10 World’s Costliest Longboards & Where to Find Them

Longboarding has developed as the maximum popular, loving diversion and extremely thrilling thing among the youths. In the preliminary, you might get wounds and bumps. You will fall down numerous times and that’s how you would virtuoso this game. As to a greater extent people are getting habituated on longboarding – a sport addictive with its excitements, wiles, and convenience, the industrial corporations and their goods are rising in size as well. We measured all of these vital factors and collected a list of ten longboards that bid eminent features and sort of possibilities for your particular riding wishes,

#1. Santa Cruz

This board is manmade by Santa Cruz who have been constructing longboards from the time when 1973. Santa Cruz was established by a surfer. The slipshod, Rasta motif of this boarding mirrors that. You could also understand the surfer effect in its pintail, surfboard figure. This specific board has a floor made of hundred percent pure maple. This board is advertised as a Cruzer. It has a good reputation coming in at almost forty-three inches. It has a great excellence, durable deck, yet it may feel firm. So that’s vital to know if you want a more compliant board. Let’s go to the features,

  • Sixty-five-millimeter rolls.
  • Black Cut Trucks.
  • Three bearings.
  • Spray on clasp
  • Mass is nine pounds
  • Fitted functioning bottle opener

This a good board for novices and could be effortlessly altered for more progressive riders. They might need to differ the bearings for further speed. This board would draw a distinct crowd of longboarders, learners and experts alike. After talking to folks about their try out and riding the board it surely seemed that it has met their outlooks.

#2. Penny Longboard 

So this thirty-six inch one is a bit unlike, wearing a deck created from an underhand plastic formulation which is made-up to provide the board stability and a very well-regulated flex. The surface also has an unusual dipped design also a grasp coating. Amid the plastic stuff, smaller span, with buoyant deck mass, this one would surely be good one suited for newer riders. So we can say, it might be a great appetizer board. It might also be good for somebody transitioning from a smaller skateboard to a longboard. Features are,

  • The wheels are sixty-nine mm and wheels with similar cushions.
  • Best bearings figure.
  • This longboard has an insubstantial weight.

The longboard has great wheels making journey harmless and even. The arc on the deck delivers additional sustenance for the ankle linkages. So, you can say that this board is good for folks who are not riding longer distances.  Which is frequently the group where numerous children and youths would drop. The one additionally has a very toy-like appearance which certainly demands to the newer crowd.

#3. Sector 9 Longboard 

The Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop Longboard is our next choice. From the Sector 9 board, this one has a typical dated surfer appearance. The corporation began in in the 90s. It was enthused by a longboard rehabilitated from a snowboard. The Business knows longboarding and takes their stuff sincerely. The deck is prepared from cane which is an illustrious effortless material that provides a wonderful tighten and is fairly not too heavy. But the actual demand of this board is the suppleness of the surface. Also including its low trip and of course the deck with a minor arc. This is extremely good for the figure. The board is promoted as a nice choice for travelers. Especially the ones who use their longboard as an important mode of carrying. The drop-over and short profile make the trip quite constant. Thus it helps with stability. The bearings look to be fairly good also the wheels come up with a sound spin.

  • Has considerate sized wheels.
  • Drop-through truck bases
  • Has its individual trucks

Anybody would agree that the board is perfect for any skill level. Or even for a typical, slipshod, west coast longboard feel.

#4. Playshion Longboard 

PlayshionFreeride Freestyle Drop through Longboard is a longboard of the Playshion business that produces a diversity of longboards including skateboards and longboards, scooters, and equipment. This one is prevalent among the folks who would admire a freestyle board. It has a thirty-nine-inch surface with a drop-through outline. It is built of birch maple which has a delicate concave formed surface. The company goals to merge flex with toughness. They have certainly done a respectable job bringing a really nice ride board. Features to go through are,

  • Has huge aluminum trucks.
  • Contains good wheels that are much wide also.
  • Has wheel durometer with an SHR seventy percent rebound.
  • The board masses in at more than seven lbs.

The pace is almost certainly good since the bearings are of high excellence with a fast rotation. It can switch collisions and bangs well. It is a popular choice for the new riders who are not very specific with the details. When all is said and done, the whole thing about this board appears laid back and relaxed. This is exactly the potentials you might need in a longboard.

#5. Rimable Longboard 

Rimable Pintail Longboard 41 inch advances a drop-through low trip. Also, it includes with the appearance of a pintail surface. The surface is completed of nine-ply maple. The company does provide other deck plans also. So if the bands do not truly speak to you, no worries. You would get a floor you like. Rimable is a foreign, mass manufacturer. It is still a trustworthy establishment which uses eminence parts and materials on their products. You can see it as a decent birthday or outing gift. Give it to somebody attentive in trying out a fresh game.

  • Drop-done seven-inch aluminum trucks.
  • Has polyurethane controls.
  • Features in a nine-ply maple surface.
  • Bearings with super-speed emollient would make this board give you a very fast ride.
  • A little concave deck counts in the constancy factor.

This is a highly recommended board mostly for starters. Even if this is an economical board, the Rimable, is possibly one of the most likely ones for young riders. It is no less good than the more lavish Penny boards we have previously looked at.

