everyone to know that some of best professional skaters and boarders in the world today, Tony hawk for instance, were once just as inexperienced and lost as you are now. Their journey to the hall of fame once started with one single step on to the deck of their longbord. What distinguishes them from others is motivations and perseverance. If you are a pansy snowflake, then we recommend sticking to just cruising the board instead of learning to Ollie. Because, boy, are you going to trip and fall! The secret here is getting up and rising from a fall with a lesson each time. So yeah, be prepared for balance and stumbling over many times, be prepared to fall face first, and be prepared for some scratches and bruises here and there. It is all a part of the process. But just acknowledging pain and practicing perseverance isn’t enough. You have to stay motivated to do a better job after every failed attempt. Observe, concentrate and execute. Remember: Victory and defeat is something you decide in your mind prior to even starting a game.  Hold tight.

Step 2: Understand the anatomy of the longboard

To be able to kick out some truly amazing Ollies, you first need to understand the understand and identify the anatomy of your longborad. And while there are various different types of it, we can still break down the construction into 2 simple parts:

  1. Deck

The deck is exactly what it sounds like. It is the plank body you stand on while cruising and free styling. Before all and everything, check if the size of the deck is right for you. You should be able to get the proper size checking from your age, weight and height, and shoe size. However, if you don’t want to risk getting the wrong kind, then be sure to ask the sales assistant to help you find the right size of deck for you. The deck has the tail, which is the back, and a nose, which is the front end. It can be blunt or pointy depending on the purpose, but for doing executing a near perfect Ollie, we recommend getting a wider kick, which are the elevated ends of the deck. Kicks, play a huge role in Ollie-ing and we will cover its importance soon. We furthermore suggest looking into flat-cave decks over concave ones since they will be easier to work with in the air.

  1. Truck

The trucks are everything under the deck. You have 2 truck under your board, and this construction consists everything from axles, bolts and screws, king pin, and of course, the wheels. Trucks are of 2 kinds: drop down and drop through. A drop down truck system will have it bolted and screwed under the deck, while the drop through truck system will go through the board via cutouts. For Ollie, we recommend getting a drop through deck since they offers less height and more stability over a drop down system.

Step 3: Step up on the board!

And then, finally, Step up on your longboard! But before you start trying to pull tricks and moves, there’s little something we recommend doing: try and understand your board.

No. We are not talking about you getting emotionally invested with a wooden plank, although that wouldn’t be too shabby. Neither are we implying you to be its therapist. What we mean by understanding your longboard is that you observe and get   good feel for it. When you step on it, we suggest you pay close attention to a few details like the balance, stability, and control. Does it wobble too much? Are the trucks to tight too let you move freely? Is the deck too narrow? Is it too wide? The bottom line is: you need to be VERY comfortable on your longboard to be able to pull off a proper Ollie. You can have the best, fanciest and most expensive longboard in the world, and will still not mean a thing if it isn’t comfortable to you. You should be very familiar with and how it feels and works. Your board should almost feel like a second pair of feet.

Step 4: Proper foot position

When comes to pulling off an Ollie, the magic is more in the technique and the foot of the user, than it is in the longboard itself. Needless to say, knows the does and don’t and how to’s of foot once it is on the deck of the board is essential.

First of all, begin by establishing the right position. Put your front foot near or around the centre of the deck of your boards while the back foot rests on the rear tail or rear kick. Now let’s get the positions right. The ball of your front foot should be in sync with the deck’s center while the ball of the back foot is half hanging off the edge of the rear kick or tail. Although these seem like very easy positions, they can take a while to come to you naturally and instantly so practice, practice, practice! Keep in mind that this is the absolute basic guideline to foot positioning. You can of course go a little outside the lines, however, going a little off the parameters will affect how your overall Ollie turns out. For instance, the wider the distance of the 2 feet, the more intense the Ollie turnout should be. But, this is of course, is a difficult to do since it requires a lot of trial and error due in the department of stability. Not for rookies. On the other hand, for mediocre hops, you do not need to space your feet too wide from each other. It is all in the feet, lads!

Step 5: Upper body motion

Now that the initial foot work is out of the way, let’s move on to the role of your upper body. Yep. In an Ollie, your upper body, your weight, your force and inertia- all matter! It’s a full body process.

After you have positioned your feet in the right way, you need to bend and crouch. What we mean by is that you will need your and crouch your torso just enough to form and harbor a good amount of pressure onto your deck with your feet. Now, keep in mind that you shouldn’t bend too much, nor crouch too much. The knees should bend just a under 90 degrees. As for the crouch, don’t overdo it either. Keep the motions very natural and effortless. Try to stay on the balls of your feet even while crouching. One other very important point here is your shoulders. Try and keep your shoulders level with you feet as much as possible. That’s is all for the upper body for now. When you do this, make sure that your upper body remains loose and relaxed, and not nervous and stiff. Keep your hands relaxed and wilted. People have this reflex of lifting their hands up while crouching down so it will take some practice. The only pressure buildup should be on your legs and nowhere else.

Step 6: Jump!

Now with your feet in positions, your knees bent, and body crouched, you have built up enough pressure and positional energy on your feet to make the jump for your Ollie. However, there is an art and technique to the jump as well.

Don’t just jump like a frog with all legs up. This way your feet lose all its potential energy at once and you will land too hard, possibly hurting yourself. While jumping for your Ollie, the trick is to jumping one foot at a time. First your front foot jump up, and then your second foot. While the front foot is up in the air and off the deck, make sure the side of that foot brushes against the front kick. And ideally at the same time, your back foot will be forcing down the rear kick so that it touches the ground while the front kick flips up. Pop is what we call the sound the back tail makes when it hits the ground after your kick it down with your back foot. Essentially, you are forcing down of the back tail with your back foot so that it flips up and your front foot gets to brush against the front tail.

Step 7: Descend

There is a little technique involved while you are coming down from the jump or descending. And learning how to master this will make sure that you not only have a smoother landing, but it s furthermore safer for you and easier on your board.

That said, when you descend from the jump of your Ollie, make sure you immediately level both your foot on your way down. This, in turn, will of course also level up the board. To make it easier for you to understand, we want you to see your board as a straight line. When you jump in the air, your board isn’t straight and level no more. It has an angle to it, right? Now, here’s the thing you have to do while landing. You have to make sure that you level up your feet and therefore you board until it lands it the same straight position. This will ensure that your body weight hits the deck more evenly while also making sure that your board doesn’t snap in half from excessive pressure and force from either foot. One other thing you have to make sure of is that you keep the position of your feet in the same position when it lands as it was when you jumped. One on the centre, the other near on the rear kick.

Step 8: Practice!

And that, folks, is How to Ollie on a longboard! We must admit, an Ollie is a tough job. But it isn’t impossible. Once you analyses and dissect the steps and technique of the entire of the trick, it is all apple pie from there. With hard work and perseverance, you can wow yourself.

One last tip we have for you is that your wear proper safety gear throughput practicing. Referring back to our first step, there are going to be heaps of falls and injuries. And although we want you to acknowledge that, we don’t want you to succumb to them. Put on a pair of elbow pads, knees pads and most importantly, a helmet. Many smart learners will even wear a pair of gloves for safety so yeah, gear up! With all said and done, now all you have left to do is practice, practice and practice! Try and maintain a daily or regular routine. This will help you learn faster and better.  And finally, remember, it takes years to perfect and master a proper the Ollie so be patient and stay motivated.

Best of luck and we will see you next time. Cheers!


Best longboard for beginners

Longboarding is one of the most popular and interesting sports among the youngsters. And the level of excitement is higher when you find yourself new to such sport. Not only that, another reason for getting into such field is because it has got a great adventure to experience. Thus, as a newbie, you definitely want a longboard that will go with the flow like a breeze. Moreover, it also becomes a bit disappointment for the new riders as it limits the option for taking an advanced level longboard. However, there are still some longboards available in the market with which you can have a lot of adventure and fun as well. So the best longboard for beginners becomes a must thing for the riders.

However, you usually would like to pick the one that will be stable and will definitely run smoothly. For this, we have thought to gather some of the best longboards for beginners and review about them. We hope, this article will help you get the best one as these longboards have earned some great reviews among the users. So, no matter what you pick, you can rely on these boards to try out longboarding.

#1. The Quest 44-inch Super Cruiser longboard

If you are looking for the best longboard for beginners then this might be a good option for you to try out. The Quest Super Cruiser appears to be 44 inches long and with its large platform, it shows its ideal look. Moreover, talking about its structure, it is definitely a well-built guy. This Super Cruiser uses 7-ply hardwood maple deck with a bottom layer of tractable bamboo. Besides, you will find the trucks of such longboard in aluminum construction that comes 7 inches in length. However, the longboard manages to perform well on the surface. You can thank the 70mm PU wheels that come with a hardness of 80A. Although the wheels will be a bit harder for a beginner’s longboard, hence they might be prone to wheel biting and chipping. However, they are still great for extreme turns as they help to longboard roll smoothly. Not only that, the Quest comes with genuine components that you will find in ABEC-7 speed bearings. To add more, its cool abstract graphics absolutely enhances the charm of the longboard. Thus, this is the best longboard for beginners to glide across the city.


  • The longboard is durable and well-built.
  • The wheels are smooth enough to roll across the city.
  • The deck is easy to control over rough terrain; hence it is great for downhill.
  • the deck is large and comes with a smart abstract graphic design.
  • The trucks are stable, sturdy and lightweight.
  • It comes at a low price.


  • It fails to turn in full radius.
  • Some users might find the truck a bit heavy.
  • The users complained about the slow bearings, so you might need to change that if you want better performance.
  • Might not prevent wheel biting.
  • It is a one-way board.

Click here to see the full review

#2. Penny Classic Complete Skateboard

It is another best longboard for beginners as it comes in a perfect size for them. With 22 inches long deck you will get to experience a different riding around the town. However, to talk about the components of the Penny, the longboard provide gigantic bushings on the trucks that will give you soft, yet sharp turns. So although the deck comes in small, it is still a perfect size for a newbie as you can keep this with you easily. And only Penny has the capacity to provide such cruising experience in something that is small. Moreover, the Penny longboard comes with large 59mm wheels that let you ride over all kind of terrain. Thus it manages to roll over all the bumps and cracks effortlessly. To add more, the best thing about the Penny is you will get a variety of colors with graphics series to pick the one that you like. You will get the longboard in 30 variations, so you might get one of your favorite colors. Thus, from the performance to its retro style, it definitely has the capacity to win the heart of all the beginners. Hence, it is indeed the best longboard for beginners to grab one.


  • The board comes in a perfect size for a novice.
  • You will get 30 different colored longboards to choose one.
  • The wheels are large and they manage to roll over all the bumps.
  • You can even experience smooth and sharp turns in a small radius.
  • The deck is easy to control.


  • You will get no grip tape.
  • It limits to do tricks as it comes in small.
  • The paint at the bottom might fade out over time.
  • It is easy to fall off if you happen to place a foot on back.

Click here to see the full review

#3. Yocaher 41.2 inches Professional Speed Drop Down

Although you are a newbie, you have to have a longboard that will act like a pro. Hence, this professional longboard from Yocaher is the best longboard for beginners that you can think of grabbing one. The Professional Speed comes with a 9-ply maple deck that will provide a decent concave and a little flex. With 41.2 inches long, the deck happens to drop down between the trucks so that you can it can lower your center of gravity. Besides, it offers stability at a higher speed which is a great thing for the beginners. The wheels of the Yocaher longboard come in Q-Ball with a 70mm height plus 52mm contact patch. Moreover, with 78A hardness, it allows a good sliding with a soft and gripped ride. Additionally, with ABEC-7 chrome bearings, with reduced speed, it becomes a perfect trait for beginners to practice. However, This best longboard for beginners comes in aluminum trucks with 180mm hangers. To review about its bushings, they might require upgrading as you will find them harder than the others. Not only that, you will get Black 80A Black Grip tape with the longboard for superb grip. And like the previous model, you will also get a wide range of variation of Yocaher’s longboard so that you can pick your favorite one. It comes with 22 different abstracts that open up the option to grab one.


  • You can experience effortless riding on a tough surface.
  • The soft wheels provide soft rides.
  • It is easy to maneuver with grips.
  • It supports tricky turns.
  • It is available in 22 different ranges of graphic design.
  • It is safe for downhill cruising.
  • You will get the black grip tape with the product.


  • It comes with stiff bearings that require upgrading.
  • You will have to adjust the wheels.
  • It is a bit less flexible for thicker structure.

Click here to see the full review

#4. Atom 39-Inch Pin-Tail Longboard

The Atom Pin-tail enables the novice to learn the basic skills of longboarding that are the base of more advanced riding. This best longboard for beginners comes with an 8-ply Canadian maple coated deck that you will find 39 inches long and 9.4 inches wide. The deck is basically flat with a little concave feature. And as this is stiff in nature, so will reduce stress on your joints. However, the best thing is that this longboard is great in preventing wheel bite that is surely good news for beginners. Moreover, the Pin-Tail has aluminum trucks that come with 8.5 inches hangers. So it will offer a good suspension. As for the urethane wheels of the Pin-Tail, you will find them a bit smaller for longboards with 65mm in size. Moreover, with a hardness rating of 78A, you will find the longboard stable enough to give a smooth ride. Not only that, the longboard features ABEC-5 bearings that are relatively slow so you might need to upgrade them if you want the longboard to perform well. However, this best longboard for beginners is durable and well-built so you can take this one into consideration.


  • It is ideal for downhill riding.
  • It provides a stable and secure ride at high speed.
  • It can take sharp and smooth turns.
  • It prevents wheel bites.
  • The stiff deck can reduce stress on joints for a comfortable ride.
  • Novice-friendly shape and size.
  • The longboard is durable and well-built.
  • It includes a good grip tape.
  • It comes at a low price.


  • The slow bearings need upgrading.
  • Constant use might drop the bearings and trucks.
  • Lack of kick tail limits the usefulness of the longboard.
  • The trucks are loud.
  • The longboard comes with bad brushings.
  • It might get air bubbles in grip tape during humid weather.

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#5. Ten Toes 44 inches Zed Board Emporium Longboard

This is another best longboard for beginners that is stunningly designed and has all the great features to be the best longboard for beginners. The Zed has the ability to let you fall for it because of its retro bamboo look. So if you are looking for a board with an attractive look, this is the one for you. However, the deck comes with a combo of an 8-ply Canadian maple and bamboo construction that forms a good strength of longboarding. As for the size, the deck comes 44 inches long in size with an 80 AB grip tape that ensures a satisfying ride for the beginner. You will have 6 different vintage styles to pick up the one so that you can get ready to experience a new world of longboarding. However, the Ten Toes longboard features 7 inches aluminum trucks with the reverse kingpin ones. Additionally, with ABEC-7 the bearings are pretty much slow yet it ensures a safe and easy riding for the newbies. So, you will find the longboard durable, sturdy enough to use it for heavy riding which will be suitable for the riders. Thus, the Ten toes longboard will be a good buy as it is the best longboard for beginners.


  • You will have 6 different bamboo options with a cool design to pick the one.
  • The deck is large enough for an easy ride.
  • The wheels can take the hassle to roll over all the bumps.
  • It comes with an excellent turning radius.
  • It is easy to maneuver with grip.
  • It comes in well-built and durable construction.


  • It comes with sluggish bearings that you might require to change.
  • The trucks might squeak if run over a puddle.
  • The longboard is a bit too heavy to move around.
  • The deck is not completely flat; hence you might feel uncomfortable at first riding.
  • The board scratches easily.

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#6. Rimable 41 inches Drop through Longboard

Another best longboard for beginners that suits different riding styles from carving to cruising. Everyone knows that each of the riding styles requires different boards. But Rimable comes with such best longboard for beginners with which you can try any kind of riding style with ease. And this is the special thing about this longboard which can attract most of the riders. However, talking about the durability, the deck comes in 9 layers of maple construction that will last for a long time. You will find the board 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide which is pretty much suitable for the beginners. Besides, with a hardness rating of 85A, the longboard will give you a good ride. Moreover, the wheels come in 70mm height with 51mm contact patch. To add more, you will find the bearings pretty much faster as they come with ABEC-11 so you can get the best experience of longboarding. However, the Rimable longboard is not only ideal for its versatility, but for its stability and maneuverability as well.  So with 7 inches 180 aluminum truck, you can ride the longboard with greater grips as the board has less risk of falling. Not only that, you will get 14 different patterns so that you can select the one you like. So, for a novice, this board is a great pick if you want to experience different riding style.


  • You can try out different riding style with this longboard.
  • It provides smooth and stable riding.
  • It features high-quality bearings.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • The wheels tend to roll over a bumpy surface.
  • It is easy to balance.
  • You will have 14 different patterns to pick one.


  • You might want to loosen the stiff trucks that come with the board.
  • The wheels get dirty pretty fast.

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#7. VOLADOR 42 inches free-ride longboard

The free-ride appears to be the best longboard for beginners that anyone would like to take the pride to ride on it. The drop-through-trucks feature enables better grips and it is a great thing for a first-time board rider. However, the longboard comes in Multi-ply Hardwood Maple construction with 42 inches long deck. As the longboard features camber maple deck, it will serve as a shock absorber. To add more, the VOLADOR comes with great trucks that bring brilliant turning performance, something that you want your longboard to have as a beginner. Moreover, you will find the board not only comfortable but reliable as well. So you can ride on it and have the best experience of longboarding as the wheels will roll over any surface. It’s because the board comes with 70mm high urethane wheels that manage to take all bumps. Additionally, the board is equipped with ABEC-7 bearings which are although slow but good for the beginners. To talk about the trucks, the pivot is a small but critical part. The VOLADOR has covered each truck pivot with lath to guard the pivot cup. Hence extending truck life, it can save a lot of your bucks. Moreover, you will have a lot of cool variations once you think of buying the one from VOLADOR as they have great designs.


  • The deck is durable and well-built.
  • The wood look enhances the beauty of the product.
  • The wheels provide smooth and grippy riding.
  • You can try any kind of tricks with this longboard.
  • It has great turn radius.
  • You will get different kinds of design to pick one.
  • It comes with a grip tape on the top that provides excellent grip.
  • You will get the board enough lightweight to move with it.


  • You might need to tighten the trucks for safety.
  • The wheels catch the dirt easily.

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#8. Atom 41 inches Drop Through Longboard

The Atom drop through is another best longboard for beginners that comes in several length and color combinations. The board features a cambered profile with temperate concave. From short boards of 36 inches to longboards of 41 inches, These drop-through longboards are great multi-taskers for which they are the best longboard for beginners. However, the widths might vary with the length. Talking about the deck, it comes with 9 layers of complete laminate maple. Moreover, the board features subtle concave yet they are functional enough. So, the board is not only durable but also a great performer that can make any beginner a pro. Besides, the longboard features an extra wide 245mm aluminum trucks that you will not need an upgrade. To add more, the trucks use decent bushings that are hard although so you might need to replace anytime. Moreover, this longboard features 70mm wheels with a hardness rating of 78A. So you will find a smooth riding with no bumps. To add more, the board has slow bearings for having ABEC-5 which is acceptable for the beginners. Not only that, this best board manages to grip super well as it includes 80S grip tape. So, it is definitely the best longboard for beginners.


  • It comes with high-quality grip tape for providing superb grips.
  • The wheels roll over all kinds of surface.
  • The construction is solid and well-built.
  • It is low to the ground so it lets you stay very stable.
  • It comes with wide trucks.
  • It provides superb turns and tricks.


  • Tuck mounting hardware might require an upgrade.
  • You might find the bearings inconsistent and slow.
  • You cannot slide with the board.
  • You might find the board heavy.
  • The wheels might wear away pretty fast.
  • The truck materials are not of high quality.

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#9. Quest 34 inches Rorshack Bamboo Longboard

This is another best longboard for beginners from the brand Quest. With 34 inches long, although short yet it manages to give you a perfect ride as a beginner. However, the longboard construction happens to be the hybrid of the bamboo deck and 7-ply hardwood maple. So, you will find the deck very flexible for the bamboo feature and durable for the maple feature. And not only that, any newbie can do the cruise, carving, and tricks very easily. However, the beginner-friendly longboard comes with a heavy-duty truck in aluminum construction with 6 inches long. However, the longboard manages to perform well on any surface you ride on. You can thank the 65x51mm PU wheels that come with a hardness rating of 80A. The wheel is durable and will provide enough speed to give you a different experience. To add more, they are great for extreme turns as they help to longboard roll smoothly. Not only that, the Quest comes with ABEC-5 speed bearings that are although slow but adequate for a novice. To add more, its cool abstract graphics absolutely enhances the charm of the longboard. Thus, this is the best longboard for beginners to glide across the city.


  • The longboard is durable and well-built.
  • The deck is easy to control over rough terrain; hence it is great for downhill.
  • The deck is large and comes with a smart abstract graphic design.
  • The wheels are smooth enough to roll across the city.
  • Strong but lightweight longboard so it is easy to operate.
  • It is great for tricks and frisking due to the kick tail shape.
  • It comes with decent bearings.


  • The grip tape might not last long.
  • You might need to adjust the truck.
  • The graphic design scratches pretty easily.

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#10. Blunt New Cruiser 42 inches Longboard

New cruiser combines some great elements that create a unique experience. You cannot only use this for cruising but can do some other cool tricks and turns with the longboard. So the novices who want to try out those tricks with a versatile board, this is the best longboard for beginners. Coming with 9.5 inches wide, the deck gives the newbies a force with every turn. Besides, this 42 inches long deck helps you to make smooth and sharp turns effortlessly. However, the deck’s shape is really unique as the manufacturer has made it with concave boards with a touch of some modifications. Additionally, you will find concave bends that round off at the end. Moreover, it will also prevent wheel bite while providing the newbies increased control. Talking about the wheel, the board features 70mm wheels with 70% rebound. Moreover, you will find the board extremely suitable for downhill as it comes with a hardness rating of 83A. Besides, the trucks with an aluminum alloy material enhance the durability of the board. Not only that, another reason for it being the best longboard for beginners is that it has faster bearings that come with ABEC-9. Hence, if you are looking for the best longboard for beginners that will help you to be a pro, this is for you.


  • The longboard is flexi, so it is great for tricks and turns.
  • It features faster bearings.
  • The wheels can roll over all the bumps.
  • The longboard Is ideal for any kind of riding style for beginners.
  • It is durable and well-built.
  • The board has got a good grip.


  • You might need a little customization with tightening the trucks.
  • The grip tape might peel quickly.
  • The board does not come with spacers.

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The buying guide

Decks shapes and styles

There are basically 3 types of deck shapes that are popular as well as suitable for the newbies.

Drop Down: The center of the drop-down board is lower than the section of it above the trucks. So, it helps you to bring down your center of gravity. Moreover, the reduced center of gravity results in great stability at high speed and less exhaustion from braking and pushing. Thus it relieves a great stress on the legs while you are busy in cruising.

Pintail: Pintails are greatly popular for cursing around. They kind of look like surfboard which they might be got from their ancestors. However, they have tapered ends that let the larger wheels to roll over. Moreover, these boards are suitable for any non-technical style of riding.

Drop through: These boards sit under the trucks so that they can support them. The decks lower the height of the board to the ground via a cutout at both the edges. With this, the truck is fixed to the deck and set on the surface of it so that the people can stay close to the ground. These types of the longboards are great for distance cruising, downhill, and free ride.

Deck size:

The size of the deck is important as it lets the rider move their feet around via pushing. It is easy to balance with wide space to stand as smaller sizes might have less stability and will result in wobbling ride. But it does not mean that you will grab the one having a bigger deck. Thus there is a tipping point in which you can ride on the board safely. However, if the space between the trucks is wide enough it becomes tougher to carve and steer. Thus it is good for the beginners that they check out the deck length between 35 inches to 42 inches.

Deck materials:

Maple and Bamboo: Most of the decks come from either maple of bamboo or hybrid of these 2. Maple material helps to make the board stiffer and heavier with greater durability. And here the bamboo helps to make the board weigh light and flexi. As flexi is an essential factor of the deck, so rider tends to prefer such longboards. However, it is also very important for the board to be stiffer as they are more grippy and more stable. So, if you plan to go for downhill, these are ideal. For this, the combination of bamboo and maple has got bigger hits among the riders.

Carbon: Another popular material of the deck construction is the carbon. You will find them costly enough in the market. However, you will find light wood like bamboo added to the piece of the foam so it can create a great light core which is covered with multiple materials for adding rigidity.



They attach the wheels of the longboard to the deck. Additionally, they allow for pivoting and turning on the axle. These trucks differ from those on normal skateboards in that they have an inverted or reversed kingpin. It delivers more side to side moves for better grip and stability. However, these also can be adjusted to how smoothly they pivot.

If you tighten the nut on the kingpin, it will compress the bushings and will create a stiffer feel while turning. On the other size, loose trucks are better for turns. Additionally, changing the hardness rating of the bushings also change the pivot of the trucks.


These components allow the rider to roll smoothly over any terrain. Wheels are available in different sizes, shapes, and hardness.  Yet the main factors for a newbie to know are the size and hardness.

Size: It refers to how small or large the wheels of the longboard are. Larger wheels are slow in acceleration. However, they have faster speeds and hold greater momentum. Big wheels can roll smoothly over bumps and rough terrain. Most longboard wheels come in the ranges of 50mm and 75mm. If you ride a top mounted longboard that does not feature wheel cutouts, then you would want the wheels around 65mm or under as they avoid wheel bite better.

Hardness: It refers to how soft or hard the wheels of the longboard are. Most longboard wheels have a hardness rating of between 70A and 90A. The 70A durometer is the softest, and 90A is the hardest. Soft wheels have more control than harder ones. It means they have a smoother ride and are great to go over all kinds of bumpy terrain than the hard ones. Hard wheels have lesser grip. The perks to having harder wheels are that they are faster and easier for sliding.



The only reason you see the wheels rolling around is that they own bearings sitting at the core of them. People rate the bearings with ABEC system usually. The higher the number, the faster they will spin. The safe range of the bearings is ABEC-3 and ABEC-5. However, many riders might prefer the ones having ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 for faster spinning.


Longboard styles:

Cruising: This is one of the most popular styles of riding on a board. It is basically riding a board around recreationally. To go for cruising, the boards should have enough flexi with softer wheels so that you can have a smooth ride.

Downhill: This is another style which has become like a sport among the riders. Riders plunge down the hills at their high speed exceeding about 80 miles an hour. These kinds of boards tend to stay close to the ground. Hence, they allow the rider to gather speed with lesser energy and happen to maintain their balance better. However, these boards are less flexi that the other boards. They are usually built for control and not for steering. So, it is better you avoid quick turn at high speed as you will fall down eventually. And for the beginners, it is definitely not recommended for them.

Freeriding: This kind of riding style is a loosely defined genre of the sport that basically includes tricks to more casual styles of longboarding. Some longboarding tricks revolve around ridings, like tiger-claws or power slides. Other includes the styles more like normal skateboarding, like barrel rolls, or flipping moves.

Carving: This kind of riding style works basically on gradual hills so as to avoid the requirement to push. However, carving down a hill includes creating S-shaped moves. Moreover, this style is a basic part of longboarding. For this, the riders must have a soft wheel that will prevent slipping on hard turns. So, it is important that the wheels are responsive to the trucks if you want better performance in turns and tricks.


Tips for the beginners

Ensure high-quality and safety:

The most important feature to look for in a longboard is to ensure that the materials and parts of the board are safe and high-quality. As a longboard is a mobile piece of gear, and you will rely on your balance for a safe ride, it is important to find parts that can withstand your trust and provide you a good time without sending you to the hospital. The main components that you must check out for your safety are wheels, ball bearings, trucks, and center of gravity of the deck.

Ensure the boards are for beginners:

It is important that you take the one that is meant for beginners. There are different types of longboards for both the pro and the novice. So it is wise that you go for the types that are safe for the beginners as advanced longboards will result in something in disaster.

Ensure they have good reviews:

Why will you even go for the longboard that failed to impress the new rider? Thus, it is better to check out the reviews of the boards so that you can decide yourself to take the one that has good remarks.


The brands:

Atom: It is impossible to mention longboards and not mention Atom. While they have started their journey from 2005, they have gained a solid fame.

Sector 9: They started the company at La Jolla in 1993 from a garage. And now they have grown into a global brand.

Penny: They started their company over 30 years back as Ben Mackay has made it his mission to create high-quality longboards at a price that anyone can afford.

Jucker Hawaii: Mr. O’Barns and Mike Jucker started the company in Hawaii. Both have been skateboarding, surfing, and wanted to create their own line of high-quality longboards.


Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Which Longboard type is Best for freeriding?

A: it is better to go for Pintail longboard as they are suitable for non-technical styles of riding or you can say for freeriding.