#6. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard 

Quest is a US syndicate that sees what skaters besides long boarders need. They take their skills really. This enormously general board is a decent choice for more middle to progressive riders. Features include,

  • The rough seven inch trucks are completed of aluminum.
  • Has game Abec-7 bearings.
  • Has huge polyurethane wheels to counterpart its huge deck.
  • The surface has a kick tail.
  • Further strong.
  • A little cambered surface is great for weighty riders.
  • This one is a monster arriving in at ten lbs., obviously something to think through if you want to convey your longboard a lot.

The trucks give the impression which is somewhat basic. A little effort in footings of hardware customization is needed if to be cast-off by experts. Learners then again could enjoy tripping it right out of the box. This Quest board also looks to function just perfectly for heavy riders also who could be weighing up to a couple of hundred pounds as it does for children and youths. It has countless promises and provides riders a really amusing ride.

#7. Quest Skateboards 

Here is one greater longboard from Quest. The model is Zero Dark 40. It is a Downhill Style Drop. This board surely provides a dissimilar skill from the further Quest board out there. Even though this board is every now and then advertised as a skateboard, for our resolutions it’s certainly a longboard. At forty inches along with the drop through elegance, the surface is extended and the format is a drop flair which offers that typical longboard sail-like ride. This specific board is completed of cold climate seven-ply hardwood maple. Here are the features,

  • This one has an open-wheel outline which averts “wheel bite” damages.
  • Has a lightweight aluminum reverse kingpin trucks.
  • Seventy millimeters wheels is also a highlight.
  • More than seven pounds weighting.

This longboard rides each bit as well as the further luxurious ones. However, the turn radius is not so sound but it would still present an agreeable ride regardless of a few minor matters. These certainly could be with no trouble fixed with some advancements. For Example, new-fangled bearings and perhaps new trucks.

#8. Atom Longboards 

This board known as Atom Drop Deck Longboard of 41-Inch is a drop style longboard. It has certain real pros, along with a few actual cons also. We contemplate that it balances out to be a decent choice that bids great worth. That’s the cause we picked it. This one brags an ultra-low trip and this makes it upright for a simple figurine. Hereafter, you might reflect a little tinier form of the Atom drop deck at thirty-nine inches. It would possibly offer a slightly lighter mass. Atom is, in fact, a creation line produced by a business known as MBS. This one has been present since early-nineties, and they are stimulated by mountain game. Features include,

  • A deck which is full maple laminated.
  • With high-speed lubricant has Abec-9 bearings.
  • A casual deck outline that makes it stress-free to escape wheel bite.
  • Rear kingpin truck.
  • The wheels are broad and created of terrific high rebound urethane.

The exceptionally creative format up trips like a brick. Possibly due to its hefty weight.

#9. Aeroactive Longboard 

This is the lengthiest of all of our longboards mentioned, known as Aeroactive Longboard Skateboard Cruiser 45 Inch. This board has been labeled as a walkway surfer. This makes logic as it aspects like a surfboard on rolls. Here are the features,

  • This one sports Kingpin Reverse Aluminum seven inch 180-Trucks.
  • Abec bearings give it the ability for greater speeds.
  • This longboard has polyurethane turns.
  • Kick tail and control area at the back of the surface.
  • Dense weight at nine lbs.

This one is dense. The deck is very robust and rock-hard, giving a lot of provisions for weightier riders. Yet, it one way or another succeeds to be light sufficient to succeed tricks pretty fine and moreover, the key reason this board polish is its pace. The board gets decent speeding up and can get tripping pretty quickly. So if the pace is what you are chasing for then this is a solid option. You could have very much of enjoyment on this specific board, with a smooth trip and actually pleasurable speeds.

#10. Yocaher Longboard 

We would like to go for a board that advertises itself as a longboard for specialists as our final pick. 16 years far along they have altered their attention to longboards that can labor for all riding flairs. They have a pretty state-of-the-art blog on their site.It displays that they are vigorously attentive in the game. Here are the features,

  • Q-Ball rolls which have a durometer rating of 78A180 mm
  • HD7 hefty duty trucks created of aluminum alloy.
  • Chrome bearings Abec-7.
  • Finest grade Black Widow hold tape.

This board is properly heavy at almost eight lbs. So it is not a very right option for broods or minor people. People find it equally fast and even. Of course deprived of a lot of vibrates at higher speeds. However, it is not so sturdy which can make it break. This is clearly a major worry as far as excellence and protection are concerned. Yet, this board stays as widespread as ever with longboarders. So definitely it must be offering something that is holding Yocaher boarders pleased.


All of these longboards could be easily purchased from Amazon or any other online longboard suppliers. You can also try out a few beachside shops and stores or ask out someone who is addicted to surfing Their gorgeous designs will confidently woo your heart away. Even grown-ups can’t get their attention off it, undoubtedly because of the ecstasy and exhilaration it brings to you. But speaking about this passionate fun sport, it’s not simple to ride a longboard. You require a lot of preparation and elasticity to do it.


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Sattar - October 28, 2017

Informative indeed.

Page cups - November 8, 2017

This is retarded. the majority of these are knockoff made in china brands that are draining the economy from companies that actually sponsor riders, put on events & give back to the community. im not even hating on small boutique companies here like long island or boomstick, because even though those companies can’t affort to put a whole lot up for people, they still try their best for the literal FAMILY that we have created with all the events & interconnected web of friendships we’ve made worldwide. these are all literally “jump on uninformed customers to snatch available money & dissapear” companies. i see what you’r trying to do here, just educate yourself. go on like muirskate or read skateslate or something, find out the companies that care & get a taste of the culture a bit.

Fastewek - February 1, 2018

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