#2. What are the recommended bearings for a beginner?

A: The bearings depend greatly on your on your skill level. However, these are suitable bearings for the riders: Beginners: ABEC-3, Intermediates/Cruising: ABEC-5 and Experts/Downhill: ABEC-7

#3. What kind of wheels do I need in a longboard as a beginner?

A: For a beginner, you must have softer and wider wheels in longboard as they happen to have better grip and will provide you a smooth ride.

#4. Is it safe to try downhill riding style for a novice?

A: No, downhill riding styles are usually for the people who are the pro at longboarding. Being a novice, it is better you avoid such riding style as it will cause your accident.

#5. What is the standard angle of a kingpin for a novice?

A: It is better to have a lower angle as it increases the control. However, the standard angle for a novice is 50 degrees.


Final Words

The best longboards for beginners have a handful of variety in terms of shapes and riding skills as well. Most of the newbies would like the drop down and drop through longboard for their lower positioning to the ground that offers stable and safe riding adventure. On the other hand longboards with pintail shape give them a break to have fun and tricks. Moreover, there are some mid-size boards that are also very popular among the youngsters that can fulfill their demand of particular riding style. However, it is better that you take the one depending on your riding skills. And we hope this article will help you get the best longboard for beginners and you have a fun ride with that.


Best longboard for girls

Longboards have become the most preferred method of transport for most youths, and even adults,
today. And why not? This thing is a godsend for people who are looking for more affordable means of
transports. But that’s not all a longboard is good for; there are heaps of other reasons why people,
especially girls, now prefer their longboards to their work or college over Uber. Interested? Well, then
stick with us and continue reading our article as we review some in the Best longboards for girls, and
what goes in the making the best of the best ones!
Whether you are looking forward to converting to a longboard or looking for a replacement for your old
one; we have it all. So take a few minutes to sit back and read through what’s going to be your next
longboard. Let’s start!

Best longboard for girls: tried and tested!

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  1. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard

We know how expensive quality longboard can be. And to therefore cater to people on a tight budget, we have for you the Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard from SCSK8.

The Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard is as basic and straightforward of a longboard as they come these. The board maintains more of a cruiser shape and is therefore ideal for transport and getting from one place to another. And to furthermore add to the transportation value of the Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard, you have the SCSK8 Precision ABEC 9 Red Bearings and 7-inch wide aluminum trucks on an 8-inch wide board. This means more even weight distribution and therefore more control and stability when carving and taking a turn. Speaking of a board, the Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard use one made out of 7 plies of maple wood, which is durable and strong. Which bring us to the weight limit, the longboard can accommodate up to 220 pounds in weight so that’s not bad. Then, comes the visual appeal. This deck in layers with the SCSK8’s Pro Black Grip Tape and well, if you like to stand out, then you found your longboard because this guy is an explosion of color and images! But it comes in various sizes and graphic so you can choose your personal favorite, of course.

Apart from all these, what we really appreciate about the Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard is its speed. And this is majorly all thanks to its wide diameter 70mm PU wheels which make it a great ride even on rough, uneven surfaces. A great beginner board, and all for less than your next stop to McDonald’s!


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Good weight limit
  • Fast


  • Low-quality boards; tends to snap
  • Not the best downhill transport

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  1. Rimable Freestyle Topmount Longboard

Next, on our list, we have the Freestyle Topmount Longboard from Rimable which is one of the Best longboards for girls if you are looking for something funky and high-speed!

The Rimable Freestyle Topmount Longboard, fist of all, has a 42-inch long and 9.5-inch wide deck or boards. This, of course, means you get plenty of legroom space and therefore more control, and stability. Speaking of stability, this longboard uses a 7-inch Topmount Aluminium truck which offers you more control and balance. As for the board itself, you get a 9-ply full maple deck topped with a grip tape that is matte black. Strong yet simple and subtle. No hibby gibbies. The OS 780 Grip Tape furthermore keeps nicely gripped and established on the board for the ride ahead. Now, that we are talking about the ride, you may want to know about the wheels. The wheels used on the Rimable Freestyle Topmount Longboard are 70mm x 51mm wide, making them ideal for rough surfaces. Also, gives them speed! The wheels are furthermore 78A PU Rimable longboard wheels, which therefore makes them a tad bit on the softer side, but this is what gives them amazing tackiness and grip. Great for rough, difficult and uneven surfaces!

The Rimable Freestyle Topmount Longboard is absolutely a fantastic longboard for people who are just starting out on these. It is simple to use, offers a basic design and is furthermore super affordable for beginners on a budget.


  • Good stability and balance
  • Wide and roomy
  • Low struck; slight flex
  • Proper construction
  • Good weight limit
  • Fast


  • Paint comes off
  • Could use better bearings

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  1. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

3rd longboard on our list of the Best longboard for girls is the Downhill Maple Longboard from MINORITY. If you are all about speed, then this is the board for you!

The MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard, as you can guess from its name already, perfect for riding downhills. And its pointy board, of course, adds to the acceleration. However, the best parts about the MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard is in its quality design and chic construction. The board is made out of 8-ply pure maple wood which should stand the test of time and weight. You furthermore have authentic ABEC 7-speed bearings on its 7-inch aluminum drop-through truck. Now, keep in mind that the MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard itself is 10 inches wide and 40 inches long. This gives you great leg space and eventually offers you more even weight distribution and therefore more stability and control. And the grip tape is obviously there to offer tack to your feet while you speed away. Overall, the MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard is definitely made for the streets. It does great on uneven, rough and angular surfaces without compromising on your comfort. What’s really nice about this longboard, however, is that it is designed with the help of multiple designers to give it that unique and fresh look. Comes in heaps of sizes and graphics too!

But the true and final credits go to the MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard’s quality assurance team. This longboard reaches you only after passing various standards tests to ensure quality and performance. We are obviously pretty happy about that!


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Good weight limit
  • Fast
  • Designer appeal


  • Snappy board
  • Low weight limit

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4. Volador Basic Cruiser Longboard

The Volador Basic Cruiser Longboard isn’t just one of the Best longboards for girls, but it is furthermore one of the most well-rated and popular boards right now!

If you didn’t catch the name by now, the Volador Basic Cruiser Longboard is well made for some quality cruising. It uses a 40-inch long boards which are about 9 inches in width. You clearly have a lot of leg room for a comfortable cruise. Speaking of the board, the Volador Basic Cruiser Longboard uses a pure maple deck which should last you through many rough rides. Also speaking of which, the wheel son this longboard make it absolutely ideal for rough, uneven surfaces. Most importantly, you have a 40-degree base, giving you some good carving flex, and 180mm hangers with aluminum die-cast trucks. The wheels are 70mm diameter, meaning you cover more distance. In terms of hardness, they are 78A which means they are soft and are therefore offering more tackiness and gripping power. Now that we are talking about grip, the Volador Basic Cruiser Longboard also offers a great grip on your feet thanks to its grip tape which is rated Coarse OS780. Apart from all these, this longboard is very youthful and visually ecstatic thanks to its bright, vivid and neon color combination. You but also have various sizes and more colors to choose from!

One thing many users admire about the Volador Basic Cruiser Longboard is its ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant. One of the best in class and it really shines through in its performance! And if those weren’t enough, it also comes with a 6-month warranty!


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Good weight limit
  • Fast
  • Slight flex
  • 6-month warranty


  • Could do with better bearings

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5. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

The Pin-Tail Longboard from Atom is easily one of the Best longboards for girls if what you are looking for is some smooth and hassle-free cruising that glides through the roads like butter.

The Pin-Tail Longboard, first of all, features the classical pintail board. This, as well all know, is absolutely perfect for speed cruising. The deck itself is 39 inches long and is about 9.5 inches wide. This makes the Pin-Tail Longboard very comfortable and roomy for the user’s feet. Speaking of which, the 80S grip tape on top of the deck is furthermore there to help offer the user that much needed foot traction while cruising. As for the deck, it is made purely out of high-quality maple wood which should be able to stand up to the challenging roads ahead. Then, you have 8.5-inch aluminum trucks with ABEC 5 bearings under the 9.5 wide deck, which only means one thing and one thing only: better weight distribution. This, therefore, makes for amazing stability and control. Speaking of control, the wheels used on the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard are 65mm urethane wheels with a hardness of 78A. This means the wheels are somewhat on the softer side, and thus offers amazing grip and bite on the surface. Apart from all these, the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard, like most of our longboards o the list so far, comes in heaps of sizes and multiple color combinations for you to choose from!

The Atom Pin-Tail Longboard- minimal, funky and super comfortable cruising. Definitely worth a look into!


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Good weight limit
  • Fast


  • Vulnerable to damage from moisture and water
  • Not great on slopes

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  1. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Flex 3 

And the 6th contender to make it to our list of the Best longboard for girls is the Dervish Sama Flex 3  from Loaded Boards.

The Dervish Sama Flex 3 is easy of the more well-rated and loved longboards in the marker? And the reason is its high-quality construction and standout design. The Dervish Sama Flex 3 has a deck that measures 42.8 inches in length and is furthermore 9 inches in width. You therefore clearly have a lot of leg space for easy and comfortable cruising. And to make sure that your feet stick stably and securely on the board through the whole transport, the Dervish Sama Flex 3 has a Black ML Grip tape on top on it. As for the deck, unlike most of our maple wood decks previously, the Sama Flex 3  is made from a flex, bamboo composite which is ready to take on weight as far much as 150 pounds. Perfect for juniors and teens looking for some easy cruising. The bearings used are SL on a Paris 180mm Black Longboard Truck. The width of the truck in ratio with the width of the deck itself is close. This, therefore, means better weight distribution and more control, while making turns and carving. Now, comes the wheel. The Devish Sama Flex 3 uses Orangatang Durian Purple 75mm 83a Longboard Wheels. The diameter makes its perfect for speed and acceleration while the durometer of 83a means it is more hard, less tacky. Ideal for rough streets.

One thing we really like about the Loaded Board’s flex series is that it comes in heaps of colors, and more importantly 2 more flex sizes: 1 and 2, which offer a higher weight limit for the big kids!


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Fast
  • Slight flex


  • Low weight limit

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7. Loaded Boards Tesseract Premium

And the 7th name to make it our list of the Best longboard for girls is yet again from Loaded boards. But this time, we are back with the Tesseract Premium!

The Loaded Boards Tesseract Premium is definitely a notch above the Dervish Sama Flex 3 in terms of construction and comfort. First of all, this longboard is perfect for cruising as opposed to downhill speeding. It has a really nice, wide and slight concave deck which makes for one of the most comfortable and easy user experience on the streets. The deck is 36 inches in length and 9.5 inches wide. You, therefore, have plenty of leg space and room. It also has the Loaded Custom Grip Tape to add tack and grip to your feet on the board. As for the internal mechanisms, the Loaded Boards Tesseract Premium uses SL Abec 7 Bearings on a caliber White 180mm truck. The width of the truck in comparison of the width of the deck makes for excellent stability and user control thanks to an even weight distribution. One thing that’s furthermore nice about this truck is that it has a 50-degree base which makes the board slightly flexible. As a result, you get more carving and turning competence on the streets. Finally, you get this board in 1 color and 1 size, but it is pretty darn sturdy and competent so we don’t mind cutting off the freedom of options and choices!

Finally, for the wheel, the Tesseract Premium uses 70mm wide Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Yellow Longboard Wheels. This size makes sure you can reach high speeds as fast as possible. The wheels furthermore have a hardness of 86a, which is perfect for rough surfaces.


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Fast
  • Slight flex


  • None so far!

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8. Sector 9 Meridian Complete Longboard

Sector 9 is said to produce some of the Best longboards for girls, and the one we have on our radar today is the very popular Meridian!

The Meridian Longboard is THE thing to get if you are into downhill cruising. This is all thanks to its very special deck which portrays a concave and curvy shape to along, along with it pointy tips which make downhill cruising a treat. The deck is made out of 8-ply maple wood which you can expect to outlast the rough streets. It is in fact strong enough to accommodate about 274 pounds of body weight! That’s one of the highest weight limits on our list of the Best longboard for girls…so far! As for the dimensions, the deck measures 40 inches in length and 10 inches in width which gives you plenty of leg room for an easier and smoother ride. Speaking of which, the trucks used on the Meridian are Paris V2 180mm which offers you furthermore stability and control since it almost matches the width of the deck. It also offers you a 50° RKP base plate and Bones Mini Logo Bearings, giving you some flex and mobility for smoothers turns and carving.You finally have the grip tape on top for added feet grip. The Meridian Complete Longboard comes in s single color and size only, but we’re good with it as long as it gets the job done!

This longboard is ideal for rough, uneven road. This is due to its large 72mm wheels with a hardness of 78a. And with a weight limit like that, it is great for both kids and adults!


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Fast
  • Slight flex
  • High weight limit
  • Durable bearings


  • Nada!

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9. Sector 9 Nicaragua Complete Skateboard Longboard Cruiser

Not everyone is looking for plain Jane. Sometimes more is more. We, therefore, think it is about time that we introduce some higher-end and fancy longboards into our list of the Best longboard for girls with the Nicaragua Complete Skateboard Longboard Cruiser from Sector 9/

The Nicaragua Cruiser Longboard is made for some very high speed and heavy-duty cruising. It is made from some of the most premium and responsible materials as well. First of all the construction of the deck involves 5 layers of high quality and vertically laminated bamboo. It is strong, durable and environmentally friendly as well! The deck measures almost 40 inches in length and 8 inches in width, giving you more than enough leg space for comfortable and no-fidget cruising. The trucks used on the Nicaragua Cruiser Longboard are 9″ GULLWING chargers which amazing stability and weight distribution against the width of the deck. It furthermore uses ABEC 7 bearings. What’s really unique to this longboard is that, unlike every other longboard on our list, it uses a clear grip tape. This is of course to showcase the beauty of the natural bamboo the deck is made of. Finally, you have the 65mm 9-ball wheels which offer unmatched speed and agility, even over rough, hard surfaces!

The Nicaragua Cruiser Longboard comes in the same size and graphics. However, you do get to choose between 2 different shades of wheels.


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Fast
  • Slight flex
  • High weight limit


  • None so far!

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10. Arbor Catalyst Longboard

And our final pick for the Best longboard for girls is definitely worth the splurge if you like the finer things in life. It is the Catalyst Longboard from the very renowned, very popular longboard company, Arbour!

The Arbor Catalyst Longboard is the best thing money can buy if you are looking for some freestyling and sliding board actions. The deck is made out of fiberglass and maple and is slightly concave to give you the strongest and most comfortable cruising experience. As for the dimensions, the deck is a good 42 inches long and a little over 9 inches wide. Clearly, you won’t be struggling with leg room. Apart from this, the Catalyst Longboard uses a Paris 180 trucks with ABEC 5 Bearings with spacers for the ultimate balance and stability. It furthermore offers a little flex to the deck which makes it perfect for carving, turning and of course, freestyle cruising. When it comes to the wheels, this longboard uses large 70mm diameter wheels which pick up speed very fast. And for hardness, the wheel is a 78a which is a little bit on the softer side, but that is exactly what makes it perfect for rough, even streets since the soft wheel has more grip and bite to them.

One thing that will instantly grab your attention about the Arbor Catalyst Longboard is that it has a very unique and catchy look and appeal to it. Well, it is a designer after all! Last but not least, this board comes in 2 different sizes for you to choose from.


  • Good stability and balance
  • Proper construction
  • Good weight limit
  • Fast
  • Designer appeal


  • None!

Buying guide: Best longboard for girls

Cruiser VS. Downhill

The deck is, of course, one of the most important components of the longboard. And the first thing you need to decide about it is the purpose of getting the longboard in the first place.

If you are looking for a longboard as a method of commute and transport from one place to another, then we recommend getting a cruiser deck. These boards offer smoother carving and turning, and more stability. Perfect for commuters and beginner longboarders!

On the other hand, if you are looking for something to something that is more about speed and tricks, then get yourself a downhill board. These boards tend to be flatter with a wider wheelbase, therefore offering you more stability. They are not as beginner friendly since they pick up speed very fast, and need a little more practice before mastering.

Deck material

Knowing what the deck of your board is made of is important, of course. And although maple is the most common and widely used material on the market, this is soon changing with the introduction of more affordable and sustainable options.

Maple is very sturdy and durable. And more or less all longboards use multiple layers or plies of this timber in the making of the deck.

Bamboo is just as a study, but it offers a slight flex to the deck, which is for cruising and cruiser longboards where taking turns and carving is important. It is furthermore thinner and more lightweight. However, one of the most important reasons behind bamboo becoming the preferred deck material is that it is also environmentally friendly.

Carbon fiber is one of the most expensive and coveted materials a deck can be made of. And most decks today will often use a mix of carbon fiber with another material. Decks made out this material will have a foam core which helps cushion the user’s weight more easily. It is furthermore very sturdy and stiff, and yet, flexible enough for cruising!

 Deck size

Deck size is a personal preference. It will almost always vary from user to user, feet to feet.

But we personally suggest getting decks that are above 35 inches in length and 6 to 7 inches in width. This gives your feet plenty of room to retreat after a push ahead.

Grip tape

Grip tape is that layer of abrasive, sandpaper-like tape that is slapped on top of your deck. It is there to offers grip and traction on your feet so that they do not slip or slide. When looking for a grip tape, the simple rule of thumb is to check the tack. It should be able to hold onto your feet.


The truck of a longboard is unbeatably one of its most important parts. This is what decides the flex, flatness, and speeds and so on. And while choosing a longboard, you will come across boards that offer 2 different type of trucks.

We personally recommend the drop-through truck. A drop-through truck is where you mount it on top and through the deck. It, therefore, makes the board closer to the ground and therefore flatter. This eventually means less leverage and less wobbling. However, this does compromise a little to turnings and carving.

While the drop-down truck is where you mount the truck right under the deck. This gives the deck more height and better speed. It is furthermore more responsive to turning. However, they do tend to be less table at the end of the day.

Base plate

The part that is screwed onto the deck of the board is its base plate. And the angle it is set at decide the intensity and finish of the curves and turns the board can eventually make.  The lower the base plate angle, the smaller the turn.

The base plate on a cruiser board should at least go on to offer you 50 degrees, while downhill should at least offer 44 degrees.


Wheels are no less important, but finding the right kind can be a job on its own. The 2 thing we suggest you look for in wheels is its size and hardness.

The size, measured in mm, should be able to tell you the coverage and speed it can offer you. And the rule of thumb is that the larger the wheel, the faster the board.

The hardness is measured in durometer. The smaller the number, the softer the texture. A 78a wheel would therefore much softer than a 99a. Soft wheels are great for rough, uneven road because it will eventually offer more grip and stability due to the texture. And harder wheels are better for smoother roads.


Bearing are measured in ABEC ratings. the ABEC rating starts from 1,3.5,7 and 9. 9 being the best.

However, ABEC misses out on many features in its accountability which is why it is a less credible measure. Many manufacturers will skate rate instead.


If it is expensive, fancy or high-end; try and get a warranty or any other type of purchase assurance. Simple.

Benefits to using a longboard

Cheaper transport

Let’s start with one of the most popular reasons behind people getting a longboard in the first place: affordability!

A longboard is obviously hundreds of time over less expensive than your car or bike. And well, for obvious reasons too. This thing is made from far less complex and inexpensive materials. However, you can expect a longboard to outlast a car if you get a high-quality one and also take care of it with regular pampers and repairs.

Faster transport

A longboard may not reach speeds similar to that of a running car or train, but leave no doubt, it can get fast!

This is especially possible on free roads or downhill streets. These boards can catch up speed ridiculously well and can, in fact, give bicycles and runners a good run for their money. One other great thing about longboards is that they can get into and through small spaces thanks to its size. So while your colleague and classmate are waiting in traffic, you could slip through and cruise away on the pedestrian walk faster than them! Also, who takes out the car for a 10-minute drive? Geez!

Environmentally friendly

If you are a socially and environmentally responsible person, then the longboard is like your magic carpet.

This thing uses no fuel. No gas, no oil, no nothing. Your legs and muscles are the fuel to it. They emit no harmful exhausts that poke holes through the ozone layer. They have no honks to sound pollute and finally, they are little to no maintenance for a very long time. Even the materials used to make longboards are now very carefully picked from sustainable resources. Overall, you will sleep well knowing you did mother earth some good, and you will feel great!

Good workout

Speaking of feeling great, this aspect isn’t all in the mind; it makes your body feel great too! Longboards, like we mentioned earlier, need your muscles moving to be able to cruise. And it is, therefore, a wonderful and painless way to work your body!

Your feet and leg muscles are being worked constantly, and you furthermore learn to create amazing balance on with your entire body as well. You could probably skip a leg day or two at the gym once you begin to commute on your longboard. Apart from this, one other benefit to using a longboard is that you get more air and more sunlight. Probably not much, but it can make a tremendous difference in your morning mood!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about longboards:

  1. How do I know it’s time to chuck out my current longboard?

Answer: The great thing about longboards is that they are buildable and repairable. In other words, if a wheel busts out, you can replace for a new one. Or, if the grip tape peels off, you can slap on a new one. Loose bearings? Get new ones. Essentially, a longboard will last as long as you take it and take care of it.

However, there is, of course, an end to everything. One giveaway that signals that it is time to change your existing longboard is a damaged deck. If it is chippings, cracking or has snapped, then getting a new deck is all left to do. And with a price of a new deck, you can usually purchase a brand spanking new longboard so. yeah. The deck it is.

  1. My 10 y/o is just starting with her first longboard. What would you recommend?

Answer: Great question! For kids, or even adults, who are starting out on a longboard for the first time, we recommend getting boards that come with a cruising deck as opposed to a downhill deck. This is due to the fact that downhill decks can catch speed in a second and can, therefore, be dangerous. Besides that, cruising deck offers more stability.

  1. Any particular gear I must wear or put on the whole longboarding?

Answer: Initially, start with a pair of knee and elbow pads. And if you are a special kind of a klutz, then maybe a helmet as well. This is especially for when using a downhill board. But yeah, you can take the same measures on a cruiser as well.

However, as you slowly become accustomed to the board, you will no longer feel the need to wear any special gears.

  1. Can I leave my longboards outside? Or do I need to keep it inside my home?

Answer: That’s a great question. More or less all longboards are made to be weather resistant….some more, some less; but still weather resistant. However, this doesn’t mean they are eventually immortal and indestructible. They will, in fact, start to rust and warp if you keep in under harsh weather conditions for too long. And you can’t blame the manufacturer for that.

Ideally, you would store it indoors. If it’s the dust and dirt on the wheels that are worrying you then we suggest wiping it off on the rug before entering the house…just like you would with your shoes.


Longboards are a huge hit, and now you know the many reasons why! They are healthy, convenient and super affordable…well at least two other means of transport and commutation they are. However, finding that perfect board is easier said than done due to the hundreds and thousands of them lined up for you. That is where our buying guide comes to play. Use this guide as you checklist the next time you are shopping for your board. And if you want to skip the hassle altogether, then our detailed reviews of 10 of the Best longboard for girls are ready and waiting. We have everything from starter to pro boards, basic to extravagant, lower-end to higher-end. You will not be disappointed, and that’s a promise!

With this, it’s a wrap to our take on the Best longboards for girls. We hope you will find our guide heaps useful. Thank you for staying with us and we will see you next time. Bye!


10 World’s Costliest Longboards & Where to Find Them

Longboarding has developed as the maximum popular, loving diversion and extremely thrilling thing among the youths. In the preliminary, you might get wounds and bumps. You will fall down numerous times and that’s how you would virtuoso this game. As to a greater extent people are getting habituated on longboarding – a sport addictive with its excitements, wiles, and convenience, the industrial corporations and their goods are rising in size as well. We measured all of these vital factors and collected a list of ten longboards that bid eminent features and sort of possibilities for your particular riding wishes,

#1. Santa Cruz

This board is manmade by Santa Cruz who have been constructing longboards from the time when 1973. Santa Cruz was established by a surfer. The slipshod, Rasta motif of this boarding mirrors that. You could also understand the surfer effect in its pintail, surfboard figure. This specific board has a floor made of hundred percent pure maple. This board is advertised as a Cruzer. It has a good reputation coming in at almost forty-three inches. It has a great excellence, durable deck, yet it may feel firm. So that’s vital to know if you want a more compliant board. Let’s go to the features,

  • Sixty-five-millimeter rolls.
  • Black Cut Trucks.
  • Three bearings.
  • Spray on clasp
  • Mass is nine pounds
  • Fitted functioning bottle opener

This a good board for novices and could be effortlessly altered for more progressive riders. They might need to differ the bearings for further speed. This board would draw a distinct crowd of longboarders, learners and experts alike. After talking to folks about their try out and riding the board it surely seemed that it has met their outlooks.

#2. Penny Longboard 

So this thirty-six inch one is a bit unlike, wearing a deck created from an underhand plastic formulation which is made-up to provide the board stability and a very well-regulated flex. The surface also has an unusual dipped design also a grasp coating. Amid the plastic stuff, smaller span, with buoyant deck mass, this one would surely be good one suited for newer riders. So we can say, it might be a great appetizer board. It might also be good for somebody transitioning from a smaller skateboard to a longboard. Features are,

  • The wheels are sixty-nine mm and wheels with similar cushions.
  • Best bearings figure.
  • This longboard has an insubstantial weight.

The longboard has great wheels making journey harmless and even. The arc on the deck delivers additional sustenance for the ankle linkages. So, you can say that this board is good for folks who are not riding longer distances.  Which is frequently the group where numerous children and youths would drop. The one additionally has a very toy-like appearance which certainly demands to the newer crowd.

#3. Sector 9 Longboard 

The Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop Longboard is our next choice. From the Sector 9 board, this one has a typical dated surfer appearance. The corporation began in in the 90s. It was enthused by a longboard rehabilitated from a snowboard. The Business knows longboarding and takes their stuff sincerely. The deck is prepared from cane which is an illustrious effortless material that provides a wonderful tighten and is fairly not too heavy. But the actual demand of this board is the suppleness of the surface. Also including its low trip and of course the deck with a minor arc. This is extremely good for the figure. The board is promoted as a nice choice for travelers. Especially the ones who use their longboard as an important mode of carrying. The drop-over and short profile make the trip quite constant. Thus it helps with stability. The bearings look to be fairly good also the wheels come up with a sound spin.

  • Has considerate sized wheels.
  • Drop-through truck bases
  • Has its individual trucks

Anybody would agree that the board is perfect for any skill level. Or even for a typical, slipshod, west coast longboard feel.

#4. Playshion Longboard 

PlayshionFreeride Freestyle Drop through Longboard is a longboard of the Playshion business that produces a diversity of longboards including skateboards and longboards, scooters, and equipment. This one is prevalent among the folks who would admire a freestyle board. It has a thirty-nine-inch surface with a drop-through outline. It is built of birch maple which has a delicate concave formed surface. The company goals to merge flex with toughness. They have certainly done a respectable job bringing a really nice ride board. Features to go through are,

  • Has huge aluminum trucks.
  • Contains good wheels that are much wide also.
  • Has wheel durometer with an SHR seventy percent rebound.
  • The board masses in at more than seven lbs.

The pace is almost certainly good since the bearings are of high excellence with a fast rotation. It can switch collisions and bangs well. It is a popular choice for the new riders who are not very specific with the details. When all is said and done, the whole thing about this board appears laid back and relaxed. This is exactly the potentials you might need in a longboard.

#5. Rimable Longboard 

Rimable Pintail Longboard 41 inch advances a drop-through low trip. Also, it includes with the appearance of a pintail surface. The surface is completed of nine-ply maple. The company does provide other deck plans also. So if the bands do not truly speak to you, no worries. You would get a floor you like. Rimable is a foreign, mass manufacturer. It is still a trustworthy establishment which uses eminence parts and materials on their products. You can see it as a decent birthday or outing gift. Give it to somebody attentive in trying out a fresh game.

  • Drop-done seven-inch aluminum trucks.
  • Has polyurethane controls.
  • Features in a nine-ply maple surface.
  • Bearings with super-speed emollient would make this board give you a very fast ride.
  • A little concave deck counts in the constancy factor.

This is a highly recommended board mostly for starters. Even if this is an economical board, the Rimable, is possibly one of the most likely ones for young riders. It is no less good than the more lavish Penny boards we have previously looked at.

#6. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard 

Quest is a US syndicate that sees what skaters besides long boarders need. They take their skills really. This enormously general board is a decent choice for more middle to progressive riders. Features include,

  • The rough seven inch trucks are completed of aluminum.
  • Has game Abec-7 bearings.
  • Has huge polyurethane wheels to counterpart its huge deck.
  • The surface has a kick tail.
  • Further strong.
  • A little cambered surface is great for weighty riders.
  • This one is a monster arriving in at ten lbs., obviously something to think through if you want to convey your longboard a lot.

The trucks give the impression which is somewhat basic. A little effort in footings of hardware customization is needed if to be cast-off by experts. Learners then again could enjoy tripping it right out of the box. This Quest board also looks to function just perfectly for heavy riders also who could be weighing up to a couple of hundred pounds as it does for children and youths. It has countless promises and provides riders a really amusing ride.

#7. Quest Skateboards 

Here is one greater longboard from Quest. The model is Zero Dark 40. It is a Downhill Style Drop. This board surely provides a dissimilar skill from the further Quest board out there. Even though this board is every now and then advertised as a skateboard, for our resolutions it’s certainly a longboard. At forty inches along with the drop through elegance, the surface is extended and the format is a drop flair which offers that typical longboard sail-like ride. This specific board is completed of cold climate seven-ply hardwood maple. Here are the features,

  • This one has an open-wheel outline which averts “wheel bite” damages.
  • Has a lightweight aluminum reverse kingpin trucks.
  • Seventy millimeters wheels is also a highlight.
  • More than seven pounds weighting.

This longboard rides each bit as well as the further luxurious ones. However, the turn radius is not so sound but it would still present an agreeable ride regardless of a few minor matters. These certainly could be with no trouble fixed with some advancements. For Example, new-fangled bearings and perhaps new trucks.

#8. Atom Longboards 

This board known as Atom Drop Deck Longboard of 41-Inch is a drop style longboard. It has certain real pros, along with a few actual cons also. We contemplate that it balances out to be a decent choice that bids great worth. That’s the cause we picked it. This one brags an ultra-low trip and this makes it upright for a simple figurine. Hereafter, you might reflect a little tinier form of the Atom drop deck at thirty-nine inches. It would possibly offer a slightly lighter mass. Atom is, in fact, a creation line produced by a business known as MBS. This one has been present since early-nineties, and they are stimulated by mountain game. Features include,

  • A deck which is full maple laminated.
  • With high-speed lubricant has Abec-9 bearings.
  • A casual deck outline that makes it stress-free to escape wheel bite.
  • Rear kingpin truck.
  • The wheels are broad and created of terrific high rebound urethane.

The exceptionally creative format up trips like a brick. Possibly due to its hefty weight.

#9. Aeroactive Longboard 

This is the lengthiest of all of our longboards mentioned, known as Aeroactive Longboard Skateboard Cruiser 45 Inch. This board has been labeled as a walkway surfer. This makes logic as it aspects like a surfboard on rolls. Here are the features,

  • This one sports Kingpin Reverse Aluminum seven inch 180-Trucks.
  • Abec bearings give it the ability for greater speeds.
  • This longboard has polyurethane turns.
  • Kick tail and control area at the back of the surface.
  • Dense weight at nine lbs.

This one is dense. The deck is very robust and rock-hard, giving a lot of provisions for weightier riders. Yet, it one way or another succeeds to be light sufficient to succeed tricks pretty fine and moreover, the key reason this board polish is its pace. The board gets decent speeding up and can get tripping pretty quickly. So if the pace is what you are chasing for then this is a solid option. You could have very much of enjoyment on this specific board, with a smooth trip and actually pleasurable speeds.

#10. Yocaher Longboard 

We would like to go for a board that advertises itself as a longboard for specialists as our final pick. 16 years far along they have altered their attention to longboards that can labor for all riding flairs. They have a pretty state-of-the-art blog on their site.It displays that they are vigorously attentive in the game. Here are the features,

  • Q-Ball rolls which have a durometer rating of 78A180 mm
  • HD7 hefty duty trucks created of aluminum alloy.
  • Chrome bearings Abec-7.
  • Finest grade Black Widow hold tape.

This board is properly heavy at almost eight lbs. So it is not a very right option for broods or minor people. People find it equally fast and even. Of course deprived of a lot of vibrates at higher speeds. However, it is not so sturdy which can make it break. This is clearly a major worry as far as excellence and protection are concerned. Yet, this board stays as widespread as ever with longboarders. So definitely it must be offering something that is holding Yocaher boarders pleased.


All of these longboards could be easily purchased from Amazon or any other online longboard suppliers. You can also try out a few beachside shops and stores or ask out someone who is addicted to surfing Their gorgeous designs will confidently woo your heart away. Even grown-ups can’t get their attention off it, undoubtedly because of the ecstasy and exhilaration it brings to you. But speaking about this passionate fun sport, it’s not simple to ride a longboard. You require a lot of preparation and elasticity to do it.


10 Most Popular Street Racer Sports That You Can Get Into

The US has had a loving concern with street racing. That affection has been revealed in and also expanded by prevalent culture. Street racing on bikes was the most usual way probable. Perhaps it all began with 2 men on sports scramblers who lit on a red light and faced up to dare each other to a race down the curved road, running to the next city and “loser has to buy beer” and were linked by one more associate, then 2 more. Later some time folks from the 2 cities joined to look at those guys winging thru the tracks.

Most Popular:-

Here we present the 10 most thrilling street racing sports surely which will win your heart,

  1. Longboarding

Longboarding is a game that is rising in approval. The board worked to longboard is a formal and practical fusing of the waves and skateboard. Grew on the West Coast beyond fifty years before, longboarding has been all over for certain time. Though, it is only freshly that it is apparently detonating in convinced areas of the United States. It has turned out to be specifically widespread on university grounds. Several students are selecting to tour to class through a longboard pretty than the outdated, campus preferred, the motorbike. Folks that trip the longboard state feeling a perception that is close to surfing, even if they are riding on a firm surface. This is obviously true if a person is riding the board precise.Efficacious riders are those that have a decent sense of stability and regulator. There are countless of longboarding classes. They take in cruising, carving, slalom, downhill, sliding, vert, freeriding and dancing. It is imperative to dress the right defensive tackle while longboarding since it can possibly be pretty risky, specifically for those that like to drive downhill.



  1. Dirt Bike Racing

Dirt bike game is obviously one of the maximum liked sports which are screening their status snowballing day by day. It’s very daring and the amusement allied with this sport is barely existing in other kinds of sports. The daring perception of this bike sport is obvious when we see its viewers growing day by day.  Dirt bike racing is measured as a thrilling sport. The exhilaration of watching the riders crossing over course and murky territory or carrying out death confronting jumps are irresistible and terrifying. It’s constantly an amazing and exceptional vision when a dirt bike thrills up knolls of dirt when it hurries or takes a harsh tum, and the thumps are stunning. Dirt bike sports turned out to be so prevalent that side-shoots of this thrilling sport emerged. Dissimilar styles of scrambling are established throughout the years. One of these spinoffs is called “freestyle motocross“. This is a newfangled sport, in addition, it doesn’t take account of racing, but then again as an alternative to racing, it aims at the aerial tricks that riders carry out.

Dirt Bike Racing

  1. Cycling

One of the most admired options for aggressive speeders is BMX racing. The BMX bike or the Bicycle Motocross is also a title that states to a current bicycle in herself that is operated by numerous people for unplanned drives. BMX competing is an off-road racing rivalry and is also measured a method of motocross racing. These races are fundamentally sprints on race paths that are single rounds and determination made for these races. The dirt paths are typically serpentine-like with big banked angles. Such angles help the BMX racers preserve their racing pace which is important to efficaciously carry out the race. A range of breakers and jumps are combined in these sequences to test the numerous skills and quickness of the contestants. Every so often labeled the race of reality, the time trajectory is one of the virtuous regulations in the globe of pedaling. Every rider counter to the watch, the time trial is a factual test of strength, practice, and approach. Hanging upon the detachment of the race, time trailing can proffer something for each and every one.


  1. Hoverboarding

These hoverboards that are far-reaching throughout the country like passion is the another thrilling one in our list. It’s certainly the present popular, hip fun implement. You’ve seen them all over the place be it on Social Medias and hoverboard flops videos, and also celebs are riding on them like Skrillex, Wiz Khalifa as well as Justin Bieber. The pace is dominant for hoverboard behaviors. If the pace is continued as the rider expansions altitude then the skill of hoverboard would get certain help from sleek lift if the rider uses correct methods to control the board and has the aptitude to conserve some connection with flight. A caught up outboard that is too tall from the soil would fall out of the sky and it would be the riders accountability to land up-right as well as use the ground cushion to halt his fall. The hover broad rider would need to think about relations of the ancient saying; “Speed is Life” and uphold the speed as it upsurges in height. In fact, bearing in mind the skateboard riders, this should not be too tough.


  1. Drag racing

Drag racing is a battle which includes 2 or more participants who drive in a horizontal line for a required distance which is normally a quarter mile. The motorist that shelters the most distance amid the 2 cars or touches the end 1st is the victor. Important abilities in drag racing are the skill to start with minimum wheel spin and moving as quickly as possible. These type of race on organized roads related with an authorizing body are permissible. Drivers classically line up while stirring under the announced pace limit. As soon as all the cars are prepared, one car would sound its siren 3 times; the 3rd time is the last signal to begin the run. One more method of opening the competition is to have an observer acting as a starter. Usually, he/she would use hand signs (also called flagging) to twitch the race. If the victor cannot be concluded, it is more often than not decided upon a communal agreement or having one more race. An alternative way to sign a race is by blinking the car’s high-beams.

  1. Touge Racing

The tough running from Japan has run to its receipt in other parts of the earth. Touge which in Japanese means “mountain pass,” as these races are possessed on mountain paths and passes. It commonly denotes to racing, 1 car at a time, or in a hunt format done in mountain passes. Specimens of such roads contain Del Dios Highway in California as well as Mount Haruna on the island of Honshū which is in Japan. Though, the street racing contest can direct to more folks racing on a specified road than would generally be allowable, thus leading to the status of danger characteristic. Touge races are naturally run in a finest out of 3 formats. Rival A twitches the first race with Challenger B straight behind. The champ is concluded by the 3 difference between the wagons at the ending line. For example, if Rival A has dragged away from Challenger B at the finish line, he is fixed the victor. If Challenger B has achieved to stay on Rival A’s tail, he has concluded the champion. For the 2nd race, Challenger B starts off in the lead and the victor is resolved using the similar method.

Tough Racing

  1. Cannonball Runs

“Cannonball Runs” are prohibited point-to-point road gatherings that include a minority of racers. They hearken back to the official European battles at the finish of the Nineteenth century. The battles expired away when the disordered Paris-Madrid race was withdrawn. This happened at Bordeaux for security motives after several fatalities concerning motorists and pedestrians. Point-to-point races resurfaced in the US.While Erwin George Baker who ran off-road on record ending tracks that sustained for years. Being licit at the moment, and the word “Cannonball” was written by him. Nowadays drivers would hold races from one section of a city or country to the other end and whoever makes the quickest overall time is the conqueror. In current society it is somewhat hard if not unattainable to structure an illicit and really thrilling road race, there are yet some occasions which may be deliberated racing, let’s say the Gumball 3000 or Gumball Rally, as well as Players Run races. These races which are more frequently identified as gatherings for authority’s sake are typically comprised of rich folks. They race sports cars crossways the country for excitement.

  1. Highway or Road racing

Now we are going to talk about the common one in our list. Highway or street racing is a more spur-of-the-moment form of running. These races include 2 or even more cars which have to strive up until one party persists in the race. This is different from the drag race which we discussed above, in that it is in general not premeditated, and takes place as soon as the racing parties come upon each other while steering. In Tokyo, highway racing is recognized as “Wangan” in which every single Friday at twelve o’clock Competitors with their very much customized cars would race on Tokyo’s Shuto Expressway. They love it and it’s one of the most popular thing out there. It gives that kind of adrenaline rush to racers for which they would literally crave for. A Street racing squad that worshipped the act was The Mid Night Club. Street Road racing, where not forbidden, and it involves 3 easy rules:

  • The Victor is in front at the ending.
  • The Head decides the strategy.
  • The ending is when the chaser walks out.
  1. Kart racing

Kart running or karting is a variation of open-wheel motorsport and is mostly supposed as the treading stone to the advanced ranks of motorsports. It includes minor, open, 4-wheeled vans called karts. Also called go-karts, or gearbox/shifter karts liable on the model and are normally run on scaled-down routes. An expert rider and a race car producer at Kurtis Kraft made the 1st kart in California. Promptly widespread, Karting quickly spread to other nations and at this time has a huge following in Europe. Kart racing is commonly recognized as the most economic form of motorsport accessible on 4 wheels and as a free-time bustle, it could be done by almost anyone. There is a guide which is released each year in some countries. It specifies the numerous rules and guidelines that race meetings and motorists have to check on. Racing lessons could start at age seven or eight.  In the US 5 year is the minimum age. All in all run in 3-year age categories or weight separations until “senior” rank is touched at age fifteen or sixteen, liable on the run.

Kart Racing

  1. Drifting

Drifting is a steering procedure where the driver purposely overly steers, with loss of grip in the rear wheels or each tire, while preserving switch and steering the car over the entireness of a corner. Car drifting is affected when the rear slip corner is better than the front slip corner, to such a degree that habitually the front wheels are directing in the opposite course to the turn. Now what matters the most with drifting is whether it’s a public preparation day or an international race, one should have fun! There is something integrally exhilarating about conferring a trail with the car absolutely sideways, briefly counter steering in the pointing of the slide as delicately adjusting compression on the throttle to poise the car. Several drivers really relish the fact that working the skill of drifting at grassroots events edifies them how to securely control a car at its boundary, while others purely love the adrenaline rush of throwing a car around a path while entirely sideways with smoke wafting from the rear tires. In its meekest sense, drifting interprets to pure driving satisfaction and delight.


Street racing could occur in all places, it can be subversive or can be an authorized race. The present flow in street racing could be outlined to 10 years ago when “The Fast and the Furious” hit the screens with its stunning race views. If you are interested in these type of street sports, remember to not look for shortcuts. Turn out to be an immaculate, cold and courageous engine before you ever stab to go into street racing or bourgeon your probabilities of harsh grievance and demise.


Why Should You Go for a Longboard Immediately

Longboard has been a popular action riding sport ever since it was introduced as a fun form of transportation in the 1950’s by a group of surfers, initially as surfing boards, and later this idea was innovated into a piece of a long wood plank with wheels attached to it. Longboards are mostly used as a sports tool. Other uses may include simply riding it around town with pals or alone. Usually a little bigger in size than its counterpart skateboard, it too, just like skateboards, comes in variable sizes and shapes. Longboards are mostly known for its greater stability, durability, and traction. These variations in physical appearances serve different purposes to the rider, which means the rider will need to buy different longboards to enjoy different riding styles.



The deck of the longboard is mostly responsible for its overall performance while in action. Longboard decks come in different shapes; this helps classify the designs made for a specific riding style. To name a few a types of longboard decks, we have the following list:

  1. Downhill

As the name probably gives it away, Downhill Longboards are perfect for riding downhill slopes and the curviest terrains. These Longboards are accessorized with a defined rear end to assure smooth changes in direction while turning. One of the colossal issues faced by a Downhill rider is speed wobbling. This can be solved by purchasing a quality Longboard.

  1. Drop Through

If you are looking to ride in relax mode, Drop Through is the appropriate Longboard for you. Drop through mounting lowers the rider’s central gravity providing a greater stability, making it perfect for merely cruising around, entailing considerable safety for the rider.

  1. Carving Longboards

When it is considered to be one of the most important skills to learn, appropriate Longboards holds the status. Carving Longboards are made to ensure that the rider is able to make sharp, angular turns.

  1. Cruising Longboards

CruisingLongboards have wider deck and truck. This allows smooth non-exceptional rides. This type of board is ideal for riding to the mall or crowded places. Due to having wider truck and deck, cruising longboards provide exceptional stability to the rider. This type of longboard is perfect for beginners at longboarding.

  1. Bamboo Longboards

If you are looking to Go Green and light, bamboo longboards provide the perfect accommodation. Apart from being lightweight, bamboo longboards are completely organic, also allowing easy riding. Good quality bamboo longboards can last a long time. The only drawback is it can be difficult to replace the wheels if they wear out.


Brands Of Longboards

  1. Pintail longboards

If you have got skills to show off, this particular longboard is just for you. Having a pointed nose and tail, this brand of the longboard is ideal for taking sharp turns and directional riding. It is the best longboard for mastering balancing and tricks.

  1. Fishtail Longboards

Fishtail Longboards are similar to pintails but with a split tail hence embracing the name “fishtail” longboard

  1. Blunt Longboards

These longboards have a shorter nose and tail which makes it inconvenient for a skillful rider, but convenient for a beginner as it is easy to learn tricks with. The rounder, wider nose and tail ensure better safety, especially to a beginner who has yet to find his balance.

  1. Mini Cruiser Longboards

This type of longboard is a hefty one as it provides the least stability to the rider. This makes it unsuitable for a beginner in longboarding. Otherwise, its shorter sized deck is ideal for making quick sharp turns. It is not recommended for a rider if he is not skilled at longboarding.

  1. Twin Longboards

Due to having wider sides twin longboards are typically ideal for learning new tricks and improving your overall riding skills. These boards were introduced in the 90’s for freestyle riding. It is said that when buying twin longboards, it is recommended that you install soft wheels instead of the regular ones, this will allow you to learn amazing skills.

6. Mini Cruiser Longboard

This type of longboard comes with drop through trucks, which will allow it to lower the longboard giving proper stability. It is ideal for freestyling, downhill riding and free riding as it has the ability to use large wheels and take deep turns. Its overall built allows it to resist skidding while riding. These longboards are bi-directional which allows easy switching and turns to take place.

  1. Drop Down Longboards

These longboards allow the rider to push easily due to having a lower deck and a nose. This feature is known to provide great comfort to the rider.

  1. Speed longboards

Speed longboards provide better stability and as the name speaks for itself these longboards are perfect for speed riding and also better stability at high speed.


Points to keep in mind while buying one

There are more to a longboard than what meets the eyes. There are many points a buyer has to consider in order to make an informed decision. Buying the wrong longboard may be a huge waste of money and also increases your chances of having an accident. Based on some experts’ advice, the factors which need to be thought-out are:

Riding style and Skill Sets

Different longboards are available for riders at different stages. It is important to know your riding abilities before deciding on a longboard. Sometimes due to being at different levels and having mixed skill sets, it can be a challenge for riders to decide on a specific longboard. It is important to know your progression throughout your longboarding journey.

It is better to take the time to research your longboards before deciding on a longboard, for example a downhill longboard will look and serve a somewhat different purpose from a longboard which was designed for freestyling, Different decks shapes, sizes, nose length, etc. give these longboards their unique appearance to serve a different purpose from each other. Each Longboard is for a particular riding style.


Why You Should Longboard

Even though it may seem like an overrated sport from the 20th century, it is still a fascinating action riding to many who have explored a longboard. School children in some countries take this as a sport too. These kids can be found riding around town with friends or at skate rinks performing neat tricks. A longboard is fairly different from a skateboard, appearance, and performance wise, but that is a long lost fact given the drastic similarities between them. A traditional longboard is typically larger and longer than a traditional skateboard.

Longboards were unintentionally invented when a group of surfers came up with a tool to surf on. Longboarding is done out of the sole purpose of having fun or an actual sport. It can be a great exercise as you are expending energy from trying to keep your longboard in control and balanced with you balanced on top of it, with one foot pushing off the ground to maintain a constant speed. It is more convenient to use than other larger transportations; Longboarding saves physical space, fuel money, environment and keeps you fit. Many have been seen to longboard to and within university, office, etc. This indicates that its usefulness is becoming more notorious each day.

Longboarding is not left in the 90’s

Youths of the last two decades have left their marks in the longboarding world. They had access to rinks and stadiums which were made purely for the purpose of longboarding. Children in the past used longboarding as a mean of reliable yet fun sort of transportation. Groups of adolescents could be seen rolling around on four wheels, performing occasional tricks and stunts to gain a few “ooh”s and “ahhh”s from passersby.

Longboarding keeps you fit

Unsurprisingly children in those times were also much fit in comparison to today’s children. Longboarding is one of many sports which keeps you fit. Prolonged longboarding builds stamina, agility, and balance. Longboarding regularly serves you your daily shot of cardio, keeping the weight at bay. If combined with other core strengthening exercises your body will be feeling stronger and lighter than ever. Performing tricks requires a lot of quick movements. This helps burn fat and build lean muscles. In summer, this could be considered as one of many fun ways to lose weight with friends or family, after a long fun session of longboard purchasing.

Longboarding gives you abs

While concentrating on the role of legs so much, we forget about the abs workout being carried out. Along with your legs, your torso stays under pressure of making quick movements in order to control the board and the direction it will go in. If mixed with a strict diet, you are bound to have a skater body abs in no time.

Agility is a plus

The word agility speaks to power, flexibility, and greatness. You are able to make quick frank moves without having to feel tired and loathsome. Your body will not feel heavy and sweaty anymore. Flexibility means volumes for a great health. You lessen the risk of experiencing joint pain or muscle tear.

You save money

An average working person spends approximately $1000+ on a car per month. With the purchase of a suitable longboard, you will be saving that $1000 for sure.

Now that is drastic save of money!

Longboards are very durable

A good quality longboard will last 10 entire years if not faced with a physically damaging accident. Longboards are extremely durable. Even if used every day they will last you a very long time. You can upgrade your longboards after two years as well to a newer design.

Longboarding saves you space

A longboard is approximately inches long and a few inches wide whereas the same cannot be said about a car. Longboarding to work could be a smart alternative to driving a car to work every day; saving your car mileage from shooting up, sparing a parking space, saving you the constant gas trips to the pump station and you can dodge traffic on your way to work/school daily. A longboard can easily be tucked away under your work desk so you will not need to occupy a parking after all.

Go Green!

Global warming is enough concerning as it is, resulting in drastic climate change. Now there is also the scarcity of fuel on earth. Reducing carbon footprints can do wonders for the environment. Longboarding is in no need of fuel use. They operate by feet; one foot is to always remain on the deck and one foot is used to push off the ground every now and then. If your home is not too far from your destination, longboarding is a healthy, green alternative to a car that runs on gasoline.



Longboards have been around since the mid-1900’s. Although it had its ups and downs on the stage of fame, it has always made a comeback. It seems that people cannot seem to forget or avoid the advantages that come with the ownership of a longboard. From primary school children to university students to working adults, male or female, longboarding knows no segregation. Anyone of any walking age is welcome to purchase one. It is after the first longboard purchase that most riders choose to grow up with it. It is after learning to balance themselves that riders find their freedom are on a longboard. The first trick performed independently is always cherished in a rider’s memory. This goes to show that the choice of longboarding may be more personal and close to home than it appears.

Skateboard parks are still as popular to this day as they were in the 80’s and 90’s among general skateboard riders and longboard riders. Most rinks are teeming with creative performers and riders who just generally ride to have fun. Longboarding is the lifestyle of the free and fun ones. There is a great amount of tranquility in being physically able to move quickly and away from any situation on a piece of wooden plank on wheels. A Longboard is not just a longboard, they become a part of your identity through the years of bonding. So why not feel the thrill today?


Best Longboard Companies

What if your favorite sport was not just a sport? What if it was also a great help to you every day? In other ways than being refreshing, that is.

In fact, longboarding is such a sport that is both useful and fun. When streets are filled with cars causing the traffic jam, you can easily maneuver your longboard through the side of the street and reach your destination. So, you are getting to your destination and also working your limbs and mind. What more could you ask of a sport?

Now, that I am done talking about the generosity of longboarding, let’s know something interesting about how longboarding developed. Well, longboarding and skateboarding are the same types of sport. The difference lies in their construction. Longboards are bigger in size than skateboards with some other constructive changes that allow you to have better control and high speed.This sport in fact developed from the sport of surfing on waves. As you might already know that waves are temporary. Big waves come and go, sometimes doesn’t come at all. So, you might be in the mood for a good surf but alas! You find no waves. As a result, from the idea of surfing, people developed longboarding. Consequently, you could surf around on the ground without waiting eagerly for waves!

Whether you are an onlooker or a rider, you ought to notice the risk this sport comes with. A faulty or low-quality longboard might even cost you your life or an injury you cannot ignore. So, before buying a longboard you must be very sure of the quality of the material and construction of it. Also, you must choose a longboard that fits your style of riding. Then, make sure that the one you are buying has the best construction for the features you require.

So, you must buy your longboard from companies that have been in the market for a while, experimented and has developed their product styles. Being a sports product, it requires experience and knowledge to develop itself.So, buy from companies that ensure you the same!

In order to help you do exactly that, we are publishing this article on the 5 best Longboard companies. So, if you know your style, you can choose any of these companies to buy your longboard from without worrying about the quality.


5 Best Longboard Companies 

Sector 9

Founded in 1993 Sector 9 is a top-notch longboard brand by the passionate riders themselves.Sector 9 is actually the name given to the area the founders of this company hung out in.As the founders are boarders themselves, they know the features of a skateboard well. Over time, they have not only been producing traditional longboards but also developing the features by making slight changes in important areas. In fact, slight changes in any part and measurement of a longboard highly affect its efficiency. And, Sector 9 has been utilizing the sensitive changes to develop innovative longboards with enhanced features that offer you greater horizons of the highest quality.

Why should you choose it?

As for the quality provided, Sector 9 has never failed to meet a rider’s demands with its high-quality materials used, sturdy design and affordable price. In fact, Sector 9boards are referred to as ‘gateway boards’ by many riders. As it provides the ultimate experience of smooth longboarding at a lower cost than other high-end brands.

Is it for you?

In fact, it provides you with a wide variety of longboard types to choose from that is suitable for both beginners and experts with any style.  Apparently, the board comes with such designs that you would want to keep your longboard at a place where every visitor to your house can see it apart from showing it off while riding. Whether you ride downhill, uphill or on plain roads, Sector 9 boards will provide you with comfort and a smooth ride customized to your style wherever you ride!

The variety of boards that Sector 9 offers come equipped with wheels that serve each of the board’s actual purpose. Whether you want to ride fast like Flash or handle slopes well, you will definitely find your dream board with the perfect wheels right here.Also, they use Gullwing Sidewinder trucks which is suitable for both carving and freestyle. You can even choose the deck best suited for you. The new additions like ‘the Rocker’ have impressed the riders more.

So, however, and wherever you ride, you will always find all your required features in a single Sector 9 board.


I personally think the name is very catchy and has a certain intensity in it, don’t you think?  Fortunately, like the name, Gravity is quite intense about satisfying riders as well. Established in 1994 by Michael Bream, Gravity is one of the oldest, leading and legendary longboard manufacturers.


The first thing you need to notice about Gravity is that they produce eco-friendly longboards! In fact, this company uses monofilament particles and V-Lam to reduce air pollution. Moreover, the boards use water-based ink to prevent water pollution. So, you can expect nothing less than high-quality, functional and sturdy boards from a company that looks out for the environment.

For Whom?

As for suitability, Gravity provides boards suitable for both experts and beginners. Even though it produces efficient and top-notch boards that are good for freestyling, it is particularly famous for downhill and sliding maneuvers.Also, the speed and sturdiness gravity boards provide are quite remarkable.

This company lets you choose from 27 different deck designs so you ought to find the perfect deck for you. Moreover, you can order customized boards as well. As for the design, the boards have a design that speeds it up as it moves. Also, the wheels are either small or of medium size is meant for high performance and swift changes in direction.But, many don’t like the wheels for being soft. The trucks the board comes with are strong, steady, durable and easy to handle. Adequate space between the bushing and the base makes the bushing durable. Gravity boards also come with high-quality bearings that is suitable for experts even.

The Khantaka and Bhangra are new additions to their collection. The Bhangra being great for free-riding and dancing with its lightweight and the Khantaka with its ability gain great speeds has caught rider attention. Whereas the Gravity Hyper-Carve is one of the best boards Gravity has offered.


Loaded might be an expensive brand but the quality is what you are looking for when buying a longboard. And, it has not disappointed it’s riders since 2000 in this case.

Worth the Expense.

These expensive boards of Loaded come with good value.

Most of their boards have high-quality decks and advanced construction and features. Some of the cool features include concave, flex and rocker. Also different mounting options. Loaded boards also come with precision skate bearings such as “mini-logos” rather than lower-rated generic skate bearings which give a better roll speed. Wheels are also very suitable for the style of the board and its intended use.In addition, Loaded also focuses on trick boards to make your ride smoother and better. Trucks and other necessary hardware can also be found.

On a special note, if you decide to purchase directly from Loaded you have the benefit of choosing trucks, and wheels with an extensive list of options.

For Any Rider.

Loaded does not have a myriad of longboard styles to choose from but nevertheless, it comes with a good variety. In addition to being suitable for any style, it adds speed to that style.

Particularly, loaded longboards best suit experts. But if you are an expert on the making, it’s for you as well!


The 4th brand on our list that has been able to keep up with the expectations of the riders since 1997 is the Landyachtz.Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand decided to build this brand from scratch after one of them went to California and saw the beneficial uses of longboards. Returning home, they experimented and built innovative longboards that were much more efficient in reaching their performance targets.Gradually, the brand gained popularity with its high-quality, innovative designs, robustness and functionality winning the hearts of the riders around the world.

Stunning Performance

Landyachtz never compromises in case of quality or environment safety. They always use maple wood and other high-quality woods for making the decks of the longboards. As a result, the riders get comfort, assurance and easy control over the board besides ensuring use of eco-friendly materials. Moreover, they use Plastic elastic PU wheels which enables the rider to make swift and sharp turns without facing any kind of risk or trouble. The top-notch trucks used by the company also ensures the buyer of a smooth, fast and enjoyable ride without anything to worry about.Also, they use busing coming in various shapes and sizes for different models of longboards. And, they provide a model with the best-suited busing assuring your immediate response and good grip from the longboard. Lastly, they use ABEC11 bearings for most of their boards assuring stability to the rider.

As for the design, they just make sure that their longboards with their unique designs and colorful looks make your appearance as vibrant as possible

Fit for Everyone:

Beside the quality, one other factor that makes Landyachtz so great is the large variety of longboards it manufactures. Whether you want the board for cruising, downhill, freeride or freestyle, Landyachtz has just what you need! If you want all of these in one board, Landyachtz has the perfect model for you nevertheless.Moreover, if you prefer a combination between any of the boards specialized in one style, look for it in Landyachtz and I am sure you will find it as well.

Landyachtz also makes sure that the type of longboard you want to buy suits the budget you have for it. So, yes the products are very cost effective. But, some of the Landyachtz longboards have a slightly higher price than other companies but the quality makes up for the high price.

In the end, Landyachtz ensures that you do not regret your investment in them with their amazing products designed to perfection.


Straight from Vancouver, Rayne has been one of the leading longboard manufacturers since 2004.Graham Buksa found it, eventually expanded it and made it popular by manufacturing longboards with unique features from their signature materials. Rayne longboards are somewhat expensive. But, the quality and features of the longboards compensate for the high price.


Unlike Landyachtz and Gravity, Rayne longboards are not eco-friendly. So, if you are really concerned about the environment, you won’t like the materials they use. Otherwise, they provide you with longboards that are durable, sturdy and fluent in their movements. As a matter of fact, you get the most durable and rugged longboards made from a mixture of Bamboo and fiberglass with a favorable mix ratio from this brand.For many years, they have been focusing on making thinner and lighter longboards for both ease of use and best performance. You will find many of their longboards with a concavely shaped deck. They recently added this feature to improve the fit between the riders’ foot and the board, besides providing them with better grip. Moreover, you get the best quality wheels, trucks, bearings and busing that are also well suited for each of the models from this brand.

For both Experts and Beginners:

Because of the high-performance capability of the Rayne products, they best suit the experts with various styles. But, that does not mean beginners cannot use it. Beginners who are planning to keep up the sport and develop it over time should definitely buy one of these longboards as they will last a long time and can easily stand the wear and tear you are about to make.

As for style, whatever style you have, Rayne has the perfect longboard for you. It has a wide variety of longboards suitable for any and all styles of longboarding. Also, the gears being perfectly made suit the longboards they are attached with.

So, if you are planning to be in this sport for a while and invest time and money in it then you can choose one of Rayne’s boards.


— Conclusion —

Longboards are not that cheap and also the reason they are used for is not very safe either. Therefore, one little mistake could cost a lot.

Since you are planning to start this sport or already are soaring in this sport, you need to be very careful while buying your own board.

Low-quality and poor-constructed boards may injure you greatly or cause you great humiliation besides wasting your valuable money. Moreover, a poorly-fitted board unsuitable for your style will not let you shine brightly in this sport.

So, choose the products from the best longboard companies that have been in the market for a while. Also, that ensure high-quality products coming with the perfect features for your style!


Best Longboard Trucks Review 2018

Before we begin talking about longboard trucks it is critical that we know that what longboards are. Longboards are basically surfboards on wheels which is one of the best ways to have fun in summer. I think it was probably created by surfers who got bored of surfing or wanted something funky to hit the roads with. So, are longboards and skateboards the same? No, longboards and skateboards are not the same. Longboards are greater in every dimension, length, and width. They also come attached with big wheels, but such is not the case for skateboards.best longboard trucks

Skateboards are smaller in size in every term and they also have small wheels. Longboard is very popular among young people and also among adults who like sports. Many people might not know this but it is actually a great way to lose weight. You may ask how? Well, longboarding helps you move every muscle on your body. It is a great source of cardio exercise. The more you go longboarding the more workouts you do. The more you can keep health issues, such as; diabetes heart diseases and cholesterol at bay. There are other benefits to longboarding as well, such as; it develops your reflexes, build muscles, makes the ankles and calves stronger, increases coordination of the body with the brain, balancing

The more you go longboarding the more workouts you do. The more you can keep health issues, such as; diabetes heart diseases and cholesterol at bay. There are other benefits to longboarding as well, such as; it develops your reflexes, build muscles, makes the ankles and calves stronger, increases coordination of the body with the brain, balancing the power of the body is also developed, critical thinking and taking quick decisions also increases and a lot more. All these do not only help you to have a good longboard ride but, affects your other sectors of life in a beneficial way as well. Above all, it saves your bus-fair or commutes fair money and is a quick and most used mode of transport for many. Ever thought that you do not even need to park your commute? Yes, you do not need to park a longboard.

All these do not only help you to have a good longboard ride but, affects your other sectors of life in a beneficial way as well. Above all, it saves your bus-fair or commutes fair money and is a quick and most used mode of transport for many. Ever thought that you do not even need to park your commute? Yes, you do not need to park a longboard.

As I said longboards are simply surfboards on wheels but they do come in several shapes, such as; concave, drop down, through the drop and a lot of other shapes. All these are ergonomic. They follow scientific methods for the design of the body. The basic physique of the thing is a long, wide board, mostly narrow at the front and back with trucks on two ends. Fixed on the trucks are big semi-hard wheels with bearings, spacers, rise pads and hardware. They are all held up and kept in place by pivot pins. All these are there to ensure a good ride for the user while looking after their personal safety.

If you are riding longboards it is very important to check that the wheels of the board are okay and that the trucks are tightly fixed to your board. The trucks are also longer in length and wider with strong bearings, good hangers, semi-hard big wheels and pivot pins that are much durable. It is important to know that the number of tools available with the trucks the better, such as availability of spacers, washers, bolts, nuts and riser pads. The whole thing needs to go through a thorough check at first before buying. To avoid bumpy ride make sure the bushings, wheels, and riser pads are all rebound. Otherwise, the board might flip and you might have an unwanted meeting with the ground. As funny as it may sound, this can sometimes turn very serious. Moreover, accidents are never pleasant.

Trucks are a crucial part of the boards and it is important to use good quality trucks. Best are the trucks that could be used with different shaped boards and even with skateboards. As your luck might have it, today, we will review ten best trucks for you and your board. So, let us not wait anymore. Hop aboard and let’s go up and away!

The Ten Best Longboard Trucks are:

  1. SCSK8 LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 70mm WHEELS + 9.75″ Truck Package
  2. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – set of two
  3. LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 71mm WHEELS + 9.675″ Polished / Black trucks Package by Yocaher
  4. Havoc Havoc Longboard Trucks Reverse Kingpin (Pair) Skateboard
  5. VJ Skateshop 7” Reverse 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Black, Silver) (Set of 2)
  6. Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard Trucks – set of two
  7. Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo w/ 70mm Wheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 Bearings
  8. LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ LED light up WHEELS + trucks Package by Yocaher (70mm Blue, HD7 Black trucks)
  9. Longboard 180mm Trucks + 70mm Wheels + Bearings Combo (Solid Black)
  10. LONGBOARD TRUCKS COMBO set 71mm SHR WHEELS + 9.675″ freeride trucks Package by Volador

Now that you the name of the trucks that I will review and their company has been revealed, let us take a closer look at each of the trucks and find out their specifications and details.

SCSK8 LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 70mm WHEELS + 9.75″ Truck PackageSCSK8 LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w: 70mm WHEELS + 9.75 Truck Package

Our first pick is the SCSK8 Longboard Skateboard truck combo. This truck has wheels of 80A hardness and 7 inches Hanger. It comes with 9.75 inches Axle to Axle truck. The bearings used are SCCK8 ABEC 9 Bearings and the wheels with it are of dimensions 70mm*55mm. The hardware of the truck is 1.25 inches. This whole product has a dimension of 4*8*10 inches and is reversed in nature. The body of trucks

The body of trucks is made of metal and the wheels are made of polyurethane. Polyurethane is the best material for making wheels. SCSK8 truck works on most deck, regardless of the size or shape. This model was erected in 2015 and ABEC 9 is a good and strong bearing. The wheels available in the package come in a variety of vibrant colors that reflects out ones’ personality. There are twelve delighting colors altogether to choose from and the colors are as follows: Clear, Black, Ground Red, Neon Green, Orange, Solid Red, Solid Blue, Transparent Blue, Transparent Purple, Transparent Red, White, and Yellow. The whole product comes with a toolkit which is quite helpful for the users.


  • The wheels are available in 12 different colors
  • Strong bearings with good quality, ABEC 9 Bearings
  • The truck works with most decks
  • The gaskets provided with the item reduces road vibrations and bumping
  • Has spacers and washers in the toolkit
  • Packaging of the product is done in such a way that no items inside is hidden from the customer
  • The grip of the wheels are very strong


  • Not recommendable for most skateboards
  • Sliding is not preferred with this it is only for cruising

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – Set of TwoCaliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks - Set of Two

The second truck that we have on our list is a renowned company named, Caliber. The first Caliber which was simply known as Caliber trucks were a huge success among buyers, but the company has come up with something even better for their customers. It is called Caliber II trucks. This is a reversed kingpin truck. There has been a number of upgrades done to this truck. Firstly, these trucks can bend up to fifty degrees. The inner step of the Cal II has been boosted to give the trucks greater contact area with the bushings. This increases the trucks revival and tolerance ability giving users a smooth and bump-free ride.

On the other hand, the outer-step has been made a perfect circle so that it will fit in with any bushings and there is no slopping. To ensure a tight good fit for the pivot pin the pivot cup’s surface area of contact with the baseplate has also been increased. The kingpin diameter is also kept in alliance with their precision trucks only to ensure lean and proper clearance. Caliber has also established a new in-house treatment process that will make the trucks stronger by forty percentages.

Stronger baseplate, the pressed-in kingpin and the in-house treatments all gives customers the best service without sacrificing anything, such as good control. You will find an 89A ultra high rebound bushing with the product. It is available in two colors, Blood orange as well as Bones Reds bearings with it.  The truck is available in ten colors and they are as follows: Acid Melon, Black Black, Raw Silver, Raw with Bones Reds, Satin Blue, Satin Gold, Satin Green, Satin Purple, Satin Red and White with Gold.


  • Maximum stability
  • Can be configured in several ways
  • Bushing seats distributes weight equally and cancels out extra movements
  • Have a lot of facilities
  • Comes with hard bearings and Ultra High Rebound bushing
  • They are good for sliding
  • The trucks are available in pairs
  • Available in ten different colors of which some have a satin touch to it


  • Does not come with mounting hardware
  • The bolt pattern does not fit with old bolt patterns 

LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 71mm WHEELS + 9.675″ Polished / Black trucks Package by YOCAHERLONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w: LED light up WHEELS + trucks Package by Yocaher

This is another good deal that you can consider in your list. The model number of the truck is 071100. There are four wheels attached to it called, Q-ball wheels with dimensions of 71mm*51mm. The wheels have a hardness of 78A. The trucks are polished and come in a pair. They have 175mm HD7 reverse kingpin heavy-duty trucks and hanger of 175mm as well. It also comes with 9.675 inches axle to axle trucks made of aluminum alloy. This means you are safe from the hands of rust. The Kingpin is of Grade 8 with 90A PU bushing.

There are eight bearings that are called, Ritalin ABEC 5 Chrome bearings. The hardware present in the set are eight in number which is of 1.5 inches and are heavy duty. Two Risers are available that help eliminates the wheel bite. The riser pads are ¼ inches or 0.25 inches and are placed with greater distance between the deck and the wheels. They are available in eleven lucrative colors and the colors are as follows: Baby Blue, Gel Blue, Gel Clear, Gel Red, Solid Black, Solid Green, Solid Orange, Solid Pink, Solid Purple, Solid White and Solid Yellow.


  • Trucks made of Aluminum alloy, meaning, there is no chance of rusting
  • Better grip and stability due to presence of HD7 Reverse Kingpin Truck
  • Bearings are pre-lubed with synthetic oils which ensures smooth ride
  • Bearings come with spacers
  • Bolts and nuts are available with the pack and they come coated in black
  • Riser pads eliminates wheel bites and protects the deck
  • The stress on the body is prevented by keeping the trucks, not in direct contact with the deck
  • Easily adjustable trucks due to availability of kingpin
  • The truck is pre-assembled
  • The hardware is strong and durable
  • Different range of colors are available for choice
  • The colors are available in two categories: Solid and Gel
  • Can be used with skateboards


  • There are better bearings available in the market
  • The screws are small in size
  • It cannot carve
  • Not applicable for sliding rather for cruising

Havoc Longboard Trucks Reverse Kingpin (Pair) SkateboardHavoc Longboard Trucks Reverse Kingpin (Pair) Skateboard

The next one that we have for our review is a truck specifically designed for longboards. This should be good news to many. They are also reversed in nature and uses Kingpin as pivot pins. Like most trucks, these trucks are also made of aluminum alloy which helps them to avoid rusting. The product is 180mm or 7 inches in width and comes in two smart colors. The colors are Black and Silver or Raw.


  • Fits most longboards
  • Aluminum alloy prevents rusting
  • Longboard specific design
  • They tilt and bend well
  • Kingpins allow the truck to be adjusted


  • Not a wide range of colors to choose from
  • Won’t be a good fit for most skateboards
  • Not much specification details are available

VJ Skateshop 7” Reverse 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Black, Silver)VJ Skateshop 7” Reverse 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Black, Silver)

The product that I have on my list and will review now is a must have for any sports addict. These trucks are another reverse kingpin longboard trucks that come in pair or two pieces are sold in a set. However, the catch here is that these trucks can be used with any other boards, such as; skateboards, longboards, downhill and drop down boards. Yes, you read that right. Is it not a dream product? The trucks are available in a pair which means there are two trucks per set. It is very strong and sturdy with a width of 180mm or 7 inches and of 9.75 inches axle to axle. They are available in two simple colors. The colors are as follows: Black and Silver/Polish.


  • Can be used with any boards
  • Available in pair
  • Good bearings
  • The polished color gives a smart outlook


  • No variety of colors to choose from

Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard TrucksCaliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard Trucks

I have already reviewed this company once. This is a good company and their products are also good. Call II 44° is a brand new product. It is very gorgeous. However, all products from Caliber come with equal quality.

These trucks have an angle of forty-four degree. Both the inner-step and the outer-step are upgraded. The inner-step now gives increased contact area with the bushing which reduces bumping. The outer-step is not sloppy and rather made into perfect circles. The pivot cup has an increased surface area so that the contact with the baseplate in increased and pivot pin fits perfectly. A consistent lean and proper clearance are assured by matching the kingpin diameter with the precision trucks. So, you do not have to worry about the pins at all. There is also an in-house treatment process that makes the trucks stronger. The strength could increase by forty percentages. The user has a good control over the board and all hail to the baseplate and the pressed-in kingpin. The trucks come in

There is also an in-house treatment process that makes the trucks stronger. The strength could increase by forty percentages. The user has a good control over the board and all hail to the baseplate and the pressed-in kingpin. The trucks come in a pair. It is the all strong trucks that you ever wanted.  Above all, it comes with 89A Blood Orange Ultra-High Rebound bushings. The settings are almost same as Caliber Cal II 55°. They are available in a variety of colors. The colors are Satin Green, Blackout, Purple, Raw, Satin Blue, Satin Gold, Satin Red, Two Tone Green and Two Tone Red.


  • Available in nine gorgeous colors
  • Good baseplate
  • Strong pin
  • In-house treatment
  • More responsive less bumping
  • User has greater control
  • Perfect for downhill or freeride
  • Rebound bushings helps in stability
  • Greater angle means it can bend well


  • Does not come with hardware

Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo w/ 70mm Wheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 BearingsLongboard 180mm Trucks + 70mm Wheels + Bearings Combo (Solid Black)

The product that I am going to review now comes with a lot of specifications that will make any longboard user fall in love with it. It is a reverse kingpin longboard black truck of 180mm. This is a 9.75 inches axle to axle truck. Yes, this truck also comes in a pair. It has 96A bushings and Grade 8 Kingpins. There are four longboard cruiser wheels in a set of dimension 70m*51mm. There is a variety of colors to choose from but among these colors, there are two categories: solid color category and gel color category. These categories differ in hardness as well.

The solid ones have a hardness of 82a and the gel ones have a hardness of 80a. The colors available are: Solid Pink, Gel Blue, Gel Clear, Gel Green, Gel Purple, Gel red, Gel Smoke, Glow in the Dark, Solid Baby Blue, Solid Black, Solid Blue, Solid Green, Solid Orange, Solid Purple, Solid Rasta, Solid Red, Solid White and Solid Yellow. There are eight bearings in one set and they are trademark product of Owlsome.

The bearings used are Owlsome ABEC 7 Speedy Precision Skate Bearings. This comes with Pr-Lubricant. There are four spacers in one set made of heavy duty metal with dimensions 8mm*10mm bearings. There is eight black-colored 1.25 inches hardware available in a set. If you are already happy with all the available tools with the product then here is another one. This truck comes with a 0.25 inches or ¼ inches plastic riser pad. There are six holes in it with the black pattern.


  • Available in variety of colors
  • Colors are divided into two categories: Solid and Gel
  • Has trademark Owlsome bearings
  • The hardness of the wheels are 82a and 80a which is quite good for longboards
  • The bearings have pr-lubricant in it and have greater precision
  • The bushings are also very hard
  • Hardware is strong and enduring
  • Riser pad fits all trucks and decks
  • Grade 8 Kingpin is strong and it allows the trucks to be adjusted


  • Not pre-assembled

LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ LED light up WHEELS + trucks Package by YocaherLONGBOARD TRUCKS COMBO set 71mm SHR WHEELS + 9.675 freeride trucks Package by Volador

Yocaher, well does the name sound familiar? It sure does! This is another company whose product I have reviewed above and this is another one in the line. Needless to say, this is also a good company that provides quality products and of course it should be considered in your buying list. Let’s see what it has in its magic sack now to offer its customers. Before we begin, it is good to bear in mind that the products from the same company will have almost similar specifications.

The trucks available in this package are in pairs and reverse in nature. They have 175mm of the hanger which is black in color. It has a 9.675 inches axle to axle truck. The truck is made of Aluminum alloy which is a great way to protect oneself from rusting. It has Grade 8 Kingpin and 90A PU bushings. The nature of the truck is HD7 Reverse Kingpin. The hardware of this truck is 1.25 inches and of heavy duty. In total, the hardware is eight in number per set. The bolts and nuts that are available with it are in

The bolts and nuts that are available with it are in a black coating. This is to avoid any sort of rust. The bearings are already pre-assembled with wheels and are made of Ritalin ABEC 7 Chrome Bearings. That is not all; the bearings are pre-lubed with lubricants, such as; synthetic oil. There are four wheels available in a pack and they are called Q-ball wheels. The wheels have a hardness of 78A with a dimension of 70mm*51mm.

Now, comes my favorite part. The wheels have led lighting in them and they emit lights when in use. This means the kinetic energy generated by the movement of the wheels is transferred to electrical energy for the led to emit light. How cool is that? All these and still there is some more. The wheels are available in two glowing colors. The colors are 60mm Blue and 60mm Red.

Oh! And I almost forget to mention. The package has two plastic riser pads of 8mm with six holes available with it.


  • Motion activated led light wheels
  • No batteries required for the lights
  • Uses physics to light up the wheels
  • The reverse kingpin truck offers greater stability and grip
  • Bearings are pre-lubed with synthetic oil
  • Bearings are pre-installed with wheels
  • Riser pads prevent wheel bites and keep the deck safe


  • The wheels can be stiff sometimes
  • Not a lot of color options to choose from
  • Led lights may malfunction as there is no guarantee of it
  • No mention of washer with it

Longboard 180mm Trucks + 70mm Wheels + Bearings Combo (Solid Black)LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w: 71mm WHEELS + 9.675 Polished : Black trucks Package by YOCAHER

Big Boy is the name by which the company calls it by. These longboard trucks are well-renowned among many be it teenagers or adults. Many longboard users also recommend it. It is a great package for beginners. So, let us take a closer look at this truck. Our Big Boy here is a 180mm black reverse kingpin longboard truck. This means it is a 9.7 inches axle to axle truck. The truck is sold in the pair.

The bushing used is of 96A and the pin used is Grade 8 Kingpin. There are four 70mm*51mm wheels present in the set and they are called Big Boy Longboard Cruiser Wheels. Although the color available is only black, however, it comes in two categories. They are Solid Black and Gel Black. Each of these differs in their hardness. The solid black has a hardness of 80A and the gel black has a hardness of 79A.

This is not the end. The Big Boy comes with eight bearings that are pre-lubed with Pr-lubricant. The bearings used are Big Boy ABEC 7 Speedy Skateboard bearings. The spacer that comes with this is of heavy duty metal which refers to the fact that they are durable. The dimensions of the spacers are 8mm*10mm bearings and the number of spaces available in a set is four spacers. The number of hardware in a set are eight each are of 1.25 inches and black in color. The riser pads are of 0.25 inches or ¼ inches and made of plastic. They have six holes in it with a black pattern.


  • The riser pad fits all trucks and decks
  • The hardware is strong and durable
  • The bushings are also very hard
  • The bearings are pre-lubed with Pr-lubricant
  • Grade 8 Kingpins are stronger and allow the trucks to be adjusted
  • Riser pads prevent wheel bite
  • Trucks are stable due to presence of good bearings
  • The wheels have the right amount hardness
  • The wheels are cruiser wheels
  • Spacers are made of heavy duty metal
  • Along with spacers, mounting screws and instruction page is also included


  • Not suitable for sliding
  • Available only in one color

LONGBOARD TRUCKS COMBO set 71mm SHR WHEELS + 9.675″ freeride trucks Package by VoladorLongboard 180mm Trucks Combo w: 70mm Wheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 Bearings

Okay, so this is the last one in our long scroll of trucks and I must say that it is also a great product to consider in your must-have lists. To begin with, the company has named this product as the Volador Longboard Pro Truck and Wheels combo set. This name was not given to it as a fancy name rather it means that this product is a professional truck and wheels combination. So, let us take a look at all the features and specifications of the pro combo set.

The truck here has an angle of fifty degrees with 7 inches hanger and 9.675 inches axle. This means it is strong and can flex easily. The whole thing is constructed of Aluminum alloy with die casting. This shows that the truck is capable of bearing load and there is no chance of rusting. Altogether there are four wheels in a set. These wheels are made of polyurethane and have 70mm*51mm of dimension. The hardness of the wheels is 78A with seventy-five percentages of rebounding.

The pins used on the trucks are Chrome Steel Kingpins with 90A barrel and cornic bushings. There are eight bearings in a set all made of nylon retainer. The ABEC 9 level chrome steel bearing that is used with the trucks is pre-lubed.

The numbers of hardware available are eight in each set and are made of chrome steel of 1.25 inches. The riser pads that come with the package are made of rebound polyurethane and are of .25 inches or ¼ inches. The dimension of the overall product is 11*10.3*4 inches which make the product weight 5 pounds or 2.27KG. This is a good thing because if the trucks are heavy they can support heavy weights on them. Now, it is the turn for the colors of the truck. Yes, you can choose your favorite from among four vibrant colors. These colors are as follows: Navy Blue, Plain red, Rose Pink and Sky Blue.


  • Polyurethane wheels make the best material for wheels
  • The wheels offer seventy-five percentage rebound. This ensures smooth and comfortable ride
  • Hard bushings made of barrel and cornice
  • The trucks are excellent for free rides
  • Aluminum alloy prevent rusting of the truck
  • Pre-lubed bearings with lubricants ensure greater endurance as well as longtime service
  • Nylon retainers provide extra strength
  • Bolts and nuts are processed to be rust-free
  • The wheels come with built-in spacers
  • 78A hardness makes the wheels neither too soft nor too hard
  • Riser pads protect the deck and also from wheel bites
  • Riser pads are made with polyurethane and are rebound in nature
  • The weight of the product is high which means it can survive more load on it
  • Can be used with skateboards


  • Bearing seat is bigger in size which makes the bearing spacer to move out of its place.
  • Tightening the wheels too much to solve the bearing seat problem can make the wheels stiff
  • Not for sliding rather for cruising
  • Market offers better bearings

That was my reviews on the ten best longboard trucks that you can consider to buy for your boards. Remember, trucks are one of the crucial parts of the board because it balances your weight as well as the weight of the board. Attached with it are wheels, bearings, and hardware that carry you forward.

There are some things that you must remember before buying a truck and they are as follows. Buckle up for some really gold tips for buying a truck. Make sure that the truck is bigger in size, preferably a size compatible with your board. Find out the metal the body of the truck is made of. Most trucks are made of Aluminum alloy because it does not rust. It is wise to buy trucks made of Aluminum alloy. Find out if the truck you are choosing is compatible with several boards.

When choosing the wheels see if they are semi-hard because too soft wheels will make the truck wobbly and too hard wheels will prevent it from spinning. All the trucks mentioned above have semi-hard good wheels. It is better to buy wheels that are made of polyurethane and that comes with rebound. The rebound ensures you a smooth riding experience by preventing road vibrations. Make sure the wheels are bigger in size, especially if you are going to use it for longboards. While led lighting wheels can be fancy but they might not last long. It is better to go with normal wheels. Besides almost all the companies provide various smart and funky colors that reflect a person’s personality. Some companies even offer two categories of color: Solid color and Gel color with a satin touch.

It is preferable to buy reverse trucks and you will find that almost all trucks are reversed. The best pivot pins to be used on them are Kingpins. Different companies offer different Kingpins, such as Grade 8, ABEC 7, ABEC 9, HD7 and etcetera. It depends on you which one you prefer. Do a little bit of homework on it before purchasing. Kingpins allow the trucks to be easily adjusted and help in holding the truck together.

The bearings are another important part of a truck. If the bearings are pre-lubed with lubricants, such as; synthetic oil or Pr-lubricant then it is great because it will guarantee you longer services from the bearings. Remember, if the bearings are not good they will affect your wheels. It might make your wheels too stiff to move or make a turn. It is better to buy trucks that have pre-assembled bearings with wheels.

Some even offer pre-assembled spacers with bearings. Check the bushings as well. Some companies are kind enough to provide super high rebound hard bushings. This contributes to stability and control. This can be a great thing for your experience of longboarding. It is important to know that the greater the angle of the truck the more it will bend and flex. This will make it easier for you to turn your board. The hanger of the truck should also be big, preferably 7 inches or equal to the size of the truck and 9.675 inches axle to axle.

A lot of trucks do not come with hardware. If it does, check for its durability and endurance. Often, in a set, the number of hardware available is eight. Hardware needs to be strong. Check the tool pack for what tools are available with the product as it is very important, especially, if there are any bolts and nuts or mounting screws. The bolts and nuts available should be coated otherwise it will rust as well.

Lastly, check the riser pads. The riser pads could be made of plastic material or polyurethane. Polyurethane is durable and good but so is plastic. A riser pad will have six holes in it. It is best if they are rebound because that ensures smoothness. Riser pads when applied on board avoid any kind of wheel bites. It also does a great job of protecting the deck. Hence, it is important to have good riser pads on your trucks.

I have mentioned every minute technical detail that a truck will or must come with. The points that I have mentioned above are the crucial points to look for while buying a truck. Remember, there is nothing more vital than safety. Check repeatedly whether the truck is attached tightly to the boards or not. It is advisable to but pre-assembled trucks or boards.

A good truck provides its user with safety and safety on roads is important. If a product meets all the criteria that I have mentioned above then you can look for extra offerings made by companies that you might like. However, it is crucial that you check these points at first.

I have provided you with detailed reviews often trucks that are best for your longboards. You can take them into your consideration. I have also provided you with details that a truck must have that you should check before buying. Now, I leave the rest to you to decide. Do a little bit of research yourself. There are thousands of excellent-rated trucks in the market and then buy the one that your judgment says is best for you and your board. The main goal is to have a fun enjoyable ride.

Hopefully, you will find the perfect match for your boards and have a good longboard riding experience. Happy Shopping!